How to Create a Business Gmail Account for Company

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Business Gmail – The identity of a business can be introduced by providing a phone number or submitting a business email. There are several email platforms that provide business email creation facilities such as business gmail. How to create a business gmail account? Let’s look at the following reviews.

Get to know Gmail

Reporting from the website, Gmail’s history began in 2004. Gmail was created to provide free webmail services without using ads with email support from Google.

Over time it has integrated with many other Google services such as Google+, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Hangouts, YouTube, and Google Buzz.

What is Gmail?

Before discussing how to create an account, it would be helpful to consider a project started by Google developer Paul Buchheit, who designed it for the web in 1990, prior to the launch of Hotmail, while working on a software development project while a student.

Paul started his first Gmail design in August 2001. When he joined the Google group he designed Gmail in a day called the Caribou code project. Long story short In 2004 Gmail was first publicly launched.

How to Register Gmail

How to create a gmail account for business may not be too different from how to create a personal Gmail account, the difference lies in the website where the Gmail account is created and also some of the requirements that need to be met to create a business gmail account.

Before discussing how to create a business account and individual account, we must know what the definition of individual and business Gmail is first as follows.

Personal Gmail Account

A personal Gmail account is an email account that is used for personal needs. The benefits of using a Gmail account include providing access to all products and services from Google such as Gmail, Blogger, Hangouts, and My Google Activity.

Gmail also provides email recovery service in case of forgotten password with any web email address such as,, etc.

Signing up for Gmail will automatically generate an email name ending in “”.

Business Gmail Account

A business account is intended for those of you who want to create an electronic mail portal for business or corporate classes.

Company or business email is used with the name of the company email ID, for example for Netdata it could be

Business email utility can be integrated with Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Sites, Groups, and Video.

How to Create a Business Gmail Account

Follow the steps on how to create a business gmail account below :

  1. Open a browser on your computer or smartphone and type in the following website address
  2. On this page you are asked to do the registration process.
  3. Registering for this account you are asked to provide your company name, number of staff, and your country of origin.
  4. Click next then you are asked to enter an existing business contact.
  5. Enter your first and last name and then your pre-owned email address to make it easier for G Suit admins in the account creation process.
  6. Next you are asked to provide information about the domain of your business website.
  7. Your business website domain address is required to complete the Gmail for business creation process.
  8. You can buy or use a free .page domain.
  9. You can create a domain or use a free one year domain from Gmail. Especially for free domains, after one year, the price for the domain you are using is also available.
  10. If you have created a domain, the process will continue to create a professional email address to access Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, and so on.
  11. This domain already uses a secure protocol that is equipped with HTTPS protection and an SSL certificate if you want to create a site.
  12. You can add domains later.
  13. For business Gmail, you can then fill in your business information such as address, address line two, city, province, postal code, and business phone number.
  14. When you’re done, you’ll be taken to the G Suite page and create a business email address. Enter username and password.
  15. Check I’m Not a Robot and you’re done.

Difference Between Business and Personal Gmail Accounts

From how to create an account above, it can be found that the main difference between a business account and a personal Gmail account is the type of account and some of the features provided by Google.

For personal Gmail, you will manage it independently, while business will help users use Google services on one platform only.

For different businesses can be run with Google services because the email is already very secure.

Corporate email accounts are managed and paid for by the company. Individual Gmail accounts are used for message and notification purposes only.

For accounts for which a business can provide notifications to all types of businesses or related users. Whereas larger businesses, preferred by regular users, individual Gmail accounts are more in demand.

Create a Free Business Gmail Account

That’s how to create a gmail account that you can use to create a professional, professional Gmail account at a fairly low price even though it’s paid.

At the beginning of the account creation your business will be given a free trial period of 14 days.

If you look at the number of companies today, most of them use a business account with G Suite as their business email account because of the many features it offers.


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