Getting To Know Sangfor HCI More Closely

Getting to Know Sangfor HCI Closer – In modern times there are many digitalization trends for companies that use the Hyper-Converged virtualization system, which is currently hot competition between IT vendors.

Sangfor is participating in this competition, which is a vendor that provides hyper-converged products with its HCI name.

What is Sangfor HCI

Sangfor HCI stands for Hyper-Converged Infrastructure. Hyper-converged, known as virtualization, made sangfor interested to participate in producing HCI.

Which Sangfor also initially has been in the world of Network security devices which suddenly entered the hyper-converged market which is inhabited by various server and storage industries.

Benefits of Using Sangfor HCI

Maybe you ask what are the benefits of using this product and what solutions are offered by this HCI from sangfor.

Sangfor is not a company that is just starting out in this field, but sangfor has long experience in the field of virtualization so that it has good reliability.

Sangfor’s network security device already has virtualization capabilities in it so you seem to have several devices in this physical device.

Sangfor HCI So Simple

In terms of complexity, this type of sangfor is actually very simple where with less virtual server technology, more external storage, routers or switches so that more security can be obtained in traditional cloud architectures.

Large initial scale and high initial investment. As equipment increases, system failures increase, leading to decreased reliability of the entire platform. The large quantity of physical equipment led to a longer procurement system and lags when it came to market.

Sangfor HCI only requires an x86 server and switch, these two pieces of equipment, causing the quantity cost for the cloud data center to be reduced together too significantly. Based on distribution, two all-in-one machines can build a resource pool, ensuring system reliability. Based on a standard set of modular and power sources, the construction system is simpler.

HCI is a scale category, simplified IT architecture along with integrating legacy hardware into servers and switches. All functions are generated by software. Sangfor combines more hardware like a firewall and load balancer, provides better CapEx and management.

More Stable and Efficient

HCI can handle enterprise-level core tools such as the Oracle RAC group and SQL server together in a stable and efficient manner.

Combining a software-defined storage architecture, optimization of RAC scenarios, and optimization for CPU and memory, HCI together stably helps Oracle RAC and assures its performance, stability and reliability.

Multi Copy is very unlike traditional RAID based mechanics. This feature significantly adds to data security. Sangfor provides technology designed to ensure reliable knowledge, such as multiple copies of data. All data is stored on disk and on more than one host. Calculated platforms provide the benefit of built-in standby which can store backup data in local or remote storage space.

More secure security

We can see that the traffic between virtual machines is not visible, virtual machines can easily become gaps to reach the entire data center unless running attacks. Sangfor generates WAF code into the kernel and provides virtual firewall functionality in a hyper-convergent architecture, provides firewall protection for each virtual host and micro-isolation of virtualized facilities.

Sangfor has also implemented virtualization of network security devices such as NGAF and ADC, which can be deployed directly in the core area of the cloud data center. All security components are managed through an integrated web site platform resulting in rapid growth and delivered policies.

Sangfor simultaneously provides an east-west micro-isolation plus north-south NFV cloud security solution, a virtualization solution and cloud knowledge security in its industry.

Easy to Use

Sangfor is the only vendor that can create network topology automatically. Providing networking is the workload of IT engineers, making automation features too valuable. Before automation, engineers / technicians spent five days a week inside the machine area, whereas now all work can be done in the management console.

Uses of Sangfor HCI

Physical servers for critical applications including HIS, LAB, and EMR, which require high resources during run to avoid the impact of application downtime.

Good after-sales service to support the sustainability of infrastructure development.

The IT team is looking for a competitive price, within a budget and a virtualization solution to match.

What Sangfor HCI is for you

Data Center Consolidation

Get rid of hassle and old data center silos through innovative software defined technology at Sangfor HCI. By combining servers, storage, networking and security into a single platform, Sangfor HCI dramatically simplifies data center and O&M architectures, cutting TCO by up to 70%.

Cloud Transformation

Sangfor HCI is the best building block for an enterprise cloud with built-in scalability, reliability and agility. Simply by adding a cloud management platform, HCI can be transformed into a complete cloud computing platform. Run your workloads on HCI with cloud automation and agility, maximize your investment value by leveraging the public cloud economy and private cloud control on one platform.

Enterprise Applications

Run your enterprise applications at Sangfor HCI with outstanding performance and reliability. Sangfor of this type has been optimized for enterprise applications from the underlying architecture to the management interface. The essential enterprise applications can be easily and safely used and managed with just a few clicks on the intuitive GUI.

Data Protection & DR

Sangfor type HCI provides various data protection features to ensure data integrity. From snapshots to backups to continuous data protection (CDP), data can be easily protected at various levels according to application needs with ease. Business continuity can also be ensured based on a simplified disaster recovery solution with Sangfor HCI.

How to Use Sangfor HCI

For how to use sangfor HCI, you can use the manual book of each sangfor HCI product that matches the product. Because indeed every product from sangfor has its own way of configuration.


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NETDATA is an IT company that provides IT services while selling various IT equipment with well-known brands such as this type of sangfor.

For the matter of price, this type of product is fairly affordable, making it suitable for small to medium-sized industries.

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