Rent Access Point Indonesia: What is a Wireless / Wifi Network?

Sewa Access Point Indonesia : Apa Itu Jaringan Nirkabel / Wifi?

Rent Access Point Indonesia – Nowadays, people like to use Wi-Fi whenever and wherever they are, but do you really know what a Wi-Fi network is? In this post, I will introduce something about wireless networks.

Wi-Fi or vs. wireless network wired network

Wireless networks allow devices to stay connected to the network but roam wirelessly to any cable. The access point strengthens the Wi-Fi signal, so the device can be far from the router but still connected to the network. When you connect to Wi-Fi hotspots in cafes, hotels, airport lounges, or other public places, you are connected to that business’s wireless network.

Cable network using a cable to connect a device, such as a laptop or desktop computer, to the Internet or other networks. Cable networks have several disadvantages when compared to wireless networks. The biggest downside is the device tethered to the router. The most common cable networks use cables that are connected at one end to an Ethernet port on a network router and at the other end to a computer or other device.

Previously it was thought that wired networks were faster and safer than wireless networks. But the continuous improvement of wireless network technologies such as Wi-Fi 6 network standards has eroded the difference in speed and security between wired and wireless networks.

A wireless access point (WAP) is a wireless network. Here are some wireless access points:

What are the benefits of a wireless network?

Businesses can feel the many benefits of wireless networking, including:

* Convenience : Access your network resources from any location within your wireless network coverage area or from any Wi-Fi hotspot.

* Mobility : You are not tied to your desk, because you are using a cable connection. You and your employees can be online at conference room meetings, for example.

* Productivity : Wireless access to the Internet and your company’s main applications and resources help your staff get work done and encourage collaboration.

* Easy setup : You don’t need to install cables, so installation can be fast and cost-effective.

* Expandable : You can easily expand your wireless network with existing equipment, whereas wired networks may require additional cables.

* Security : Advances in wireless networks provide strong security protection.

* Cost reduction : Because wireless networks eliminate or reduce cable costs, they are cheaper to operate than wired networks.

How do you deploy wireless networks?

To create your wireless network, you can choose between three types of deployment: centralized deployment, convergent deployment, and cloud-based deployment. Need help finding out which deployment is best for your business?

  1. Centralized Application

The most common type of wireless network system, centralized deployment is traditionally used on campuses where buildings and networks are in close proximity. This placement consolidates the wireless network, which makes enhancements easier and facilitates advanced wireless functionality. The controller is based on place and installed in a central location.

  1. Application of Convergent

For small campuses or branch offices, the spread of convergence offers consistency in wireless and wired connections. This deployment is wired and wireless on one network device – the access switch – and performs the dual role of a wireless switch and controller.

  1. Hard Based Application

Sistem ini menggunakan cloud untuk mengelola perangkat jaringan yang digunakan di tempat di berbagai lokasi. Solusinya membutuhkan perangkat Cisco Meraki yang dikelola cloud, yang memberikan visibilitas penuh jaringan melalui dashboard mereka.

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