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Managed Service Security Indonesia

Managed Service Security Indonesia – Business competition in today’s digital era is getting tougher as many business companies are starting to develop their business into digital business. Therefore, many companies that previously did not have internal network infrastructure began to implement it.

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For companies that are just starting to install network infrastructure, this is not an easy thing, especially if there are no experts who can handle it. Not only that, there may also be companies that have previously implemented network infrastructure that may also experience problems such as maintenance and replacement of network devices that are not working properly.

Therefore, many companies offer solutions, namely managed services to provide assistance to companies that experience problems in development, implementation of network infrastructure, and maintenance. Why is network security and Managed Service Security Indonesia? Let’s discuss one by one in this article.

The Importance of Network Security

In understanding the importance of network security and managed services in Indonesia, we need to understand what network security is and also some of the differences between network security and information security below.

What is Network Security

Network security is the protection of the network and all services as a whole, ranging from unauthorized modification, destruction and disclosure of data, and providing guarantees of working in situations that have a dangerous nature for its users.

Network security can also be defined as the process of identifying and preventing unauthorized users on a computer network.

Important Things in Maintaining Network Security

Some of the important elements in maintaining network security include:


Access here is giving users the authority to communicate to and from certain networks.


Keep information on the network to remain on the network and is private.


Ensuring authentication of users on the network to whom they say the user’s identity must be authentic.


Maintain the integrity that the data packets sent are modified by the original user and cannot be modified by other people on the way.

Non Repudiation

Ensuring that the user that he is using the network and not dispute it.

The Difference Between Network Security With Information Security

Network security is different from information security, where network security is more focused on protecting computer networks including access, network abuse, and unauthorized modification.

While information security is preventing unauthorized access, misuse, and modification to information systems. However, it is a fact that the software and tools used to achieve network security and network security may overlap.

As an example of the use of antivirus software, firewalls and authentication schemes that must be used by the two tasks but with different purposes. It is not uncommon for these two tasks to complement each other to the point where one cannot ensure that the network is secure or not.

Type / Type of Network Security System

The following are types of network security systems that you need to know:


Network security is a type of security that is abstract in nature where this security is carried out by invisible objects such as software and other commands. For example, network security is carried out by firewall protocols or proxies that are used to filter users who will use the network.


This internet security is a branch of network security related to internet networks such as in the use of browsers and general level network security related to the operating system as a whole.

The purpose of internet security is to apply rules and steps to deal with attacks launched via the internet, such as via IP addresses.

Endpoint Security

Cyberattacks sometimes target personal devices to users using business network access. Endpoint security is used to protect networks connected to remote devices.

Cloud Security

Cloud security which refers to the protection of applications, data and infrastructure involved in cloud computing.

In-deployment protections that mix policies, software, controls, and related technologies. Fundamentally cloud security is not that different from an on-premises environment. From traffic filtering and software management to authentication and authorization, security risk management is at the core.

Cloud environments can generally be categorized into public clouds, private clouds, and hybrid clouds. This environment has its own security and compliance risks.

Application Security

Application security or application security includes software vulnerabilities in web and mobile applications as well as programming interfaces (APIs).

This vulnerability is commonly found in user authentication or authorization. In addition, it can also be found in code integrity and configuration, as well as policies and procedures.

Application vulnerabilities make it vulnerable to significant information security breaches. Application security is one of the important perimeters in InfoSec.

Why is Maintaining Network Security Important?

Imagine that there is no network security protecting your network connection. Of course it will endanger your data that can be retrieved, passwords, accounts and other sensitive data.

So that’s the reason why network security is very important. Not only to maintain security on a small scale, such as home network security, business data security, country or also any information that is stored digitally.

When you open it to the internet, you receive a lot of traffic. This large traffic can have an impact on the problem of vulnerability and stability of the network system. So this network security plays a role in increasing network reliability which can withstand downtime or the cool meaning is lagging. This should be accomplished through continuous monitoring of any suspicious activity that could sabotage the system.

Choose Managed Service Security Indonesia on Netdata

So, from the understanding of network security above, of course those of you who want to implement managed services in Indonesia are confused about choosing a trusted managed services company, right? About because NetData as an Indonesian IT company offers managed services specifically for companies in Indonesia with the best solutions just for you.

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Managed Services Solutions By Professionals

NetData has IT professionals who are ready to assist you in increasing the focus of workers to be able to improve their performance in doing their jobs.

Lighten the IT Cost Burden

By utilizing managed services, companies only pay monthly subscription fees which can save significant costs.

Increase Business Focus

With managed services, companies can focus more on business development. With the availability of resources that can support business growth so that it becomes more advanced, managed services are used to overcome this problem.

Ensuring Company Data Security

Managed service is able to increase security in the confidentiality of corporate data. With professionals from NetData, they will assist you in allocating company data so that you can focus more on securing sensitive data to the fullest.

Improving the Company’s Operational Performance

With the help of managed services in implementing strong infrastructure and increasing competitiveness in the midst of a tight business. Then the company will be able to provide more optimal service to consumers with more precise needs and analysis.

Save on IT Maintenance Costs

The advantage of using managed services from NetData is that companies can also save on IT maintenance costs. Companies do not need to allocate expenses for server maintenance because all hardware, software, network infrastructure, HR costs are borne by NetData as a managed service provider.


From the discussion about network security and managed services above, we can conclude that network security is very important for companies that are just starting to implement network infrastructure or companies that already have network infrastructure before.

And what’s more, managed service services are also very profitable for small or medium-sized companies to implement network infrastructure and network maintenance more easily without the need to incur more costs.

For those of you who are interested in hiring a trusted managed service, you can contact NetData at this link or you can also use the contact form on this link.

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