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Rent Wifi Indonesia – the internet is a technology that is needed by many individuals and corporations today. No wonder that we find this internet everywhere, even in offices. Talking about the internet, did you know that the internet is a big part of a local network or a small network that is widely connected ?. Of course, not many people know that LAN or local area network is one of the important networks in a company.

This LAN is used to connect several computers into one network that is under one roof. These computer peripherals such as servers, clients, printers, fax machines, gateways. Earlier we talked about the internet that this internet can also be one in a LAN. But this LAN is indeed made to facilitate communication between computers in the local area with ease, such as wanting to transfer files with other computers, wanting to print documents to a printer, and playing games with friends.

Understanding Computer Networks Wifi

Before discussing the LAN further, we should know what computer network itself is. A computer network is a connection between two or more computers to share data. This computer network is connected between hardware and software.

To create a computer network, at least we have two computers. For switches and routers, this is a protocol and algorithm for exchanging information and delivering it to the desired destination. Each destination or endpoint on the network has a unique address, which is an IP address or Media Access Control address which is used to indicate the source or destination of transmission. These endpoints can be servers, personal computers, telephones, and various types of network hardware.

Computer networks can be created using a combination of wired and wireless technology. Every network device communicates via wireless or cable. For networks that use cables such as optical fiber, coaxial cable, or copper cable. For wireless using a wireless data connection to connect the endpoint. These endpoints include broadcast radio, cellular radio, microwave, and satellite. Then this network can be changed to private or public.

The private network itself is a network that is connected to the network using a user and password. Public networks can be connected without any credentials. Currently there are also companies that provide Jakarta wifi rental services that are intended for those of you who don’t want to bother installing a local wifi network in your company or home. Well, we will discuss the stages in creating an easy LAN network below.

How to Create a LAN Network: Complete the Equipment

Before discussing further about Rent Wifi Indonesia, we must prepare devices as well as equipment to create a LAN network, along with the equipment:

  • Network switch or router
  • Ethernet cable
  • Computer
  • All devices that can be connected

How to Create a LAN Network: Connect the First Computer

Previously we discussed the switches and routers that must be prepared, if they are ready, the first step that must be done is to configure the configuration. First you have to connect the computer with an ethernet cable first.

On a Windows PC: If you plug in a new network switch or router, the ‘Set up a network’ wizard will appear to support you to carry out the setup more easily. If it doesn’t appear, or if you used the next router beforehand, you can open the Network plus Sharing Center menu via the Control Panel, then select the option ‘Set up a new connection or network’. Then you just have to go through the system provided.

On a Mac: Enter System Preferences, then Network, Built-In Ethernet, Advanced. Here you can find all the settings needed to customize the new network.

How to Create a LAN Network: Perform WiFi Settings

If you want to use a wireless network such as smartphones, tablets, and so on. Then you have to configure wifi on your router. Usually on your router there is a manual manual for each to activate this wifi feature.

On each router or switch you can provide your own network name, SSID, password, and also the default login info. It would be nice if you should replace this default login info with a new one. Log in to the router with the login info that you have set via the browser or network settings as described above.

How to Create a LAN Network: Time to Connect Devices

Then if it’s done then you can connect all your devices to a LAN network or use wifi. These devices can be computers, smartphones, printers, and other devices that can connect to the internet.

In connecting to wifi you can use the wifi option first on your device, be it a laptop, to the SSID network that you registered earlier. Then enter the password according to what you previously set.

Trusted Wifi Indonesia

If on a network that uses an ethernet cable, the process will certainly be easier because all you have to do is plug the ethernet cable into the router or switch and then to your computer. In addition to computers, usually other devices such as printers, scanners, speakers and others can be directly connected to a switch or router. If you have a large and complex network, you should only use Rent Wifi Indonesia on NetData.

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