Internet speed in Indonesia is in the order of the 2nd slowest in Southeast Asia

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Did you know that currently there is news about internet speed rankings released by one of the internet connection test service provider websites, Speedtest. So, does Indonesia have a good ranking or is it even below?

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Speedtest made this ranking based on average downloads starting next year instead of referring to average performance.

Even so, the current average performance is still the standard which determines the global internet speed and ranking for each country.

In 2021, precisely in October, the current Speedtest Global Index shows that Indonesia’s average speed has not changed much from September.

In October, Indonesia’s internet speed for mobile devices reached a download rate of 23.10 Mbps while for uploads it was 12.37 Mbps with a latency of 36 ms. Which makes Indonesia ranked 108th out of 141 countries.

For the Southeast Asia area, Indonesia is no better than other countries like in the previous edition.

The following is a ranking of mobile internet speeds in Southeast Asian countries:

  • Singapore 107.12 Mbps (18th place)
  • Brunei 72.27 Mbps (32nd place)
  • Thailand 67.35 Mbps (36th place)
  • Vietnam 45.42 Mbps (58th place)
  • Philippines 38.12 Mbps (ranked 67th)
  • Malaysia 34.46 Mbps (77th place)
  • Laos 31.19 Mbps (85th place)
  • Cambodia 25.19 Mbps (100th place)
  • Indonesia 23.10 Mbps (108th place)
  • Timor Leste 9.70 Mbps (138th place)

Regarding internet speed with fixed broadband Indonesia worldwide, Indonesia has an average download speed of 29.55 Mbps, upload of 18.18 Mbps, and 17 ms latency with a ranking of 116th out of 181 countries.

Fixed broadband internet speed rating of countries in Southeast Asia:

  • Singapore 257.15 Mbps (3rd place)
  • Thailand 223.72 Mbps (8th place)
  • Malaysia 110.84 Mbps (46th place)
  • Vietnam 84.12 Mbps (58th place)
  • Philippines 71.08 Mbps (ranked 67th)
  • Laos 54.49 Mbps (84th place)
  • Brunei 34.58 Mbps (107th place)
  • Indonesia 29.55 Mbps (116th place)
  • Cambodia 28.36 Mbps (122nd place)

Definition of Internet Speed

Internet access speed is the data transfer speed that occurs when using the internet network, which is measured in bps (bits per second). Which is how many bytes of data are transferred from one computer to another every second. Internet access speed is divided into two kinds, namely downstream and upstream.

Downstream: the speed at which data is transferred from the internet server to the computer. For example, while browsing, go to search engines, and others.

Upstream: speed of data transfer while sending data from computer to server.

History of the Internet

The Internet started as a project from the ARPANET, so what was the ARPANET? ARPANET is a computer network created by the United States Department of Defense in 1969 which was created by ARPA.

This project is called the Advanced Research Project Agency Network or ARPANET. Then in 1986 the domain name system was introduced to the public or we are familiar with DNS or the domain name system.

DNS has a function as a system for giving address names to computer networks. Then in 2000 the internet grew very rapidly until now many devices have reached 100 Mbps and so on.

Development of the Internet in Indonesia

In the past, if we wanted to know the latest information, we usually had to buy a newspaper. Then in 1997, Kompas started issuing news online. Then other media companies want to follow technological developments. Then in 2000 appeared online news and several other blogs which provided each other with the latest information or products that could be needed by the public.

The development of the internet briefly in Indonesia began in the 2000s. It was this year that many online portals began to emerge which aim to help and make it easier for the public to access online news.

Especially for workers who need the latest information or news. Until along with the development of technology, the internet began to develop and was widely used in all aspects of life.

Factors affecting Internet Speed

Internet access speed is not always stable, sometimes slow, sometimes fast. There are several factors that affect the speed, namely:


The first factor that can affect internet speed is usually the modem itself. Modem speeds vary depending on the technology. But the one that is used the most is the one that has a speed of 56 Kbps where the faster the modern speed, the faster the internet access speed used.

Computer Unit

This computer is indeed very wary of how fast your computer accesses the internet that is used. Among them are components of RAM, processor, and hard drive which also play an important role in internet access speed. If one of them does not have a qualified speed, the access speed on the internet will also be low.

Big Bandwidth

Bandwidth is the wide range of frequencies used by signals in the transmission medium. Bandwidth is usually measured in Hertz units. Which is the greater the bandwidth provided by the ISP, the faster the internet access speed.

Communication Network Used

To access the internet there are several services available, namely satellite, GPRS, CDMA, and telephone cable. Each service has a variety of speed with a low speed is to use a telephone cable.

Number of Users Accessing the Internet Simultaneously

Apart from the factors above, there are other factors that influence internet speed, namely the number of users accessing the internet at the same time. Usually, this decrease in speed usually occurs at certain hours, namely in the time range from 8 am to 3 pm. These hours are the busiest hours so lower your intention to use fast internet during these hours. Apart from these hours, you can enjoy the internet quickly and have more fun surfing in cyberspace.


From the discussion about internet speed above, we conclude that we don’t need to be angry because Indonesia deserves to be in second place from the bottom. We understand this because the internet in Indonesia is not as fast as other Asian countries. However, we need to be grateful that with the current internet speed, internet service providers will continue to develop the internet so that it becomes even better.

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