How to Know Wifi Password It Will Work!

Cara Mengetahui Password Wifi

How to Know Wifi Password – Not a few people are looking for the keyword how to find out the wifi password on Google. These people are usually referred to as the economical quota.

Given the modern era like today, there are lots of hotspots everywhere, both in public places and in office areas.

The wifi service from Indihome is currently the most widely used wifi so it’s not difficult to find a wifi signal. However, not all wifi can be connected without a password. That’s why many people are looking for a way to find out the wifi password.

How to? Let’s look at the article on how to find out the following wifi password!

What is Wi-Fi?

In the world of the internet, wifi has indeed become a word that is widely known by users, even ordinary people. Before discussing further about how to find out the wifi password, we need to know the definition of wifi itself.

Wifi stands for?

Did you know that if you search the internet about the abbreviation for wifi you will definitely be given information, namely wireless fidelity. But the definition of wireless fidelity is not correct.

This is because at the time the Wifi Alliance was the first company to introduce Wi-fi technology in 1997. It used to make the tagline The Standard for Wireless Fidelity.

With this tagline, ordinary people think that Wifi stands for Wireless Fidelity. Since many questions Phil Belanger member of the Wifi Alliance says that Wi-fi means nothing this is not an acronym aka meaningless.

Wifi Benefits

Regarding how to find out the wifi password, the benefits of wifi itself include:

Device Connector to Internet

Wifi functions as a connecting device to the internet. These devices, such as PCs, laptops, smartphones without using cables, make it more practical and faster.

Sharing Files or Data

With wifi sharing files or data to several devices in one network or via the internet will be easier without the need to use cables.

Connecting Between Devices

Connecting between devices such as your smart phone to a computer or laptop without using a usb cable if you are already in the same network.

Modem from Mobile

With wifi technology your smart phone can act as a modem. Not only as a wifi signal receiver, so your smart phone can also be used as a portable modem or mobile hotspot.

How to Install Wifi

If asked how to install wifi, of course there are several options that you can choose for the installation of wifi, such as:

Using Mifi at home

Mifi is a portable modem provided by the cellular provider. Usually this modem has a large quota package and an affordable price to accommodate high internet usage.

Installing a broadband internet service provider

The use of broadband internet services from the past until now is still believed to be the most reliable source of wifi.

Why? Because usually broadband internet services offer an actual unlimited quota so users don’t have to worry about internet usage that is too heavy.

In Indonesia, there are many broadband internet service providers with speed packages and monthly prices.

Who are Wifi Users?

How to find out the wifi password is usually sought by people who need a wifi signal to connect, people who need wifi are usually school students, office employees, online motorcycle taxi members, teachers, and many more.

Why Use Wifi?

The reasons for using wifi over others include:

Save Internet Cost

With wifi you don’t have to worry about internet quota anymore because usually wifi internet is already unlimited without a quota.

There is an Unlimited Package

With unlimited quota, you can access the internet such as watching Youtube, browsing, downloading, and listening to music.

Network Tend to Stable

Wifi has a very stable network instead of using a cellular network which is sometimes slow and even breaks the connection. At least the wifi can die because the electricity in our house goes out so the wifi router will die.

Can be used by many people

Another reason why people use wifi is because wifi can be used by many people.

By placing wifi in that place, then that place can become a radius that can be connected to wifi.

When is the Right Time to Use Wifi?

When is the right time to use wifi, to answer this question of course we need to know what your needs are.

So when you need a stable and smooth internet that’s when you need wifi. For example, when you want to upload files to the internet or when you want to study online.

Where Can We Install Wifi?

Where is a suitable place for wifi installation, including at home, in offices, and in vehicles such as cars, buses, or planes.

Good Wifi Recommendation

In using wifi yourself you need to know how to choose a good wifi for your needs.

Wifi Speed

Determining the wifi speed according to your needs is necessary. This can be seen from what activities you need to do with internet access.

For example, what you need is just for browsing, social media, or just watching videos, then 10Mbps speed is enough.

It’s different if you need a stable internet speed such as for playing games with a small ping latency, then you can choose an internet speed with a speed of 50Mbps-100Mbps.

Wifi Password

In how to find out the Wifi password, of course, not all routers or wifi are given a password, there are even some wifi that are passwordd but the default password is like admin, or just root.

Therefore, if you need a secure wifi, you should choose a security password that is difficult to guess.

How to Find out Wifi Password?

Currently, there are many internet service providers with various providers in Indonesia. Each provider usually has its own policy to set a password on the router device. Here are some ways to find out the Wifi password:

How to find out the connected wifi password

Devices with the Windows 10 operating system are the most used devices, suppose you are using a Windows 10 device who wants to know how to find out the following connected wifi password:

  1. Look for the Wifi icon in the taskbar, which is located at the bottom right of the screen.
  2. Select the Open Network & Internet Settings option.
  3. In the Settings window, specify Network and Sharing Center.
  4. There is a new window that opens then you can click the Wifi name.
  5. In the Wifi Status window, specify Wireless Properties.
  6. A new window appears again and you can click the Security tab.
  7. To view the password of the Wifi that you are currently using, check show characters.
  8. Now you have seen the Wifi password in the Network Security Key column.

How to find out the wifi password without an application

For how to find out the wifi password without an application, you can do the following steps for PC and laptop users without the application:

  1. On Windows 10 OS you can open the Control Panel. Look for the Start menu, or right-click the wireless icon or usually a signal.
  2. Usually found in the lower right corner of the screen near the battery status, to connect the Open Network and Sharing Center menus.
  3. Then open Control Panels, look for the Network And Internet – Network and Sharing Center menu to find out which networks are connected.
  4. In this window you can see the Manage Wireless Networks menu, then you will find the wifi connected to the laptop by pressing the name of the network whose password you want to see.
  5. Click the tab that appears with the status of the wifi connection you are using. Click the Wireless tab and specify the Security tab on the right. On this tab, Wi-Fi information will appear such as security type, encryption type, and network security key.
  6. The network security key is still a dotted line that can be read so you can click “show characters” and show the Wi-Fi password you are using.

How to Find Wifi Password on Laptop

If you want to share your WiFi password but you forgot your own wifi password. So here’s how to find out the wifi password on a laptop:

  1. Click the Wi-Fi icon on the toolbar.
  2. Click Network and Internet Settings, then select WiFi.
  3. Select Change adapter options at the bottom of the page.
  4. Right select the WiFi you are currently using.
  5. Select Status – Wireless Properties.
  6. Select the Security tab – Network security key, click Show character.
  7. That’s the WiFi password you’re currently using.

How to Find out Wifi Password on HP

Then how to find out the wifi password on the following cellphone can be practiced on an android cellphone by using the WiFi Master Key application on the Play Store. By using this application, you can share the connection with your friends.

So that you are connected to one wifi connection, other people who have this application can also connect automatically.

  1. First open the app.
  2. Click the Do it now option.
  3. Click the Turn on WiFi button, scan for hotspots.
  4. Allow the application to access WiFi on your cellphone.
  5. Click again Do it now.
  6. Then this window will display a list of internet connections with the description Secure, Free Connection, Connect.
  7. Click Connect to connect to the WiFi network.

How to Find Neighbor’s Wifi Password

For how to find out the neighbor’s wifi password with the IP address with a PC or laptop. This IP address can serve as an identifier for a device. One of them is a router that transmits wifi. Here are some steps that need to be done:

  1. First open the settings or settings on the smartphone device and then select the wifi menu.
  2. Select an available wifi network to connect to.
  3. Then later there will be a request to enter the WiFi username and password data.
  4. Then do not know the password then select the Modify Configuration menu.
  5. Then the IP address will be displayed in the form of Code
  6. The IP address can be replaced with
  7. Then open the browser and enter the IP address
  8. Then there will be a request to login with username and password.
  9. Please enter your admin username and admin password.
  10. Next will be shown information about the wifi that can be connected.
  11. Then you can also find out the password of the wifi network.

How to find out the unconnected neighbor’s wifi password

Here’s how to find out the neighbor’s wifi password that has not been connected using the Penetrate Pro android application:

  1. First download the latest version of the Penetrate Pro application.
  2. After that activate unknown source through settings on android.
  3. Then open the installed Penetrate Pro application.
  4. Enable Wifi feature on android, then use Penetrate Pro to track reachable wifi.
  5. Then generate a wifi password that gets the password on the hotspot or SSID that will be selected.

How to Find Neighbor’s Wifi Password with Laptop

How to find out the neighbor’s wifi password with a laptop via CMD or the command prompt is:

  1. First enable Wifi mode on your laptop then look for accessible wifi.
  2. Open the CMD program by pressing the Windows key + R. type “CMD” then press OK.
  3. After opening CMD, type the command netsh wlan show profiles and enter. Then the screen will display the wifi that has been connected to the laptop before.
  4. Then re-enter the command netsh wlan show network name key= clear.
  5. The password will appear key content, then you can connect to wifi with the password you got.

How to Find Neighbor’s Wifi Password with Android

How to find out the neighbor’s wifi password with Android You can use BusyBox as follows:

  1. First download the BusyBox application first on the Google Play Store.
  2. If the installation fails then you need to enable Unknown source via the settings menu.
  3. If it has been installed, open the BusyBox application and a list of wifi that can be reached by the Android phone is displayed.
  4. Pay attention to the padlock icon next to the wifi SSID, if it’s green then the wifi password can be hacked while the white color can’t be weighted.
  5. Select one of the green wifi hotspots, then tap try to connect, enter the available PIN.
  6. Done, the password will be displayed and the wifi can be directly used to connect to your android phone.

How to Find Wifi Password with Mac Address

How to find out Wifi password with Mac Address on Windows 10 laptop:

  1. First, connect to the wireless you want. Right-click the SSID you choose and then click Properties.
  2. Scroll down and then pay attention to your IP address then write it down in notepad.
  3. Open the downloaded IP Scanner and fill in the IP range, for example the recorded IP is then enter the
  4. IP range column at the end to be changed to 1, and the second part is finally changed to 255 so the result is 135. 125. 1. 1 to 135. 125. 1. 255 then click the start or red button.
  5. After scanning, you will get IP information that is alive and connected to the wifi.
  6. Then the IP that is alive is alive with the blue color, right click on the IP that is alive, right click on the IP that is blue,
  7. then right click.
  8. Tap Show.
  9. MAC address on each IP that will appear then record the MAC address (for the record sometimes there is a MAC address that does not appear).
  10. Then you can use a MAC address replacement application, such as the Technitium MAC address. In this application, in the MAC address field, change the MAC address that we noted earlier and then press Change MAC ID.
  11. Wait for our MAC to be changed and reconnected to the Hotspot.

How to Find out the Changed Wifi Password

For how to find out the wifi password that has been changed, you can use a tool called WPA tester premium with the following steps:

  1. Open the premium WPA tester application then select the agree option in the lower right corner.
  2. Then select confirm.
  3. This WPA app requires access permission so click allow.
  4. Select the wifi password you want to know on the wifi you want then click next.
  5. At this stage to be able to break into wifi and find out the password, it is easiest to use the automatic connection option when trying all pins or connect automatic with try all pins.
  6. WPA tester premium will try to connect to the selected wifi using a PIN.
  7. At this time, the application repeats the same request again, you only give permission once every time the connection fails, so it will be repeated until the PIN code for the wifi connection is used up then select the allow option again once.
  8. If successful, a Success message will appear, complete with the wifi name and wifi password.

Choosing the Right Wifi For Home

To choose the right wifi for your home that can support your activities, you can find some tips for choosing the following wifi:

1. Ensure the Range of Internet Service Provider Locations

The first consideration in choosing a wifi provider is that the location or area of the living area has been reached by an Internet Service Provider or ISP that has a certain provider. Bearing in mind, not all providers have provided ISPs in each area on the grounds that there are no cable internet providers in certain areas.

Therefore, do not immediately register and subscribe, but rather to track clearly first through the official website or contact the wifi provider. That way, you can immediately register to subscribe to internet facilities if your area of residence has been covered by the ISP network.

2. Choose the Type of Wifi Provider Speed ​​According to Your Needs

After making sure that your area of ​​residence has an ISP available from a certain wifi provider, then you can choose a subscription package based on the internet speed that is presented. In this case, you must adjust the use of internet facilities accordinernet network. The speed of this temporary wifi router ranges from 300Mbps, 900Mbps, to 1900Mbps. Where, this speed is the maximum speed that can be achieved by one router.

3. Find Out Through Reviews or Recommendations of Others

To be able to get internet service from a wifi provider correctly, you actually have to be diligent in tracking down information related to this matter. Usually there are many sources of information on the internet regarding reviews of a wifi provider related to speed from the internet services provided.

You can also ask friends or relatives who have used the internet beforehand about certain providers, how fast the internet is when used and what problems occur.

4. Know Profitable Internet Service Offers

It’s the same with looking for reviews, you can search for internet service offers easily through the official website or official social media of a particular wifi provider. Where, new customers are generally offered attractive internet facilities such as free admin fees, no billing at the beginning of installation, or internet speed that is more than a few months after installation.

You can ask about the following offers to the wifi provider’s formal contact for more detailed information. That way, you don’t have to be confused when you decide on an internet facility offer at the beginning.


That’s our discussion about how to find out the wifi password either with the application or not, whether using a computer, laptop, or android phone from NetData.

Therefore the need for wifi is really needed to be able to support your activities at work and for school. Hope it is useful.


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