How SD-WAN Can Transform Retail Business

Managed Service SD-WAN

The development of the retail business managed services sd-wan is increasingly rapid, many new business models have emerged which are a challenge for providers to continue to be able to meet market needs in line with the development of the retail industry.

How does SD-WAN respond to these challenges? In the future, pop-up retail business models will emerge, pop-up retail is mobile and operates at certain times, for example the food truck business and entertainment festivals, the challenge is how to meet the needs of WAN while the business is mobile?

The SD-WAN feature supports various types of uplinks, from MPLS, dedicated internet, broadband, and finally LTE, which is very useful for pop-up retail business. The demand for video conferencing in the future will be very large, considering that some retail businesses in marketing use a consultative sale approach where video conferencing is the medium.

Guaranteed good connection free of jitter and packet loss is needed for this retail business model, SD-WAN with its QoS feature can prioritize video conference traffic. SD-WAN, with its scalable nature, can accommodate any request for additional or changing services.

Using SD-WAN technology as a business backbone can help retail entrepreneurs realize the positive impact of digital transformation more quickly, because they are required to immediately adopt new technology that does not require IT expertise.

Here are 4 reasons why retailers need to adopt SD-WAN :

1. Avoiding Traditional Network Loads

According to Gartner, traditional WANs spend 63% of the total IT budget. Spending large budgets just to maintain traditional WANs is not in line with the digital transformation vision itself. Investing in strategic technology (which will be widely used in the future) such as virtualisation and cloud-based systems is a smart move. In addition, by adopting SD-WAN, retail companies will be more agile, dynamic and adapt to today’s consumer needs by launching cloud-based applications and services. Thus, the company can attract new customers and increase revenue.

2. Making Business Processes More Agile

SD-WAN is flexible and makes IT more visible. Monitoring is made easier on a single dashboard. The network maintenance process is also made easier and problems can be resolved immediately. By connecting the WAN Infrastructure to the cloud system, the network operation system can be automated and integrated end-to-end. This results in a more agile business process.

3. SD-WAN is a safe technological innovation

Many of the retailers are reluctant to adopt a technology because of the high threat to network security. However, SD-WAN technology has a high level of security. Some SD-WANs are equipped with Network Monitoring, Next-Generation Firewall and Secure Payment Systems. In order to ensure data is protected, extra security measures can also be added such as multi-factor authentication, multi-layer security and advanced encryption.

4. Can Focus on Business

Choosing a Managed SD-WAN service is a smart solution. Management of the SD-WAN solution management will be carried out by the service provider. So that retail companies no longer need to carry out control of devices to secure network independently, which of course requires high operational costs. Thus, retail companies can focus on business development without worrying about IT infrastructure constraints anymore. All of these benefits will bring a more efficient and effective integrated operational system, which will increase the productivity of the retail company as a whole

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