PAN (Personal Area Network): Definition, Characteristics, and Functions

Personal Area Network

Personal Area Network is a computer network that is used in communication between computers and other devices such as mobile phones, speakers, and so on.

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PAN is usually used on private connections to connect between personal devices or connect a higher level and the internet network.

This PAN is often used on computer networks or access points that are used on personal devices such as computers, cell phones, telephones, and so on. PAN settings and configurations are done privately, the data is transmitted by the PAN and is personal because memeng is used for personal purposes. For more details, we can see the following explanation.

Definition of Personal Area Network

PAN is a type of network for connecting between devices in a close scope. PAN itself is an individual access point such as a laptop, a security system that is a home-based data communication system, mobile phones and also PCs.

Which network control also uses private access, to create a personal area network to create a PAN network, namely with wap technology or wireless application protocol and bluetooth.

PAN can help users to be able to communicate with personal devices and connect personal devices with a higher level and the internet network. So this is possible with bus computers such as USB and FireWire.

PAN characteristics

The following are some of the characteristics of PAN, namely:

  • Control the PAN network conducted through private authority.
  • In connecting several individuals using access points to connect PCs, laptops, and various home security system devices based on communication data, television, and also the internet network.
  • Sending personal data.
  • The distance is only a few meters.
  • Using techniques such as WAP, bluetooth, infrared, WiFi and others.

PAN example

The following are some examples of PAN that can be understood.

Body Area Network

A mobile network that moves with the reach of its users, such as a user connecting a Bluetooth earphone and moving through its activity.

Offline Networks

Each device will be connected via Bluetooth or WiFi, namely printers, speakers, keyboards, mice, without using the internet. So that a communication network is formed between devices in a small room such as a room or house.


Home office is a PAN that is used to separate networks used by other users.

This network applies to separate parts from other devices that are interconnected for work purposes.

Working Principles of Personal Area Network networks

  1. The server computer is a computer that has various information needed by the client.
  2. Client computers that retrieve and access information on the server computer simultaneously.
  3. Data packets and calculated information requested by the client computer or user will be transmitted by the server computer (which acts as a transmitter) via a network cable or wireless connectivity facility
  4. The data or information packets sent by the server will then go through some network hardware, such as hubs, switches, and including bridges, which will divide the data packets according to the paths that have been made.
  5. After the data and information packets are split and transmitted, the user or client computer that originally made the request will act as a receiver, which is ready to receive the info and counts the data packets sent by the server.
  6. In the process of transferring and including data transmission, an information or data packet will go through a specific layer or arrangement so that it can be defined and also transmitted to each network device.
  7. Server computers and client computers that are connected to each other in a LAN network, will enable certain network protocols, so that they can connect and communicate with each other, like the TCP / IP protocol.
  8. LAN can also be used to transmit internet networks either wirelessly or using cables. The principle is only by enabling the access point, or router that is already connected to the internet network. You only need to connect several user computers with an access point or router that already has internet access, and all computers connected to the LAN network can then access the internet network.
  9. protecting the car on the roof of the car After realizing in general what a LAN network is, we will discuss the working principles of a LAN network. Before learning about the working principle, we must first be aware of the hardware used to build a LAN network, such as: server computers, clients, hubs, switches and others.

Fungsi PAN

The following are the functions of the personal area network:

  • Speed up the flow of information from the server to the user

The first function is to speed up the flow of server information to its users. Several large companies must have databases and also a lot of important information. There is a lot of information and also important data at some point must be accessed by the user for certain purposes.

  • Make it easy for users to access information

Users will find it easier and faster to access the server to access information. For example, an HRD wants to see employee data, then the HRD staff will access the database which can only be on the server via the computer connected to the PAN.

  • Supporting the performance and implementation of management and business information systems

The information system in a company or corporate is usually a combination of several business information. It can consist of management information systems, accounting information systems, manufacturing information systems, financial information systems, and so on.

All of these information systems are integrated into one unified whole centered on a server computer. One way to support the performance of the information system is, of course, by connecting each computer with the server, so that users can access the information system when their needs are met quickly and efficiently.

  • Make it easier to check the database on the server

Database management systems can manage all database needs in detail in the database so that the stored data can be accessed easily by users.

  • Save operational costs and time

The use of a connected network in using a LAN network will be able to save operational costs and be very efficient.

  • Facilitate communication between offices, departments and agencies

Communication is one of the important things in a company. Therefore a company must have a reliable communication tool. One form of communication that is relied upon is email and chat. Of course this can be done by implementing it using a LAN system. So that way workers will be easier, faster, and more efficient in terms of communication with each other.

  • Connecting all branch offices, representatives and head office in one network

The use of networks to connect multinational offices usually uses a MAN or WAN network. The WAN function is to combine existing networks into one broad network. To use a WAN it will require several very wide LAN networks. Then any information provided from the branch office will be faster in accessing data from the head office.

  • Securing company data and information

One of the functions that includes the advantages of using a LAN network is data security. Local networks that have good security will be better maintained.

PA advantage

Even though this PAN network is relatively close and narrow compared to other networks, this PAN network has several advantages, including:

  • Closer Network

The advantage of PAN is because of its close nature, it will be easy to create and even install yourself. because the device needs are limited and are usually used in everyday life.

  • Personal Data

The transmitted data is private, so it gets privacy support. Because of this, the process of sharing data will not be disturbed by weather factors or interference from other users.

  • Practical Communication Media

This PAN is indeed a simple network, only connecting devices with the same media. So within seconds devices can be connected, which can then communicate practically.

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