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Apakah Jaringan Kabel Anda Lebih Aman Daripada Jaringan Tanpa Kabel?

Network Data Sistem – Imagine a contractor or employee going into your office and connecting a printer or CCTV to the open port on the switch. If the ports aren’t secure – because most are still – they are directly connected. If their devices are connected, they might accidentally spread malware that can cause havoc throughout your organization’s network.

Now imagine a disgruntled employee who has a grudge or unscrupulous visitors who connect to a clearly insecure wired port and start sniffing your network to find high-value assets or do a series of things that are detrimental to your company. Switch ports that are open in general or even physically locked can have a high risk of unwanted things. This is something that IT managers sometimes underestimate.

Network Data System Is The Solution For Your Wireless Network Needs

In the early days of the wireless LAN industry, security was a major concern for customers. Network Data Sistem can be relied upon to build secure wireless network solutions, and in fact, many have said for a long time that wireless is safer than cable.

This is because, since the implementation of WPA2 Enterprise, every wireless device not only encrypts data, but also needs to authenticate to the network, and most enterprise wireless networks today use certificate-based authentication. Many industries, especially banking and finance, have regulations that mandate organizations to create effective controls to reduce security risks.

That includes ensuring only authorized users have access to appropriate resources, and that rogue or misused devices are kept away from the network. There is also greater awareness about the need to take control of cable access far more seriously with the advent of IoT (Internet of Thing) .

Secure Your Valuable Files with a Wireless System

In fact, most IT managers are not aware of all the devices that are connected to their networks at all times. For this reason, Network Data Systems can help you in giving you visibility of each connected device. Visibility is the key to controlling the connected device. After visibility, you can create an appropriate access policy that can support success for your business.

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