Ruijie Apps Indonesia, The Easiest Configuration Solution

Ruijie Apps

Ruijie Apps Indonesia – You must have been told by your boss to install the device as well as setting the device on the spot, aka setting it directly on the site. Well, sometimes the site doesn’t allow you to open your laptop to set the device. If you’re already rich, it’s really troublesome right?

So, so you don’t have to bother opening your laptop again, We wants to introduce you to the name Ruijie Apps Indonesia.

What are Ruijie Apps doing admin?

Last week we already explained what Ruijie Cloud was. Now Ruijie Apps Indonesia, in short, is the mobile version of Ruijie Cloud, where Ruijie Apps come in the form of mobile apps that can be operated on smartphones and you can download the application on the Appstore and Google Play Store.

Ruijie Apps are basically mobile apps that aim to make it easier for you to access Ruijie Cloud using a smartphone, with the advantages of a friendly user interface that makes it easy to use both expert users and newbies.

The features of Ruijie Apps Indonesia themselves are no different from Ruijie Cloud, where Ruijie apps have management, inventory, configuration, and monitoring features. Now by installing Ruijie Apps on your smartphone, you no longer need to bother opening your laptop for device settings or just checking the status of your device on the dashboard .. Your life is one step easier .. hehe. That’s a brief explanation of Ruijie Apps, if you are still curious about Ruijie Apps.

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