How to Renew a Fortinet License

How to Renew a Fortinet License

Renew a Fortinet License – Using the application legally or buying the license is very profitable. Because there are various advantages where you can use its various features completely and safely. Using software or hardware in an illegal way is a mistake. And if your license has expired, the next way is to renew the license. How do I renew my Fortinet license?

Fortinet provides high-performance network security solutions that protect your network, users and data from evolving threats. Fortinet’s broad portfolio of top-rated solutions and centralized management enable security consolidation and deliver a simplified end-to-end security infrastructure.

Fortinet License

Every business uses software to manage business processes, communicate with employees, customers, and vendors, and for a variety of other purposes. In most cases, the software product requires an activation license or agreement to the “terms and conditions” before the program can be downloaded, installed, or accessed.

There are many types of software licenses, with different terms, support agreements, limitations, and fees. Users need to understand the basics of software licensing, to ensure a full understanding of responsibilities and compliance with legal requirements and limitations.

Fortinet licenses are available for every software it makes in order to make the software run properly and enjoy its various features legally and safely.

Buy Fortinet License

A software license is a contract between the entity that creates and provides the application, underlying source code, or related product and its end user. A license is a text document designed to protect the intellectual property of software developers and to limit any claims against them that may arise from their use.

Buying a Fortinet license safely and legally is very important. Because we know there are some who sell software licenses but are not official. This is precisely what is dangerous because we do not buy it officially which is very risky for illegal actions to occur. Illegal actions to use unofficial software are very dangerous, and one of them is very vulnerable to malware attacks.

Fortinet License Pricing

Fortinet provides various licenses for each of their software. Each software consists of various types which are clearly different prices for each license. And for the price of the Fortinet license, it is very affordable because you can get very complete features.

With an affordable price, it won’t hurt you to buy a Fortinet license. Fortinet always provides a variety of products that are of higher quality and rich in features than other brands, but with affordable device and software prices and low-priced licenses with a long license period.

How to Renew a Fortinet License

After purchasing a service from your Fortinet reseller, you will receive a service registration document by email which also includes the service in the title and summary containing your contractor registration code. Here are the next steps:

  1. Go to Fortinet Customer Service & Support ( and log in to your account.
  2. Click Register/Renew.

Note: If you have not registered your FortiWeb, you can do so here by entering the serial number.

  1. If you have already registered your FortiWeb, continue by entering your Contract Registration Code from the Service
  2. Entitlements Summary on the second page of your service registration document.
  3. Select the unit where you want to deploy the service.
  4. Read and verify that you agree to the terms and conditions of service.
  5. Make sure the product entitlements list shows all the services you want for the time period you purchased (for example, the Activation Date and Expiration Date columns on the right).
  6. Click Confirm.

Registration is now complete.

It can take up to four hours for FortiWeb to receive the updated service. For details, see Connecting to the FortiGuard service.

Advantages of Buying Genuine Fortinet License

If you are still confused about the benefits of buying a genuine Fortinet license, here are the advantages that you should understand:

  • By using the original Fortinet, you can easily get the latest software updates. Because we actually bought the original Fortinet, there’s no need to be afraid to run the update.
  • When a problem or crash occurs in the original Fortinet that you are using, the manufacturer or company will work on support. The support here will solve the problem on the Fortinet that you use directly from the Fortinet service center.
  • You can use the full range of features and will get direct protection from Fortinet from viruses and malware.


Buying a Fortinet license is a must if you want to enjoy the various features of Fortinet and get full and official support from the Fortinet official party. You are guaranteed to be able to fully enjoy the features of Fortinet and also at an affordable price because NetData does sell Fortinet licenses at affordable prices and also with professional services.


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