Review Cisco 1700

Review Cisco 1700

The need for the internet is currently a primary need, especially for various companies, of course, with the internet that requires Review Cisco 1700, it can increase job efficiency for employees, besides that, the internet can also advance businesses that are being developed.

For that, for those of you who have a company, installing the internet for your decent employees is a must, especially for those of you who already realize the potential of how beneficial the internet is, choosing good hardware for your internet network is certainly a must.

If you are looking for hardware for internet networks, for example, a router, you can just rely on the Review Cisco 1700.

Cisco 1700

Business continuity is certainly growing every day. With the internet, it is one of the factors that makes various businesses grow faster. Today’s business is aware of that. Business success depends on more than just using e-mail or posting a Web site to exploit the internet.

Companies looking to streamline operations and reduce costs while gaining a competitive edge on the Internet need to integrate business processes into their daily business practices by adopting applications such as web-based transaction processing, telecommuting, and e-learning.

This kind of business is a tool for improving communication between employees, customers and suppliers; increase productivity and efficiency; and improve customer satisfaction to make business more competitive.

The Cisco 1700 router makes this happen, of course, with this quality router, you can realize your more advanced business with data transmission that is much faster than other brands of routers.

Product Brief Description

Cisco 1700 Series modular access router is designed to provide a cost-effective integrated platform for small businesses and midsize companies. Cisco also provides flexibility and manageability to meet the most demanding and evolving business requirements such as multiservice data / voice / video / fax integration, business-class digital customer line (DSL), and comprehensive network security.

Review Cisco 1700 Series router modular access is optimized to provide comprehensive features such as virtual private network (VPN), security firewall, business-class DSL, and various services. These services include data, voice, video, and fax integration.

The router provides high-speed WAN connectivity for communication over the internet and between remote office sites. So, not only for companies that are new, even companies that already have various branches, using this Cisco 1700 router is also very suitable.


Following are the specifications of the Cisco 1700:


Why Choose Cisco 1700 Products?

What are the reasons for you to choose this Cisco 1700 router? There are many features provided by this 1700 series router from Cisco, including:

  • Flexibility and investment protection
  • Comprehensive security
  • Business class DSL
  • Data / voice / video / fax integration Multiservice
  • enhanced management

The benefits you can get if you choose this Cisco 1700 router may be very much, of course this is definitely what you get if you choose a router with the Cisco brand. This is because Cisco is well known for its wide range of quality products and has also been widely used by various government agencies, schools, various large companies in various parts of the world, including Indonesia.

Flexibility and investment protection

  • Offers modular data and voice slots (except Cisco 1701, 1711, 1712)
  • Provides customization via various WAN and sound card interfaces (except Cisco 1701, 1711, 1712)
  • Displays migration paths to voice and data multiservice integration (Cisco 1751 and 1760


  • Offers stateful inspection firewall Cisco IOS®
  • Provides VPN IP Security (IPSec) encryption (Digital Encryption Standard [DES] and Triple DES [3DES])
  • Enables encryption up to T1 / E1 speed (4-Mbps full duplex) using the optional VPN module ( included in Cisco 1711 and 1712 – optional for other Cisco 1700 series models)

Business class DSL

  • Supports ADSL and G.shdsl enhanced
  • Offers Quality of service (QoS) over DSL
  • Offers toll quality voice over DSL

Multiservice data and voice integration

(Cisco 1751 and 1760 )

  • Provides support for analog and digital voice calls
  • Supports IP telephony Interoperates
  • with the app’s next generation voice features cation businesses such as integrated messaging and web-based call centers
  • Work with existing telephone infrastructure: telephones, fax machines, key telephone system units (KTS), and private branch exchanges (PBXs) (including digital PBXs)


  • Management Supports CiscoWorks management applications
  • Enable QoS and priority traffic over the Cisco IOS Software

Rent Cisco 1700

If you want to save even more but don’t have any router, you can still use the Cisco 1700 router rental service on NETDATA.

The advantage of renting a Cisco 1700 router at NETDATA, among others, is that you can get the type of router you need with various accessories such as an ethernet cable and other accessories.

And also you can get a product warranty if there is a problematic router and immediately replaced with a new one.

Managed Service for Cisco 1700 Products

So what if you already have a Cisco 1700 router but its configuration is not optimal? Tenang NETDATA is ready to help you with managed service services.

What is managed service? Managed service is an outsourced service performed by NETDATA specifically for Cisco 1700 router products, covering management, configuration, and maintenance, all carried out by NETDATA.

The advantage is that you don’t have to bother taking care of your corporate network anymore because it is handled by NETDATA.

Maintenance Cisco 1700

If you already have a network with a Cisco 1700 router and it has a good configuration then you can use Cisco 1700 maintenance services on NETDATA.

The advantage of using maintenance services at NETDATA is an affordable cost with professional IT staff to optimally maintain each network configuration and maintain the stability of data connectivity.

Interested in cisco 1700 products? If you want to know more, you can contact us.


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