HPE ML350 Gen10 Product Review

hpe ml350 gen10

HPE ML350 Gen10 – The business world in various lines, especially digital businesses will definitely need a reliable network device and maximum performance. One of the network devices that has an important role is the server.

Indeed, there are many variations of the type of server, but what we will discuss this time is the tower server or tower server, namely the HPE ML350 Gen10.

This product is a tower server product that is the choice of many companies. What are the advantages of this product? To answer this question, let’s look at the full review below:

HPE ML350 Gen10

HPE is well known for its quality server product line, one of which is the HPE ML350 Gen10.

HPE claims that this product has a performance increase of up to 71% compared to the 9th generation.

This product offers complete features such as dual processors, extensive memory, and very spacious storage.

As a tower server, HPE is suitable for small to medium-sized businesses which require a reliable server, with a fairly compact size that is able to support future business.

What is HPE ML350 Gen10

The HPE ML350 Gen10 is probably the best HPE tower server for the most affordable price version equipped with a 6-core 1.7GHz Xeon Bronze 3104 CPU, 8GB DDR4 and S100i embedded SATA controller.

While the most expensive HPE uses an 8-core 2.1GHz Xeon Silver 4110 processor, 16GB DDR4 and a P408i-a Smart Array RAID card that adds 12Gbits/s SAS 3 support to the storage mix.

HPE ML350 Gen10 Specifications

If you look at this product, it carries middle to upper specifications but at a fairly affordable price. Here are the specifications:

  • Server: HPE ProLiant ML350 Gen10, redundant PSU configuration
  • CPU: Intel Xeon Silver 4210 (8 cores/ 16 threads)
  • Memory: 1x 16GB DDR4-2666 ECC RDIMM and 6x 16GB ECC RDIMM
  • Storage: Samsung 960GB SATA SSD

The specifications above are the cheapest price versions so you can make a benchmark which version might be suitable for your business.

Why Choose HPE ML350 Gen10

There are several things that can be considered in choosing the HPE ML350 Gen10. Like a modular system in which the CPU and memory modules are lined up with each other, and also accompanied by a better cooling system.

This cooling system consists of four fans located behind the hard drive bay and two more on the back panel which is the basic cooling standard.

While the 9th generation fans consist of 8x fans located on the back of the hard drive and two more for the CPU fan.

In general, the 10th generation version looks smaller in size but has a very high performance with a scalable intel processor that supports 24x DIMM memory slots up to 2666MHz, and support for more NVMe solid state drives.

You can install one or two Intel Xeon Scalable processors from the Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum families up to 28 cores, such as the Platinum 8180.

Tips for Buying HPE ML350 Gen10 Products

Before buying a product, it would be nice to know what your needs are first, whether this product is suitable for your business or not.

Overall, this product is designed for small to medium-sized businesses in the form of a server tower so that CPU and memory can be configured according to needs.

Not only that, you can also configure the GPU and accelerator according to your needs. Here are some things you need to know when choosing these products:

Check the Authenticity of HPE ML350 Gen10

The most important thing before you buy in a store is to check the authenticity. To be sure, behind the back panel there is a serial number. The serial number can indeed be indicated if the item is guaranteed to be genuine from HPE directly.

However, there is a very reliable way to buy these products that are guaranteed to be original. Is to buy it at one of the authorized distributors of HPE directly. Distributors from HPE are guaranteed to sell a wide variety of goods from genuine HPE. Guarantee of authenticity is of course very important so that the quality of the goods you buy is the same as the quality from the official factory, guaranteed quality.

Buy at Trusted Stores

Next, what has been mentioned above is to buy at a trusted store. A trusted store is a store that is an official HPE partner that is guaranteed to sell goods from HPE directly, aka guaranteed authentic. A trusted store is also a store that has received a lot of feedback from many people. There’s no harm in judging the store from its rating, right?

HPE ML350 Gen10 Warranty

The next way after you buy is to check whether the warranty you get is still in accordance with the warranty period.

The method is very easy, you just need to visit the web address https://support.hpe.com/hpsc/wc/public/home. There will be a display like this:

hpe ml350 gen10

After you write down the serial number, then just choose the place where you bought it, here for example you buy at an official HPE Indonesia distributor, then the place you choose is Indonesia. After that just click submit.

Later, you can find out how long the warranty period is on the product you have. If it is in accordance with what the seller at the store said, then it is guaranteed that the item is still new and original too.

Where to Buy HPE ML350 Gen10

Now, the question is where can you buy a product that is guaranteed authentic, long warranty period, and also at an affordable price? You can just entrust it to NetData, which is 100% guaranteed to be an official distributor of HPE Indonesia!

HPE ML350 Gen10 price

Why should you choose NetData as the perfect place to buy? Because you can get guaranteed prices cheaper than others.

Are you interested? You can contact NetData directly for further pricing information.

Buy HPE ML350 Gen10

Buying this product at NetData is guaranteed to be very profitable, why? Of course, in addition to affordable prices and cheaper than others, NetData is an official HP distributor, of course you can get a warranty, which guarantees an easy guarantee claim system because you can go directly to NetData only.

There are also various interesting promos that you can get at NetData which are guaranteed to make you feel more fortunate to buy the product you need and want!


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