Have an Online Business? Here are Tips for Expanding the Internet Network

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Along with the development of the times, internet technology is increasingly accessible to many people so that new business opportunities are created, namely online business.

People can start a business with zero rupiah online. Not only that, people can easily reach the online business market widely.

By marketing products through social media, people can easily sell products with reach outside the city and even abroad.

The Beginning of the Creation of the Internet Network

Talking about online business will certainly be related to the internet network. Almost all online businesses definitely need an internet connection. Almost all Indonesians can already enjoy internet services.

So that most online business people maximize their business by using the internet.

The following are some understandings about the internet that can support online business activities.

History of Internet Network

The Internet originated in 1969 in the form of a local network created by the ARPA research agency in the United States. ARPA is a network technology developed by the United States Department of Defense. This project is named ARPANET which stands for Advanced Research Project Agency Network.

This project is intended so that humans can communicate over long distances through telephone lines that were originally only used for military purposes.

Then in 1986 the domain name system was introduced to the wider community. Or what is currently known as DNS or Domain Name System. Then in 2000 the internet became increasingly growing very rapidly until it is currently used by users all over the world.

Understanding the Internet According to Experts

It is incomplete if we do not discuss the meaning of the internet according to experts related to online business, as follows:


Understanding the internet is a collection of networks on a global scale in which no one is responsible for the use of the internet itself.

Barnes Lee

Understanding the internet according to Barnes Lee, is a global computer network with information and communication services, which consists of interconnected networks that use standard communication protocols.


O’Brien argues that the internet is a network consisting of several networks. This understanding has a concept where a particular computer network, or local network is connected to another local network.

Lani Sidharta

Understanding the internet according to Lani is a form of interconnection between computer networks that provide services in the form of information that is presented in full. And the internet according to Lani is to say that it is a virtual or virtual partner that provides various benefits in the fields of business, politics, even just for entertainment.

General Internet Functions

The function of the internet in general is very useful for human needs, especially for online businesses and so on. Here are some general internet functions.

      1. As a Media To Access Information

The most common function of the internet is to access important information in cyberspace. People used to access important information, usually looking for it in literature such as books, newspapers or journals. But now you can access important information by only using the internet including e-books without having to come to a bookstore or library.

      2. As a Media for Exchanging Resources

The internet can also be useful as a medium for exchanging resources or data with other people around the world using the internet. Resources that can be shared vary including text messages, voice, photos, videos, journals, and much more.

      3. As a Media To Access News

There are various important events happening around us, but sometimes we need to read the news to find out. Therefore, with the internet, we can get access to the latest and actual news easily.

      4. Shop Online Easily

Online consumers in Indonesia are increasing day by day. This is also supported by the existence of internet services that make it easier for people to shop online easily and cheaply.

In terms of sellers or entrepreneurs, the internet is able to provide support in developing their online business easily, quickly, and cheaply.

Online business

Online business cannot be done without using a smooth internet. There are many types of online business activities that you can do, for example for online shop businesses selling goods through e-commerce platforms, online transportation services, online game businesses, to banking businesses.

Getting to Know the Online Business Phenomenon

Users of smartphones or smart phones and the number of internet provider operators are indeed growing, so this will be closely related to the increasing number of increasingly fertile online businesses.

There are many ways businesses use creative ways to promote their online stores. There are various interesting photos and pictures and other promotional content.

According to research conducted by the Frost & Sullivan institute, it was found that online business growth in Indonesia grew by 17%.

We can see that many people are trying to make a living by creating an online store on an e-commerce platform with the products they sell online.

Online business that thrives during the pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced many companies to reduce employees and even go out of business.

For people who have experienced layoffs and have special skills, they usually rack their brains by doing business online.

There are several types of online business that others often do, such as selling knick-knacks or products via e-commerce, online courses, article and content writing services, selling medical equipment, and virtual assistants.

Online Business Example

Nowadays, of course, online business is a very profitable thing to survive in today’s era. Yes, the internet can make a business more advanced in terms of marketing. However, there are also examples of online businesses that rely purely on the internet, whether they sell goods or services.

And also, now the business has grown rapidly. What are some examples of online business today?

Food and Cosmetics

With the right e-commerce strategy, technology and logistics solutions, food and beverage retailers of all types and sizes can gain market share and even dominate the sector.

While food and beverage retailers have been slow to move online, many are starting to shake up the industry with amazing e-commerce sites that attract and convert online shoppers.

The cosmetic sector is the same. Many new cosmetic products sell their cosmetics by utilizing online businesses.

Content Services

Content services, of course, are needed today. A product or service today requires content services for marketing. For example writers, graphic designers and developers can start low cost businesses based on their talents.


Skin care products are now very commonly used. Whether it’s a woman or a man, they are now familiar with skincare products. You can use an online business marketing strategy to market your skincare products.

Clothing Business

If you have a few designs in mind and a little time on your hands, you can get your clothing company from scratch.

Why is this a good example of an online business example? One of them is your excuse for nothing more satisfying than creating a product that people will use every day.

Expanding Internet Network for Online Business

Online business people certainly have very special needs and need to be competent in the internet network used for their business. Convenience to connect to the internet is the most important.

It is undeniable that internet networks, especially wireless ones, often experience unstable connections whether it’s due to environmental factors, wireless routers, and other factors.

So that the internet network that you use is more comfortable for business, here are some tips for expanding the internet network.

Choose a Quality Wireless Device

Online business requires good internet. Therefore, choose a quality wireless device. Wireless devices that have good quality, of course, your business can be more focused than thinking about internet problems.

Use Repeater

Use a repeater when you want to expand your internet network. With a repeater, wireless coverage will be wider.

Pay Attention to Adapter Drivers

Managing internet access is not an easy thing, especially if you want to do business online smoothly. With the best internet service providers you can consider that the adapter drivers on the wireless network can be upgraded regularly.

Don’t be tempted by cheap services

If you get cheap internet service, don’t be tempted. Make sure in advance whether the offerer has a product with a good rating from other people who have used the service.

Expanding Network to Improve Business Performance

Business is not just an individual. But expanding your business network is of course very necessary whether it’s for brainstorming your brand with other people, looking for new relationships, or maybe collaborating.

Attending Social Events

Attend social events such as office birthdays, charity work, or inter-office sporting events. While it may seem relaxed, it can help you build networks and relationships.

Take advantage of the much more relaxed and informal atmosphere of the event to chat with other people, if you are lucky, you may find new business partners.

Specify the target

One of the crucial elements to ensure your network is growing day by day is to consider goals. You might consider a short span goal of giving out and getting a business card or two each week.

Join a Professional Organization

When you need a place or place to significantly add to your networking, you can join a professional organization.

Take advantage of the Internet

The internet is clear for business. But have you taken advantage of it? Take advantage of your internet to build relationships with other people there, find information that can grow your business, and many more things you can do to expand your network to improve business performance.


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