Interesting Features and Mikrotik Hotspot Settings

Setting Hotspot Mikrotik

Obviously there will be no end when discussing and reviewing the implementation of the features owned by Mikrotik. However, one of the many features used is a hotspot. This feature itself is now the main feature that must exist and is the most in demand. Many have implemented the proxy hotspot feature in the field, maybe you are even one of them.

Even now, most people say that there is internet access which is usually spread via wireless in public areas such as cafes, malls, etc., it is a hotspot service. Well, actually this proxy hotspot itself is a system that is used to provide authentication features to users who will use the internet network itself.

So to be able to access the internet network, clients are required to enter the login username and password provided of course. The hotspot feature itself is indeed important and can be applied or applied to all types of network interfaces such as ethernet base. But it is certain that mikrotik hotspot settings properly and correctly is the main key to all of this.

The Best Mikrotik Hotspot System Is Indispensable

Now when you want to build an authentication system on a good hotspot, it is clear that it is very important to use a trusted mikrotik hotspot settings service as well. Actually, hotspot itself is a combination of proxy, firewall, DNS, DHCP and other functions. But by using Mikrotik everything can be resolved easily and well. Apart from the aspect of authentication, Mikrotik hotspot also has many other interesting features to be implemented on your network.

Even with this setting, you can easily limit the bandwidth usage of the public internet. There are so many features that this Mikrotik hotspot has, one of which can provide trials to users. For those of you who have a business or are involved in the world of internet services. This trial system is very important and necessary for potential customers.

Interesting Features In Mikrotik Hotspot

Currently mikrotik hotspot settings is indeed quite important and of course also needed. Not only that, now you also don’t need to change your IP every time you connect to someone else’s wireless network. Even with the advertisement feature, you can display popups on a web page to users or other popups.

This is clearly important because it can increase the means for you to advertise. Very, very profitable, obviously for businesses such as cafes or restaurants and even hangout places using Mikrotik hotspots like today. Always trust a good and trusted hotspot setting provider to get maximum results.

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