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Rent Cloud Indonesia – Indonesian companies are now switching to cloud computing. What exactly is cloud computing? So below are some things we should know about cloud computing.

What is Cloud Computing?

First we can explore what is cloud computing which refers to the feature of storing and opening info via the internet. Among other things we do not put info on the hard drive on your local computer. In addition, cloud computing can open info that comes from remote servers. In Indonesia, there are many well-known cloud service providers, namely AWS or Amazon Web Service.

Understanding the AWS Cloud Platform

AWS Cloud Platform th. 2006 so it offers IT technology facilities to the Indonesian market in the form of web facilities in the form of cloud computing. By taking advantage of this cloud we are not required to have a server plan and other IT infrastructure that makes use of a lot of the previous one.

But AWS can run hundreds or thousands of servers in a minute and add results much faster. But you only pay for what you take advantage of at no additional cost and also no long-term commitments, which makes AWS cost efficient.

In addition, AWS also provides Rent Cloud Indonesia providing a very reliable, scalable, and low cost infrastructure platform that also supports many businesses in 190 countries around the world.

Rent Cloud Indonesia Cloud Platform

Amazon Web Services Indonesia cloud leases that come from many information centers spread across availability zones (AZ) in a regional area around the world. AZ is an area that contains most physical information centers. A regional area is a collection of AZ within a geographic area linked together with a low latency network autan.

Usually Rent Cloud Indonesia a company can determine one or part of AZ for several reasons such as if it is policies and also the closeness with its customers. For example AWS customers can power virtual machines and duplicate data coming from different AZs to achieve an overly reliable infrastructure that can withstand the failures of individual servers or entire data centers.

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