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IT Maintenance

Have you ever thought that IT maintenance is a very important thing in a company? Yes, actually IT maintenance is a process in which maintenance or maintenance of IT components within the company, can also be said to be IT Outsource.

IT maintenance or you can also say IT support is something that must be done by the company to be able to do the best.

because maintenance activities are able to maintain the durability of the tools used so that they are not easily damaged and have problems so that the company can reduce large expenditures to replace damaged tools because maintenance costs more efficiently.

Let’s Discuss Information Technology

Before we discuss about IT maintenance, it would be nice for us to start with information technology first. In the world of IT, information technology has indeed become the most important thing to introduce IT to ordinary people. So, what is the meaning of information technology? Let’s look at the following understanding of information technology.

Definition of Information Technology

In general, the notion of information technology is a study of design, implementation, development, support, and management of computer-based information systems, usually hardware and software.

The definition of information technology according to the ITTA (Information Technology Association of America), is a technology that includes a study of design, implementation, development, support or management of computer-based information systems, especially in computer hardware and software applications.

Yes, it’s true that this information technology utilizes computer equipment and software to change, store, process, protect, transmit and obtain information securely.

Not only used as a communication tool, information technology is also important as a business tool for coordinating and archiving important documents.

In addition, information technology is an important part because it can increase the complexity of management tasks, as well as the influence of the global economy which is faster and the pressures resulting from intense business competition.

Therefore, IT maintenance should always be implemented in order to provide the best for your business.

Information Technology Function

What is the use of information technology in terms of IT maintenance. Yes, of course the function of information technology is very important in life and in business. The six functions of information technology are capturing, storing, transmitting, processing, generating and retrieval. The following is a complete explanation.

Processing or processing the received input data to become information.

Data processing can take the form of converting data into other forms or conversion, analysis, calculation, synthesis, and all forms of data and information. There are several functions that will make it easier for users.


The function of this information technology is to trace to retrieve information or copy data and information that has been stored, for example, to find suppliers who have paid off and so on.

Sometimes stored data is difficult to find because it is too full, with this function it will make it easier for users and save time too.


Information technology can record and store data in a medium that can be used as needed. Examples are saved to hard disks, tapes, floppy disks, flash drives, and others.


Generating functions as a tool that organizes information into a form that is more directed and easy to understand. For example graphs and tables.


The transmission function is to send data and information to other destinations via a computer network. For example sending sales data from user A to other users. So that we don’t need to cut one by one by using sharing only.


Compile detailed activity records, for example receiving input from keyboards, mics, scanners, and so on. With processing you will more easily process data.


Capture can be interpreted as input for example mic, keyboard, scanner, and others.

Information Technology Objectives

The purpose of information technology is to solve problems, provide creativity, increase the effectiveness and efficiency of doing work.

So that solving problems can open human creativity and efficiency in carrying out their activities, being the cause of the creation of information technology.

With the existence of information technology, humans can work very easily and efficiently. Providing solutions, creativity, effectiveness, and efficiency needed in a work system, this information technology was created.

Benefits of Information Technology

The benefits of information technology, especially in daily activities, are very useful. This can be used as a support for a better life because information technology can help activities become more efficient and effective. These benefits can be categorized based on their needs, including:

For Technique and Knowledge

Information technology can be used to study soil structure, wind and weather. Access to knowledge can also be obtained anywhere and can be accessed easily with just an internet network. Likewise in engineering and certain projects.

For Education

Information technology in the world of education, especially computers, can make students more effective in terms of learning. The computer is a tool that helps students to be more creative and at the same time a source of information.

For Medicine

Can be used in diagnosing and analyzing diseases and taking pictures of all organs of the body with the help of a computer. Even technology is an inseparable part of the medical field such as ultrasound, scans, radiology.

For Fun and Games

Computer technology can be used to create animation, advertising, graphic design and also audiovisual to make it look more attractive and better. Viewed at this time, there are many certain programmers who are able to create jobs for him.

For the Criminal Sector

Technology can make it easier for authorities to solve problems, can easily detect violations, both traffic violations and fingerprints. Even for cybercrime-class crimes that can be easily traced using technology.

For Government

Information technology that can be applied in processing data and information aimed at the public. Which can improve relations between the community and the government. So that what happens in a certain area can be known quickly using technology.

For Business and Banking

Transactions in terms of more advanced banking. As well as access that can be controlled easily with just technology.

For Industry and Manufacturing

Information technology that can help make industrial product designs that can control production machines with good precision. Especially if you know that the industry requires speed in the production process, especially in large quantities.

About IT Maintenance

Now, we will discuss IT maintenance, which is the main topic of our article this time. So, first, we need to discuss a few things about computer components, how to take good care of a computer, and others, let’s look at the following reviews.

Computer Component Components

The main components of a computer are hardware, software, and brainware. Most of the components of this computer have been installed on the mainboard in one unit.


Hardware in a computer is a component that can be seen and touched. These components also form a single unit so that they can be used in computer systems.


The keyboard has always kept up with developments with additional buttons such as power down, cd player and internet connection. There are even keyboards that don’t require cables to operate.


The mouse was first made until now it has experienced very rapid development from using wired to now there are already wireless ones.


The CPU or brain of the computer can process all activities on the computer. The more sophisticated the CPU and the more number of cores in the CPU, the better the computer performance.


Printer is a type of hardware that is used to print documents on a computer. Usually to print a document requires paper. Even so, printers can also use scanning and duplicate documents that have been printed.


Software or software is one of the programs that contains commands that are understood by the computer. This software operation must be accompanied by hardware. With the software, users can type, count, draw, make sounds, and so on.


Brainware is a term for computer users or people who operate computers. This brainware has three levels, namely system analyst, programmer, operator.

Some Ways to Take Good Care of Computers

Maintaining a computer is one of the most important IT maintenance or IT outsource efforts. Yes, by taking care of the computer properly and correctly it will make the computer last longer and avoid disturbances that can damage the computer, therefore we need to know some basic things in how to properly care for the computer below.

Clean Computer

Cleaning the computer from adhering dust is the most basic thing. There are several components that need to be cleaned, including hard drives, VGA, RAM, power supply, LAN cards, and so on.

Moderate Temperature

Control the temperature in the room, you should set it not too hot and the computer in which there is sufficient ventilation.

If necessary, you can attach a fan near the CPU and monitor so they don’t heat up quickly. This can also prevent an increase in temperature on an overheated computer that makes it easily damaged.

Turn Off Computer When It Rains

If the weather is bad or raining, you should first turn off the computer so you don’t get struck by lightning. Yes, this sounds ridiculous, but there’s nothing wrong with turning off the computer that is connected to the wireless or modem.

Uninstall unused applications or programs

Programs that are too many and unused can also take up hard disk space which makes it slower to read and write.

As for the cause of the workload on the computer that is heavier, if over time it will make the hard disk quickly damaged and can no longer be used later.

Turning Off the Computer Properly

We recommend that you turn off the computer in the right way, namely by pressing the Windows key and then selecting the shutdown menu.

Never pull the power cord from its place or press the power button directly on the CPU. Turning off the computer properly will make your computer last longer.

Install Antivirus and Always Update

Antivirus has become a natural thing that we find on various devices including smartphones and computers. This antivirus can prevent computers from getting computer viruses from various sources.

To be able to avoid various kinds of new viruses, we should update our antivirus regularly. If the computer has been infected with a dangerous virus and cannot be cured with an antivirus, we can reinstall it.

Reinstalling can also have a negative impact on hard drives that are damaged more quickly due to too often intensive formatting and continuous writing.

Cleaning Junk Files

Some people still don’t know how to delete files properly, in fact there are some small files that are not deleted immediately but will be accommodated in the Recycle Bin.

This is so that computer users can restore accidentally deleted files by opening the Recycle Bin and clicking Restore.

Actually this file does not disappear immediately from the hard disk because it will be accommodated in the recycle bin, therefore if the data is not important then it is best to delete it entirely.

Close Unused Programs

In using the computer we should close programs or applications that are not used.

This is so that the RAM or memory is not full and can leave unused memory for other applications.

The worst impact is if you don’t close unused programs, it will have bad consequences for the computer, which will run slower and the computer will be burdened.

Use Ground Cable

Usually the casing or the outside of the CPU when touched contains a very dangerous electric current that can electrocute those holding it.

So the way to avoid having an electric current in our CPU is simply to stick or connect the end of the cable that has been peeled, then peel the other end and plant it in the hold.

The cable length should be around 1 meter depending on the length of your CPU placed.

The purpose of installing a Ground cable is to neutralize stray electric currents and if the current is not stray then it can save electricity and can also make the computer last longer.

Types of IT Maintenance

IT maintenance or IT Outsource can be divided into 2, namely system maintenance and hardware maintenance, here is a complete explanation.

System Maintenance

System maintenance is maintenance that is carried out mainly in companies engaged in the IT field, this maintenance is intended to maintain and maintain the system within the company so that it can run stably and smoothly.

Hardware Maintenance

Hardware maintenance is maintenance that is carried out on all existing hardware within a company. For example, computers, printers, scanners, server devices, network devices, CCTV cameras, production machines, and other devices.

The function of hardware maintenance is so that the hardware within the company can last a long time so that work activities always run smoothly and can prevent companies from buying new devices to replace damaged devices.

Benefits of IT Maintenance

As for the benefits of IT maintenance, IT Outsource is none other than to make hardware and software within the company so that it is always durable and always reliable.

For companies in the IT field, the use of information technology is something that is very common because they use it every day while working, especially the server which is always active. For IT companies, the devices they use are at risk of being damaged because they are used every day to work and provide services both online and offline to their customers, so maintenance is very important for companies to reduce expenses. The following benefits are obtained unless the IT company carries out routine maintenance of both servers and computer equipment used by its employees:

  1. Employees can work smoothly without any problems with slow devices or network troubles.
  2. Customers from online facilities can open their facilities online with fast access from the server so that they become satisfied.
  3. There are no complaints about slow service or poor results due to inadequate devices.
  4. Expenditure costs can be overcome and not very wasteful.

IT Maintenance Services From Netdata

So, what do you think about the IT maintenance review above, do you understand yet? If so, but you are confused whether there are reliable IT maintenance services in Indonesia. The answer is NetData, yes NetData is an IT company that provides the best solutions for other companies that want to have quality IT infrastructure including IT maintenance.

Some of the advantages of using IT support services at NetData include:

Overall Computer Care

NetData offers you the best IT maintenance solutions according to company needs. NetData provides professional outsourced IT in overall server and corporate client computer maintenance.

With thorough computer maintenance, it will make the computer more stable and smooth so it doesn’t interfere with business operations in your company.

IT Maintenance Software and Computer Hardware

IT maintenance on computer software and hardware, NetData provides a comprehensive solution not only in terms of hardware but also your computer software. By providing the latest software updates, providing the best applications as needed, to solving troubleshooting that exists on your software system.

Get Many Benefits Using Services From Netdata

Yes, it’s true that using NetData’s outsourced IT services you will get many benefits ranging from solutions that can solve problems, professional IT staff, to costs that are not too expensive which are suitable for startup companies that want to develop their business in today’s modern era.

Visit Netdata For Other Attractive Offers

Apart from IT maintenance, you can also get offers for other solutions such as the installation of internal company networks, provision of network devices, and so on related to IT. What are you waiting for, immediately visit NetData to get other attractive offers.


The conclusion that NetData can draw in this article is that IT maintenance is an important effort in maintaining and caring for computer equipment in a company so that it can run better and not interfere with the running of business in the company.

For those of you who want to use a trusted IT maintenance service, you can contact NetData via this link or the contact form here.


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