Know the Difference between Access Point and Router

Access Point dan Router

Access Point and Router – The difference between an access point and a router is something that is often confused by ordinary people.

Many may think that this access point is the same as a router or modem, even though if we look further, access point and router are 2 different types of devices. So what are the differences between these products? Let’s review it in full in the following article.

What is Access Point

In knowing the difference between an access point and a router, the first thing we need to know is an access point, what is an access point and what does it do? Let’s look at the following reviews.

Access Point is

An access point is a wireless network device that serves as a portal for connecting local area network devices.

Access points are used to extend the wireless coverage of an existing network to increase the number of users who will connect to that network.

The way the access point works is to forward the data signal from the router via an ethernet cable which will be converted into a wireless signal.

Wireless connectivity is mostly using access point devices.

Access Point Functions

The function of the access point is as follows:

  • Internet signal spreader, AP can also function as a range extender that is connected to wireless so that it can extend the wifi signal.
  • Inter-Network Connector, the access point has a function as a liaison between network devices in one local area.
  • Can Be Used To Set IP Address Automatically using DHCP protocol or Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
  • Network Security, the access point is equipped with Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) and Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) security features.

Access Point Type

Jenis access point memang ada banyak maka dari itu kita perlu menjelaskan satu persatu apa saja jenisnya demi memahami perbedaan produk berikut ini:

Outdoor Access Point

An outdoor access point is a type of access point, most of which are capable of being a client server.

Access Point Tent

Tenda access point is one of the manufacturers of APs that are designed with a very wide range of wifi signals suitable for connecting various wireless devices such as computers, smartphones, tablets, or game consoles. This AP is suitable for use in various businesses such as restaurants, villas, offices, housing and so on.

Cisco Access Points

Cisco is one of the best brands of network equipment and network software in the world, which also has a line of quality access point products. Cisco APs are equipped with an easy-to-understand and feature-packed interface.

TP Link Access Point

TP-Link access point is also one of the well-known brands in making wireless devices such as routers, modems, and access points at affordable prices but with the best quality.

Aruba Access Point

Aruba access point is a product of Aruba Network which has also created an AP device with Wifi 6 technology.

Ubiquiti Access Point

Ubiquiti Access point is a wifi product line from Unifi that has a high level of performance wifi standards. The shape of the AP ubiquiti is very modern and minimalist so it is suitable to decorate your home with a contemporary design.

Access Point Ruckus

The Ruckus access point provides indoor, outdoor, and all-purpose APs. This brand offers wireless capabilities that are reliable enough to handle very high performance densities.

Access Point Price

The price of access points in the market varies greatly, which depends on the type, type, and brand of the AP. For example, for APs with Wifi 5 features, it ranges from 3 million, while for APs with WiFi 6 features, it can be above 4 million.

For more details, you can see the price list for access points on NetData or on the website

What is Router

The second difference between access points and routers is about which routers can use

Routers are

Router is a connecting device and network router in charge of network packets based on addresses to the network or to other devices.

Router Functions

There are 2 main router functions, namely: :

  1. Connecting 2 Networks, routers have the ability to connect various devices in one managed local network.
  2. Provides internet access to all devices that support and connect to the router.

Router Type

For the type of router, it can be distinguished according to the brand, until the use of the interface system is as follows::

TP Link router

The TP-Link wifi router is a wireless device issued by the TP-Link brand. This wifi router product from TP-Link has various advantages such as being able to transmit a strong and wide wifi signal.

Tent Router

The Tenda router is a router manufactured by Tenda from China which also has a stable network quality.

ZTE routers

ZTE from China is often heard in Indonesia as a manufacturer of wireless devices, including routers. ZTE routers offer great convenience and compatibility.

Mikrotik Router

Mikrotik itself is a router operating system that is able to turn an ordinary computer into a network router. Mikrotik also produces a router device called routerboard with a phenomenal Mikrotik operating system.

Router Price

Router prices can also be distinguished from technology and also the manufacturer which you can get the cheapest starting from 100 thousand to 5 million rupiah with the latest wifi 6 technology. For more details you can look at the NetData web page at

The Difference Between Access Point and Router

Actually, if you look at this product again, there are still many who are wrong or even think that these two hardware have the same explanation and function. Yet that is a very big mistake.

The router acts as a gateway that manages the local area network and manages all the devices. The router also identifies traffic that needs to leave the local area network and connect to the Internet.

An access point on the other hand, is a local networking device within your network that provides a Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) to connect devices. Access points are an impressive piece of technology dedicated to managing wireless networks that can handle the overhead of many wireless users.

Other differences related to access points and routers are as follows:


Most routers available today can act as wireless access points, Ethernet routers, basic firewalls, and small Ethernet switches. Access points themselves differ from routers in that they do not handle any packets leaving the LAN, and only manage wireless LAN traffic. Routers can have access point functionality but access points do not necessarily have router functionality.

The router can link and manage all the devices connected to it. However, the access point only provides access to the network created by the router.


A home wireless router will offer a direct Wi-Fi signal or you can add a switch to expand the network and add a wireless access point. In a business environment, routers cannot offer those Wi-Fi signals directly to your wireless devices. We recommend that the access point take over that function to allow for better coverage.

You may be wondering is it necessary to have a router required if you have an access point?

Modem tertentu memiliki DCHP dan NAT yang terpasang di modem dan Anda dapat mencolokkan access point langsung ke dalamnya tanpa router. Tetapi di jaringan yang lebih besar, router dirancang untuk menangani pengaturan jaringan Anda yang berat, dan yang terbaik adalah memisahkan modem dan router!


Routers provide home wireless coverage to reach a limited number of people. Access points are becoming essential for larger businesses and WLAN hotspots. Access points can help connect more users. It usually makes sense to have multiple APs in your network.

In terms of coverage, device placement is very important to consider. You should survey the area where you carry Wi-Fi and optimize the placement of the router or access point to prevent dead zones.


Wi-Fi routers are certainly suitable for smaller office spaces (>1000 sq ft) and home use. Access points are useful in larger office, school or hotel spaces. They basically act as wireless switches that bring connectivity to multiple users in a large space. When you consult with your Internet service provider, be sure to consider the size of your space.

Buy Access Point and Router

Do you understand the difference between an access point and a router? Now maybe you already know and can make sure to buy an access point whether the router is suitable for the network you have or what you want to build.

NetData is the most appropriate solution to buy this product and is very reliable. NetData is the best solution for you to get these products at affordable prices and can choose from a variety of brands that you want or what you need too.

Yes, NetData is a place to buy routers and access points with complete, reliable, quality guarantees, and of course there are many more benefits that you can get.


Access point dan router adalah bagian dari perusahaan yang sama, tetapi bekerja di departemen yang berbeda. Perangkat ini memiliki misi keseluruhan yang sama dan bekerja sama untuk membantu membangun jaringan Anda dan memperluas kapasitas.


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