Google Cloud Platform Indonesian Tutorial on WordPress

Google Cloud Platform Indonesia

Google Cloud Platform Indonesia, did you know that Google is currently providing a quite attractive offer, namely $ 300 Free to use Google Cloud Platform for 365 full days.

In this article, we will discuss 2 things, namely how to install Google Cloud Platform on wordpress using serverpilot and how to claim $ 300.

Google Cloud Platform

In the world of cloud computing, we know that there are not many rivals to Indonesia’s cloud providers, such as Amazon. You are not surprised if we see AWS or Amazon Web Service getting bigger, even though we know that Amazon is one of the well-known international shopping portals. Google also doesn’t want to be outdone by creating its Google Cloud Platform.

In addition to services that are similar to Google’s offer, it is quite tempting than the offer provided by Amazon, which is free to use for a year. Only difference is Google also includes $ 300 for free so as long as we can manage the budget together properly, the first year of using GCP can really cost 0.

Of course, with the many products from the Google cloud platform being served as counted contained on AWS. But this time we will focus on the Google compute engine that can be done on hosting our site. These products may be like Amazon EC2, Azure Virtual Machines (by Microsoft) and VPS in general.

How to Claim $ 300 GCP

Without any conditions, Google provides $ 300 for free by registering with the Google cloud platform. We are required to enter payment data as a requirement for creating an account only with prerequisites and cannot be charged. For those of you who don’t have a credit card, you don’t need to worry. You can use VCC from Jenius and the like.

If you want to know how to do good and correct keyword research, read here.

The link to GCP please go to:

So at this point, I assume you already have a GCP account along with a $ 300 credit in it and are ready to use.

WordPress Setup Tutorial on GCP along with Serverpilot

  • Prepare a domain.

You can buy this domain at affordable hosting sites between ($ 0.99-1.99) for study purposes (extensions. Pro, .life, .today, .space, etc.). My subscription registrar recommendation is

  • Create Engine

Enter GCP and select the Compute Engine> VM Instances menu

  • Engine Customization

If so, click “create instance” and fill in the requested data.


– Pay attention to the red box in the image above. That is a monthly fee. To be able to use GCP for free for a full year, make sure the value is no more than $ 300: 12 months = $ 25. And to get the most out of your $ 300 free balance, make sure the value doesn’t go far enough than $ 25.

– Fill in the instance name as you wish. Select ZONE based on visitor traffic goals. For Indonesian traffic, you can choose asiasoutheast1-a or b. Meanwhile, for foreign traffic, please select the US zone or one whose position is closer to the destination of the visitor.

– In Machine Type, choose 1 vCPU. As for memory, please set it to 2GB only. With specs like these, you can get a really fast server that can host lots of sites along with few visitors or few high traffic sites. Please adjust the specifications according to their respective needs.

– On the bootdisk, select Ubuntu-1604-LTS and Boot a disk style SSD of at least 10GB along with clicking the Change menu.

– Check both: Allow HTTP traffic and Allow HTTPS traffic on the Firewalls menu.

– Ignore other menus if you don’t understand. If so, click CREATE. In a matter of minutes, the instance is ready and ready for further setup.

* In the case of the server together with the spec above, then we can get a price of $ 27.14 for the Southeastasia server and $ 23.20 for the USA server.

  • Domain-GCP Connecting

Furthermore, we can connect the domain together with the instance created in the first step via the Cloud DNS menu in the Google Console.

– Copy the ip address of your instance.

– Select the Cloud DNS menu

– Select Create Zone

* Free zone name, dns zone is, and leave the other fields unchanged. Click Create.

– After that, click on the name of the newly created zone, then click add record set.

Create 2 new records, like the following picture:

– If so, click the registrar setup menu on the top right to see the nameservers. These nameservers are what you can set at your registrar for usable domains.

  • Serverpilot-Instance Connecting

The next step can use Serverpilot. If you don’t have an account on Serverpilot, please create one for free here>

This step is a bit technical. But it should be easy to follow because I can guide it in as much detail as possible.

– Go to Serverpilot, select the connect server menu:

– Check the option “I don’t have a root password or public IP address. (Requires manual install.) ”. Then enter the hostname and password as desired and click Connect to Serverpilot.

– Copy the line of code that appears.

Next, go back to VM Instances in your Google Console and click the SSH button.

– Automatically, a new window can be opened. Wait until the connecting process is complete so that the screen appears black.

– Enter as root together by typing sudo su, and pressing enter.

– Then enter the line of code that was previously copied from the serverpilot by pressing ctrl + v, and pressing enter. This line of code will automatically install everything you need.

– Also automatically, the appearance on serverpilot can prove if the script is being installed. Let this process happen to completion in just over a minute.

– The process is complete and it will be declared successful if you have seen an appearance like this on the screen

You can now close the SSH window on your computer as we are done dealing with it.

  • WordPress setup

After going through all the methods above, it’s time to setup wordpress. This step is fairly easy and happens really fast.

– Select menu + Create App on Serverpilot

– Then enter the requested details. Make sure you fill them together properly. If so, click create app.

– Done! You should now be able to see wordpress installed on your domain. Please access your domain address via a browser.

There are some notes that you need to know as follows:

  • Sometimes it may take a while before the domain and server can connect completely. So you can’t see wordpress after installation, wait up to 24-48 hours. If it’s been more than 48 hours you still can’t, then you could be doing the wrong process.
  • An instance can be used to host unlimited websites. The trick is just 1, 4 and 6 for each new domain. The limitation is storage capacity and ram server capability.
  • The price of GCP is quite competitive with AWS or other cloud platforms that you might consider in long-term use.
  • Even though the price is quite expensive, GCP is still really suitable for those of you who want to learn to create wordpress or have a site for short-term purposes such as blog wallpapers, agc and so on.
  • The only Jakarta Cloud Provider is NetData which might be able to provide solutions to your cloud needs.

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