Pay Attention to the Following Things Before Installing Wifi at Home

Installing Wifi at Home

Installing Wifi at Home is indeed very profitable because the whole house can be even more efficient in using the internet, especially now that the internet is needed not only for work, but for studying and also doing schoolwork as well as using the internet. So, home internet can be used for all household members.

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However, don’t be happy in advance and rush to Installing Wifi at Home. It’s a good idea to pay attention to the following things before you install wifi in your home so you don’t regret it in the future.

Discussing About Internet Connection

Before that, let’s first discuss about internet connection. The internet is indeed a very important need for various groups of people. Both the young and the old even use the internet for their daily needs. Maybe it could be reading the news or using it to play games.

The internet is a very strong reason for being a primary need for most groups of people.

Internet Is

Discussing first about the meaning of the internet, the internet is the most commonly used term in today’s world and plays a very important role in people’s daily lives. But there are many questions, answers that people need to know.

A global system of interconnected computers using the standard Internet Protocol (IP) suite for communication and information sharing is called the Internet.

Internet speed

Internet speed refers to the speed at which data or content travels from the World Wide Web to your home computer, tablet or smartphone. This data rate is measured in megabits per second (Mbps). One megabit is equal to 1024 kilobits.

The internet provides various kinds of information and entertainment. But it’s not that easy you can enjoy it because there is such a thing as internet speed.

Everyone wants faster internet and wifi. However, getting it is not easy either because some internet service providers provide fast internet speeds with expensive subscription prices.

Wifi Is

We have been discussing about Wifi, but what exactly is wifi? Wi-Fi is popularly thought to mean “Wireless Fidelity”, but the term “Wi-Fi” was coined as a result of an attempt to find a more catchy name for the newly discovered wireless technology which until then had been referred to as “IEEE 802.11b Direct Sequence. ”

However, according to Wikipedia and several other sources, the term “Wi-Fi” does not mean anything. It was the name that brand consulting firm Interbrand came up with after being contracted by the Wi-Fi Alliance to come up with a name for its new wireless technology.

Wi-Fi Device

To form a Wifi network. It’s not just that easy. However, there are several computer network devices that are needed to shape it so that it can bring up the Wifi signal.

Some of the very popular wifi devices include:

Access Points

The first is the access point. Technically, an access point or AP can involve a wired or wireless connection, usually it is a wireless device. The AP operates at the second OSI layer, the Data Link layer, and can operate either as a bridge connecting a standard wired network to wireless devices or as a router that forwards data transmission from one access point to another.


Next up is the router. Routers help deliver packets to their destinations by charting paths through a sea of ​​interconnected network devices using different network topologies. Routers are intelligent devices, and they store information about the networks they are connected to. Most routers can be configured to operate as a packet filtering firewall and use access control lists (ACLs).


The device that is often compared to this hub is a switch. Switches generally have a smarter role than hubs. Switch is a multiport device that increases network efficiency. Switches retain limited routing information about nodes on the internal network, and allow connections to systems such as hubs or routers. LAN strands are usually connected using switches.


The last one is repeaters. A repeater is an electronic device that amplifies the signal it receives. You can think of a repeater as a device that receives a signal and retransmits it at a higher rate or higher power so that the signal can cover longer distances, more than 100 meters for a standard LAN cable.

Tips for Installing Wifi at Home

Then, how to be able to install wifi at home that is good and right? Maybe you are thinking about choosing a good provider with cheap internet package prices but with large bandwidth. Yes, of course that is the point, but there are others too.

The following are very precise tips for installing wifi at home.

The Best Provider or Network Provider

As much as possible, make sure you look up information about some good providers or network providers. Reviews from many people can determine or help you in choosing it. Look for a provider that is trusted and has a good rating.

Internet Speed ​​Used

If you have got the right provider, determine the internet speed used. You can choose which internet speed you need.

For example, if there are 5 family members at home, you can choose internet with a speed of 10Mbps to 20Mbps, which is sufficient for daily needs.

Check Location Coverage

If you have determined it, first check whether the provider we choose covers the range in your home. If you haven’t, try contacting the provider so they can help you with how to get the network to your home.

If you object to the conditions, you can look for a coverage provider that reaches your house, and make sure the provider is also trusted.

Subscription Service Fee

The latter, of course, is a matter of cost. If the cost offered is cheap with high internet speed, why not choose it if you have passed tips number one to three above?

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