Industrial System Integrator Meet at CSIA

Sistem Integrator Jakarta Industri Bertemu di CSIA

In Europe, the annual Hannover Messe event takes place in a few weeks and is one of the largest international system Integrator events focused on industrial technology. If you want to read more about the participation of Hannover Messe and Cisco, my colleague Scot Wlodarczak is currently sharing a blog about events that you can find here.

The same week on the West Coast, the Control Systems Integration Association (CSIA) will hold their annual executive event in San Francisco, April 24-27, at the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco. At the event Jakarta’s System Integrators will host more than 500 system integrators and industry partners with the theme “Growth through Innovation and Sound Business Practices”. You can read the Industrial System Integrator Meet at CSIA in more detail here

Jakarta System Integrator Cisco is a Diamond Sponsor and we will have a number of our technical architects to talk to the system integrator community about technologies that affect this space, architectural best practices and designs, and considerations for working with new and existing customers.

Jakarta System Integrator Ikhtisar Sesi Tony

The role of the Jakarta System Integrator develops from project-centric to a long-term solution partner that can help manufacturing clients in important areas such as security, IT / PL convergence and industrial IoT implementation. Manufacturers are increasingly working with system integrators towards digital transformation as an extension of their internal teams.

System integrators (SI) will benefit from digital transformation. Their reputation is built on the implementation of critical manufacturing projects, and also their expertise in developing them. SI has been at the forefront of architectural design, installation, project management and training, and new technology support.

Sistem Integrator Jakarta

The shift to digital manufacturing can also shift SI talks from one-time projects to larger project life cycles and new streams of annuities that ultimately deepen relationships with their manufacturing customers. This session is entirely dedicated to SI businesses and focuses on where SI can make themselves more relevant and more integrated with their customers.

In this session, SI will learn about technologies that affect this space, as well as best practices, architectural design, and key considerations for working with customers. Cisco is a proud member of CSIA and has partnered with them in a recent webinar on how system integrators can take advantage of digital opportunities. You can find replays here.

Jakarta System Integrator Program Digital Solution Integrator (DSI)

Cisco also has an ecosystem built for industry partners known as the Digital Solution Integrator (DSI) program. Which is a trusted advisor focused on business outcome lines through the delivery of industrial solutions. Some examples of DSI partner focus areas helping customers include:

  • Industrial safety assessment
  • Deployment and assessment of wireless in industrial environments
  • Architecture and industrial network design

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