Renewal of Fortigate License Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

Renewal Lisensi Fortigate

Renewal of Fortigate License – Application using an officially licensed is a must. Because if you use an application or software that uses an unauthorized license or even cracks, there will be lots of problems that you will find such as incomplete features and even more danger is that it is very easy to be attacked by malware. So, if you have Fortigate software, immediately renew the Fortigate license.

How to renew the Fortigate license? Let’s discuss what definitely doesn’t need to be complicated!

Fortigate Is

Fortigate is one of the manufacturers engaged in SDWAN but more specifically in security or firewalls.

Guaranteed from the beginning that Fortigate secures the largest companies, service providers, and government organizations around the world. Fortinet empowers its customers with intelligent, seamless protection across a growing attack surface and the power to meet the ever-increasing performance requirements of seamless networks—today and into the future.

Only the Fortinet Security Fabric architecture can provide uncompromised security to address the most critical security challenges, whether in network, application, cloud or mobile environments. Fortinet is ranked number one in the most shipped security equipment worldwide and more than 500,000 customers trust Fortinet to protect their business.

The FortiGate firewall is purpose built with security processors to enable industry-leading threat protection and performance for SSL-encrypted traffic. By providing detailed visibility of IoT applications, users, and devices, these tools are designed to quickly and intuitively identify problems.

Fortigate Products

There are several products from Fortigate that are superior and of course all of them have the best quality than others, including:

Next Generation Firewall (NGFW)

FortiGate NGFW delivers industry-leading enterprise security for all excellence at any scale with full visibility and threat protection. Organizations can weave security deep into a hybrid IT architecture and build a security-based network to achieve:

  • Ultra-fast, end-to-end security
  • Consistent real-time defense with FortiGuard Service
  • Great user experience with security processing unit
  • Operational efficiency and automated workflow

Secure SD-WAN

Fortinet FortiGate delivers fast, scalable and flexible Secure SD-WAN for cloud-first, security-sensitive, global enterprises. Fortigate’s Security-Based Networking Approach combines SD-WAN, next-generation firewall (NGFW), and advanced routing to:

  • Delivering a superior quality of experience at any scale
  • Accelerate network and security convergence, and simplify WAN architecture
  • Set consistent network and security policies
  • Achieve operational efficiency through automation, deep analysis and self-recovery

IPS Security

FortiGuard IPS with NGFW offers the following:

  • Network-based virtual patching for hard-to-patch or non-patchable business applications. This ensures protection against vulnerabilities without interfering with operations.
  • FortiGuard’s IPS capabilities are accelerated thanks to Fortinet’s purpose-built content processor (CP9) in FortiGate, to provide the industry’s best IPS price and performance.
  • Extended IPS to additional capabilities such as SSL inspection (including TLS 1.3) to detect hidden malware, ransomware, and other HTTPS built-in attacks.

Fortigate License

FortiClient offers two licensing modes:

  • Standalone mode.
  • Managed mode.

Standalone Mode

FortiClient in standalone mode does not require a license.

If there is no EMS license or FortiGate FortiClient Telemetry license, no Fortinet support is provided.

A license is required to access Fortinet support.

Telephone support from the Fortinet Technical Assistance Center is not provided unless you purchase a FortiClient license.

Managed Mode

FortiClient in managed mode requires a license.

In managed mode, apply the FortiClient license to FortiGate or EMS.

When using ten free trial licenses for FortiClient in managed mode, support is provided on the Fortinet Forums.

Telephone support is not provided when using the free trial license. Telephone support is provided for paid licenses.

Fortigate License Renewal

This process is what you should do when your Fortigate license has expired. You will need to purchase a new Fortigate license at Fortigate directly or, more simply, a Fortigate distributor in your country.

In Indonesia itself, you can get a renewal code for the Fortigate license at NetData which is guaranteed to be reliable and also at an affordable price for sure.

Fortigate License Price

For the price of the Fortigate license, you can buy it in various places and in various ways. One way that is very easy and also with various advantages is that you just buy it at NetData.

NetData is a place that officially sells Fortigate licenses at affordable prices in Indonesia. Many have trusted NetData for Fortigate license renewal issues, so there will be no doubt that you buy a Fortigate license at NetData.

Please contact NetData Customer Service for more information.

How to Renew a Fortigate License

Please refer to the procedure below on how to renew the Fortigate license as instructed below

  1. Please register your Fortinet device first.
  2. Enter your email and password.
  3. Go to the Assets tab, then click “Manage/View Products
  4. Select the Serial Number for which you want to renew the license.
  5. Click “Renew Contract” then type “Contract Registration Code”

You can get the Contract Registration Code at official distributors from Fortigate, one of which is NetData. And if you are still confused and you don’t want to be complicated, you can contact NetData for a practical and reliable license renewal service.


Using an official license for all the applications you use is a must. By using an officially licensed application, you can use all existing features, support directly from customer service, and also ensure the security of your data.

Therefore, if you are going to renew your Fortigate license, trust NetData!


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