Network Gateway: Definition, History, Functions, Strengths, and How it Works

Network Gateway

The world is getting more modern along with increasingly sophisticated technological developments, those of you who want to understand computer network technology need to know one of the Network gateway technologies.

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Maybe those of you who are still unfamiliar are not familiar with this gateway which is often used for systems that connect between different networks. This gateway is very important in sending data or accessing the internet. To understand more about the gateway you can listen to the article below.

Explanation of Network Gateways

Maybe there are some of us who have heard of Network gateway but don’t really understand what it means. Gateway in English is gate which means gate and way means road.

Gateway is a device used to connect networks between one computer device and another. This is because each device has a different communication protocol so it will be connected through this gateway.

This gateway is a link between networks even though they have different topology structures and patterns. In addition, this gateway can connect server computer networks with servers and also servers with clients.

Examples of gateways are routers and ISPs or internet service providers that provide access to the entire WWW network.

History of Gateways

The history of the gateway actually starts from creating a network that can connect various computers in one network. So scientists think about how to connect this network with other networks. Then created a protocol that can be a gateway to other networks. Then the gateway device was created in the form of a router.

Gateway types

There are various types of gateways that you need to know, including:

Network gateway

This gateway is the most common in providing an interface between two networks operating on different protocols. Gateway connects networks without specifying the type which usually refers to Network.

Cloud storage gateway

These cloud gateways are network nodes or servers that can interpret storage requests with API calls of different cloud storage services, such as REST, and SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol).

IoT gateway

An IoT (internet of things) gateway is a device that translates sensor data between protocols before connecting it and sending it to the cloud network.

VoiP Trunk gateway

This type of gateway has the task of facilitating data transmission between devices with old telephone service or POTS such as fax machines or ordinary telephones with VoIP networks.

Unidirectional gateway

This type of gateway allows the flow of all data in one direction. Changes made to the source node are replicated to the destination node but not vice versa. Unidirectional gateway is used as an archiving tool.

Bidirectional gateway

Bidirectional allows data to flow in both directions. This type of flow is used as a synchronization tool.

Gateway function

If you already understand the types of gateways above, we need to know the function of the gateway. Indeed, the gateway has many functions as protocol conversion and so on, but there are several brief explanations about some of the gateway functions, including:

  • As Protocol Conversion

In the first gateway function is to connect several networks even though they have different protocols.

The task of the gateway here is to ensure that all networks and devices that have different protocols can connect properly.

These network gateways can even be implemented at different levels in the OSI network model or open system interconnection.

  • Ease of Access to Information

Without using a gateway, you can easily access and open information on the internet. This gateway can facilitate the exchange of information and data online.

For example, when you want to find articles or other information, make sure you go to a search engine like Google to read the articles on the Google search page.

When searching, your device will be connected to the internet network and Google will go through several gateways, starting from the network, the internet, and so on.

  • Facilitate Data Management

In a company or organization that relies on computer systems, the use of gateways is very important in ensuring smooth business processes.

The gateway will assist administrators in managing and managing data between networks more easily because all devices will be connected to each other.

  • Improve Computing Performance

Gateways can improve computer performance and stability in corporate and organizational use. Gateway provides and divides more computing tasks on a device to other computers that are on a particular network system.

How Gateways Work

The way the gateway works is actually quite simple, as the name implies, the way this gateway works is like an entry gate on a network to make a connection.

Every computer network has at least two types of gateways that will later connect the two networks to carry out the data transfer process. For example, when we open a website address in your web browser, it will pass through a gateway which will direct the packet to its destination.

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