How to Renew Cisco License

Cisco License

How to Renew Cisco License – The Cisco license is a license product from the world’s famous network device, Cisco, which is provided for those of you who want to use Cisco products with full features.

By purchasing this product as a package or separately you will get many benefits that can increase your productivity.

this prosuct are usually available either permanently or for a certain period of time. In this article, we will discuss how to renew a this product.

Cisco License

This product are software licenses that you find used for most Cisco switch and router products.

Buy Cisco License

In all versions of Cisco, routing, switching, and packet forwarding have different functions. Routing or other rules are executed as a process of Cisco software based routing information or RIB.

That way the Cisco license that you can buy will certainly match the operating system of the router or switch device and unlock the various features you need.

Cisco license types include:

Permanent License

This permanent license is in the form of a lifetime, in other words there is no period of use as long as you use the Cisco device.

When this permanent license is installed, all permissions to use the feature will be open according to the available features. Then you just have to do the renewal with the latest license series.

Temporary License

Temporary licenses are limited to a specific temporary period of use (eg 60 days). You need to accept the license usage agreement before the temporary license can be activated.

Cisco License Pricing

You can buy a license on the official Cisco website at the price of a product in dollars.

But you don’t have to worry if you can buy it at NetData Indonesia at a fairly affordable price and you can buy it at the price of Rupiah.

As an IT company, NetData provides Cisco routers and Cisco switches with licenses, either temporary or permanent licenses.

How to Renew Cisco License

Here is the correct and easy way to renew a Cisco license.

  1. Contact your Cisco reseller to purchase a license. Your device’s serial number, PID and UDI are required to apply for a license. You can find this information from the Status > Dashboard page or from the Device Management > License Management page.
  2. Go to Configuration Utility.
  3. Click Device Management > License Management .
  4. To install a security license, click the Install icon . Another option: If a security license is installed, you can click the
  5. Update icon to renew the security license before it expires. Select a license type from the License Type drop-down list:
  • License Code (PAK) from Automatically retrieves and installs licenses on security devices from Cisco servers. If you select this option, enter the following information. These credentials are required for security tools to authenticate to Cisco servers.
    License Code: Enter the license code (PAK).
  • Login: Enter your account username.
  • Password: Enter your account password.
  • Email Address: Enter the email address registered to receive the PAK.
  • License File Download from Installs the previously downloaded security license to your PC. If you select this option, click Browse to locate and select the license file from your PC.

NOTE: Ensure that the security equipment is set to the current time, or the license will not be installed correctly. See Configuring System Time.

  1. Check the box Click here if you agree with SEULA to accept the terms of SEULA (Software End User License Agreement). You can click the SEULA link to view details of SEULA’s requirements on
  2. Click Validate License to validate the security license on your security tool.

Advantages of Buying Genuine Cisco License

Purchasing genuine Cisco licenses will certainly provide many advantages compared to licenses that are not genuine or fake. Therefore, many people will certainly choose the original because of the following factors:

  • Guaranteed quality and reliability, products provided by the official Cisco will certainly get the right product and get official guarantees from Cisco.
  • Guaranteed support, with an official license, you are entitled to full support for configurations to technical failures.
  • Upgrade facility, you perform feature upgrades to Cisco products easily.
  • Genuine software licenses will protect you from customer usufructuary laws.


The conclusion above about the product is that you will get many benefits, most of which are aftersales which you can increase according to your needs.

For those of you who want to get genuine products in Indonesia, you can buy them at NetData which are guaranteed to be original and affordable.


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