Fortinet License Renewal? Fortigate Indonesia Official Partner Only!

Fortinet License Renewal Fortigate Indonesia Official Partner Only

Fortigate IndonesiaMaybe for you, using software or hardware without using a license is a very natural thing. However, of course you realize that using software but by cracking or using an unauthorized license is an illegal act.

One software that you might use is Fortigate. Fortigate is a company that is already very well known for network security issues. With technology in the form of Next Gen Firewall, of course, it will make your network safe from various disturbances from outside and on the network itself.
Has your Fortigate software started to need an update? Don’t be in a hurry to crack! Danger, it’s better if you buy it at an official partner of Fortigate Indonesia, of course the price is cheap!

However, before we talk about how to buy a Fortigate license, it’s a good idea to find out what Fortigate is.

Know What is a License

It would be better if we understand first what is meant by a license before you renew your Fortigate license at an official Fortigate Indonesia partner.

Definition of License

A software license is a document that provides legally binding guidelines for the use and distribution of software. Software licenses usually entitle the end user to one or more copies of the software without violating copyright.

License Purpose

The purpose of buying a license legally is that you avoid legal trouble. A license on a software is a patent where you can use the software officially and are tied directly to the developer.
In addition, the purpose of the license is that you can use the software thoroughly (subject to the agreement) and also you can use the software safely and avoid various kinds of viruses and malware.

Benefit From License

There are many benefits of licensing, including:

  1. You will receive technical assistance with genuine software, ensuring a reliable support system.
  2. You get complete instructions and documentation with the product, providing clarity of usage rights.
  3. You get access to updates, upgrades, and security patches, which match your technology needs and enhance your computing experience.
  4. You avoid unnecessary IT & cyber security risks to your computers and networks, and theft of confidential business information.
  5. If you use pirated software, you could face civil or criminal action under copyright law, which affects your reputation.
  6. Software piracy negatively impacts the economy by way of job losses, taxes, R&D and innovation.
  7. Having “Legal IT” or in other words “genuine and licensed” software speaks volumes about your reputation and governance.
  8. Your relationship with IT partners and publishers improves, creating mutual trust, leading to the best bargains.
  9. With genuine software, you and your employees get peace of mind, leading to increased productivity and efficient management.
  10. You experience a high level of IT maturity in your organization, making you highly competitive in the marketplace.

History of Fortigate Indonesia

Fortigate is a company engaged in network security. Already trusted by various large companies to the home sector, Fortigate is designed for customers from various circles.
Indonesia is no exception, many have trusted Fortigate for a quality firewall that can also be used as an SD-WAN which is superior to choosing other brands.

What is Fortigate Indonesia License

Just for your information before discussing the Fortigate Indonesia license, the FortiGate Series 30 and higher models include a free trial license of FortiClient for ten connected FortiClient endpoints. For additional connected end points, a FortiClient license subscription must be purchased.
In Indonesia itself, you can get a Fortigate Indonesia license in an easy way, either directly from Fortigate or through a Fortigate Indonesia partner.

How to Get a Fortigate Indonesia License

For how to get a Fortigate Indonesia license, you can buy it directly at an official Fortigate Indonesia partner. There are lots of partners from Fortigate in Indonesia, make sure you choose one that provides a lot of very attractive offers and of course the ones that are trusted.

How to Apply FortiGate License Offline

How to apply a Fortigate license offline is actually quite easy, by using FortiManager as a FortiGuard proxy, the solution is as follows:

  1. Configure central management settings:
    config system central-management    set type fortimanager    # config server-list        edit 1

                set server-type update rating

                set server-address <fortimanager_ip>



        set include-default-servers disable


  2. Upload license using TFTP (not applicable if there is a hardware bundle):
    #execute restore vmlicense tftp <filename>.lic <tftp_ip>
  3. Complete the central management configuration:
    #config system central-management    set fmg <fortimanager_ip>end
  4. Open up the necessary port for FortiManager to service FortiGate:
    #config system interfaceedit <mgmt.port>set serviceaccess fgtupdates
  5. Add units to FortiManager units using the discovery wizard.

    As a result of the CLI command entered on FortiGate, the unit is displayed on the FortiManager GUI in the Unregistered Units list located in the Device Manager window for ADOM root.
    WARNING: Do not authorize FortiGates from the Unregistered Devices list because the connection process will stop.
    When finished, wait for the authorization process to timeout continue with the process below.
    When ADOM is enabled, the process below must be performed from within ADOM for the unit to be assigned. To add a device with Discover mode:
    • Go to Device Manager -> Devices & Groups.
    • In the toolbar, select ‘Add Device’.
    • The Add Device window opens.
    • Select Find, then follow the instructions to configure device settings.
    • Units will now be added and receive their updates from FortiManager.
    • For information about adding devices, go to FortiManager Document Library -> FortiManager Administration Guide -> Firewall Devices -> Adding Devices.

Advantages of Using a Fortigate License

There are many advantages to using a Fortigate license, including:

Admin Interface

The admin interface, often referred to as the “back end”, is the main control panel for the Symphony project. Once logged in, authors can use the admin interface to set up and configure the project, manage its structure and content, install extensions, and perform other tasks.

Features Virtual Domains (VDOMs)

VDOMs are a method of dividing a FortiGate unit into two or more virtual units that function as independent units. VDOM can provide separate firewall policies and, in NAT/Route mode, completely separate configurations for routing and VPN services for each connected network or organization.

High Durability and High Availability

With high durability and high availability, products from Fortigate are very likely to be used for a long time. So, you no longer need to think about what will happen if there is a possibility of the product being damaged, don’t worry, high durability is one of the advantages of Fortigate.

Can Save Operational Expenses

With a high level of resistance, automatically making Fortigate can save operational costs.

Featured Products from Fortigate Indonesia

Some of the flagship products from Fortigate include:

Fortigate 60E

The Fortigate 60E is the Fortinet NGFW Entry-level FortiGate 60E Series firewall. The FortiGate 60E Series offers an excellent Security and SD-WAN solution in a compact fanless desktop form factor for enterprise branch offices and midsize businesses.

Fortigate 100E

The FortiGate 100E Series provides application-centric, scalable, secure SD-WAN solutions with Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) capabilities for medium to large enterprises deployed at campus or enterprise branch level.

Fortigate 100D

The FortiGate 100D is the ideal security solution for small and medium-sized businesses or remote branch offices of larger networks. It combines firewall, IPSec and SSL VPN, application control, intrusion prevention, antivirus, antimalware, antispam, P2P security, and web filtering into one device.

Fortigate 500E

Fortigate 500E Protects against cyber threats with on-chip system acceleration and industry-leading secure SD-WAN in a simple, affordable, and easy-to-use solution. Fortinet’s Security-Driven Networking provides tight integration of the network into a new generation of security.

Need a Fortigate License Update?

Do you need a Fortigate license renewal? Don’t worry, you can get it in a very easy way and also you can get very interesting offers!
In NETDATA is the solution! NETDATA is one of the official partners of Fortigate Indonesia which sells various products from Fortigate, including the Fortigate license. You can get it at a low price and also guaranteed reliable!


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