Fortinet Product Review from Entry Level

This Fortinet products is a company that focuses on all aspects of security related to networks and has many partners.

Fortinet has a very wide variety of products that you can choose according to your needs. There are various product categories provided by Fortinet. Among them are:

  1. Security-Driven Networking
  2. Dynamic Cloud Security
  3. AI-Driven Security Operations
  4. Zero-Trust Access

At Fortinet, you can choose the chassis you need yourself, from Ultra high-end to Entry-level. All you can choose according to your needs and with the budget you have.

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Entry Level Products

You can choose your own Fortigate products from Entry Level to Chassis. As a reminder, various products from Fortigate may have something similar, for example the 80F and 80E. The bigger the alphabet, of course the performance will be much higher.

Produk Fortigate Entry Level

You can click on Fortigate products to find out details and product specifications from Fortigate, here in the example is Fortigate for Networking security. For example, if you want to see the specifications of the Fortinet / Fortiwifi 30E, you can click it and the details about the product will appear.

Produk Fortigate Entry Level

This example of the deployment of Fortigate 30E:

Fortigate 30E

Fortigate 30E is very suitable for use in various offices because it is included in the entry level class.

Fortigate 30E

Fortigate 30E is also compared to Fortiwifi which has a Wifi port as well, so it can also be an access point. For the entry level, of course it is very good and highly recommended for you.

Fortigate 30E can also be integrated with several security fabrics.

security Fabric

So, there are several aspects to the security fabric as described above.

Fortinet also provides complete specifications for its various products. For example, just Fortigate 30E. The specifications are as follows:

security fabric

Of course this is a very complete specification, so you are not confused about which product from Fortinet that you want to buy and you need.

Fortigate 30E also provides bundles that can be tailored to your needs. very profitable right?

Fortigate 30E

Fortigate High End Products

An example of high end Fortigate products is the Fortigate 2500E. All the product details are the same.

Produk Fortigate High End

Fortigate high end

Deployment for high end Fortigate is perfect for a data center.

data center

Fortigate 2500E

fortinet security fabric

Produk Fortigate High End

Fortigate Ultra High End Products

For the 6000 series, the port capacity is not as much as the chassis version. It does win, but the number of ports is definitely less than the chassis series.

Produk Fortigate Ultra High End

The deployment is still the same, namely for the data center.

Produk Fortigate Ultra High End

Produk Fortigate Ultra High End

Produk Fortigate Ultra High End bundle

Fortinet Products Fortigate Chassis

products. For the highest product from Fortigate is the Chassis class. For this high-density chassis series. So, there are more ports.

As an example for the chassis is the Fortigate 7060E which is the highest series for the chassis class.

Produk Fortigate Chassis


Produk Fortigate Chassis

Produk Fortigate Chassis

Produk Fortigate Chassis Module

Produk Fortigate Chassis Bundle

for the bundle, maybe roughly the same, but there are certain differences for various series. Interested in NetData’s Fortinet Product service? You can call here.


Fortinet Products Review from Entry Level to Chassis


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