Emission Quality Monitoring Tool by NetData

Emission Quality Monitoring Tool

The current emission quality monitoring tool is one of the requirements and imperatives for industrial business players, especially for those who have a production business with machines with high emissions.

In this article, we will discuss more about the emission air quality monitoring tool by NetData.

In today’s modern world, especially in urban and industrial areas, which are quite high, especially now that Indonesia is experiencing economic growth of up to 3.51 percent in 2021.

Along with increasing employment and industry, the air pollution generated from factory engine emissions will also increase.

Exhaust gas emissions can also be contributed from the generator engine with large-scale carbon dioxide. That’s why the government enforces rules for the use of CEMS air quality monitoring equipment, the following is a complete explanation.

Explanation of Emission Air Quality Monitoring Equipment

Emission air quality monitoring tools are included in the technology used for activities to obtain information and data related to air quality in a place.

Type and type

Monitoring by using the tool can certainly be done with an automatic system, the use of this emission air quality monitoring tool has several types and types that can be used, namely:

Electrostatic Precipitator

An ectrostatic precipitator emission air quality monitoring device is a device for capturing ash from the combustion of a boiler that uses electrostatic principles.

Ash particles with a neutral charge will be ionized into a negative charge after passing through the discharge electrode stage which has a negative charge.

Air Filter

As the name suggests, this filter has a function to filter exhaust gases that are placed in the chimney or stack so that only clean air comes out into the free air.

Cyclone deposition

Pengendap atau Cyclone Separators adalah pengendap abu atau debu yang ikut dalam gas buangan emisi dalam ruang pabrik yang berdebu.

Filter basah

Scrubbers or Wet Collectors is a method of cleaning dirty air by spraying water from the top of the tool, while the dirty air from the bottom of the tool.

Gravity system deposition

The gravity system settling device cleans dirty air whose particle size is relatively large. The way it works is to circulate dirty air into the tool, so that when there is a sudden change in speed, the dust will fall and collect to the bottom due to the force of gravity.


CEMS KLHK or Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) issued by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia also regulates the regulations and provisions for the use of air monitoring equipment, especially in industrial areas.

What is CEMS KLHK?

Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) is a system for monitoring and measuring exhaust emissions, particulate matter, and pollution from sources such as chimneys, generators, sewage treatment processes and factories.

CEMS is one of the innovations as well as modern technology that can be used to improve air quality by monitoring, and continuously monitoring the emission sources that occur.

How is the KLHK CEMS System?

The MoEF CEMS system can work in the following ways:

CEMS is able to remove dust automatically, diagnose the occurrence of errors with alarms and also calibration.

Tools with a modular design can simplify the cabinet system, simple operation and also minimal maintenance.

System with heating extraction method for real-time monitoring of exhaust gas pollutants.

Sampling through the probe has a large filter area and the filter is easy to change.

The pretreatment device is efficiently waterproof and dustproof, anti-corrosion and anti-clogging.

PLC design With higher system stability and reliability.

With micro-flow NDIR gas sensor technology or UV technology, measurement accuracy, resolution and high precision, as well as high stability can analyze exhaust gas well.

CEMS is equipped with a high quality and accurate laser gas analysis system and can measure HCL, HF, H20.COMPONENTS.

Advantages of Using CEMS KLHK

There are several benefits that you can get if you use CEMS KLHK which is guaranteed to help you once in monitoring gas emissions to keep the environment clean, especially to prevent air pollution, including:

  • Data collected from continuous emission monitoring helps improve operations and enables predictive maintenance planning which can result in additional cost savings.
  • Helping to prevent environmental pollution, one of which is to prevent environmental pollution which can help government programs to create smart cities.
  • MoEF’s CEMS helps for continuous sampling to be extracted from the air stream for analysis, such as a chemiluminescence analyzer for measuring NOx, or a Beta Gauge for particulate sampling.
  • A further benefit is continuous emission monitoring including catch failure, or a failure alarm that is triggered when the required level is no longer met.
  • More profitable than using a periodic monitoring system.
  • Real-time readings get information on various toxic gases.

Emission Air Quality Monitoring Tool by NetData

Most companies and even individuals are very able to use air quality monitors to maintain the quality of the air around them. For example, for home use, there must be a right way to regulate air quality by using real time air quality monitoring specifically for indoor.

Indeed, this air quality monitoring tool is not always used only for companies engaged in industrial fields that allow them to dispose of emission gases.

NetData is one that you can rely on because it sells various kinds of emission air quality monitoring tools with various benefits that you can get.

Advantages of Buying on NetData

Buying an emission air quality monitoring tool on NetData is very profitable. You can choose which CEM you want or what you need. In addition, there are various types, and also a very complete type which makes you more satisfied in choosing an emission air quality monitor.

In addition, for the quality problem is definitely not in doubt. NetData always provides various kinds of services and goods with the best quality and also with professional service.


CEMS is ideal for monitoring air quality in personal, or industrial environments. Real-time readings get information on various toxic gases, such as formaldehyde from building construction, wood products, glue, paper and insulation materials that are hazardous to health.

Therefore, it is very important for those of you who are concerned about air pollution and also about your health and those around you to use emission air quality monitors for a healthy body, healthy environment, and also in an easy way.


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