Fortinet Fortigate 100e Specifications and Full Review

Fortinet Fortigate 100e – Maintaining the security of computer network systems is very important. This is useful for controlling network traffic such as to authenticate access, filter, or to monitor data packets flowing on the network. This is the main function of the firewall.
Fortigate, have you ever heard of this device? Fortinet Fortigate is very familiar with network security. How come? With various innovations from its features, making a firewall from Fortinet Fortigate has been recognized by many parties, be it individuals, businesses that are still pioneering, or large companies that already have many branches. They prefer Fortigate over other brands.
One of its products is Fortinet Fortigate 100e. Are you in need of an SD-WAN with various advantages in terms of very strong security? This product is the perfect solution!
Why? Let’s talk about Fortinet Fortigate 100e in detail!

Complete Specifications Fortinet Fortigate 100e

Before discussing more fully about Fortinet Fortigate 100e, have you ever heard of Fortigate?
Fortigate is a security system device introduced by Fortinet. Fortinet is a company engaged in cyber security and computer security from California. Fortigate is here to answer your questions who want a comprehensive security system contained in a package with flexibility and various conveniences and support in the form of the best firewall.


What is Fortinet Fortigate 100e

The FortiGate 100E series is an application-centric, scalable, and highly secure SD-WAN provider with Next Gen Firewall (NGFW) capabilities for those of you who have medium to large companies that can also be used at the campus or branch company level.
Protecting against internet threats with system-on-chip acceleration and industry-leading secure SD-WAN in a simple, affordable and easy way is the perfect solution for you. Fortinet’s Security-Driven Networking provides tight integration of the network into next-generation security.


The following are the specifications of the Fortinet Fortigate 100e along with the specifications for the Fortinet Fritigate 100 series for comparison.

When compared to the series above, this SD-WAN Fortinet Fortigate 100e is very suitable for use for medium-sized companies, if it is used for large companies it is still not a problem.

Product Details



This Fortinet Fortigate 100e is equipped with NFGW. What is NGFW which is indeed an always on offer for various SD-WANs from Fortigate?
Next Gen Firewall is tasked with filtering network traffic to protect the organization from internal and external threats. Along with maintaining stateful firewall features such as packet filtering, IPsec and SSL VPN support, network monitoring, and IP mapping features, NGFW has deeper content inspection capabilities. This capability provides the ability to identify attacks, malware, and other threats, and allows NGFW to block these threats.
Then there is Secure Web Gateway (SGW) which is a solution that filters unwanted software/malware from user-initiated Web/Internet traffic and enforces compliance with company policies and regulations.
Fortinet’s breakthrough SPU NP6 network processor works in tandem with FortiOS functionality providing:
  • Superior firewall performance for IPv4/IPv6, SCTP and ultra-low latency multicast traffic
  • VPN, CAPWAP and IP tunnel acceleration
  • Anomaly-based intrusion prevention, offload checksums, and packet defragmentation
  • Traffic formation and priority queue
Content Processor, Fortinet’s ninth generation custom CP9 content SPU processor works beyond direct traffic flow and speeds up inspection.

Optional Accessories

In purchasing Fortinet Fortigate, you will get several parts, including; Fortigate Fortinet 100e unit, 20x GE RJ45 ports (includes 2x WAN ports, 1x DMZ port, 1x Mgmt port, 2x HA ports, 14x switch ports), 2x Shared Media pairs (including 2x GE RJ45 ports, 2x SFP slots).
As for the optional accessories that you can get, namely:
  1. 1 GE SFP LX transceiver module: 1 GE SFP LX transceiver module for all systems with SFP and SFP/SFP+ slots.
  2. 1 GE SFP RJ45 transceiver module: 1 GE SFP RJ45 transceiver module for all systems with SFP and SFP/SFP+slots.
  3. 1 GE SFP SX transceiver module: 1 GE SFP SX transceiver module for all systems with SFP and SFP/SFP+ slots.

Fortinet Fortigate 100e Product Review

After you know about the details of Fortinet Fortigate 100e, now how about the reviews of this one product from various people who have used it?

Product Reviews

Most of them claim that this is a very good product! No issues and good internet connection even though it’s outside the house and about 20 feet outside.
The price is also much cheaper than other brands with more sophisticated technology.
In addition, with a long warranty, if something happens to your Fortinet Fortigate 100e, it can be serviced for free and also with very professional handling.

Product excellence

FortiGate’s user interface is one of its biggest features and sets it apart from other competitors. The user interface uses screens, graphics, and drop-down menus to help make navigation easier.
Using a web browser, users can quickly access various menus, including for system configuration, router configuration and monitoring, policy and protocol options, load balancing, antivirus and email filtering, web filtering, data intrusion and leak prevention, application control, VPN configuration , user authentication, WAN optimization, web caching, WiFi controller management, and viewer for log entries and reports.
One of the biggest advantages of FortiGate is its ability to manage and understand application usage. Many firewalls only identify ports, IP addresses, and protocols. Next-generation firewalls like FortiGate do more, giving you real-time visibility into the applications you’re using.
Another advantage of FortiGate is its ability to act as a comprehensive network covering your network. FortiGate is a single source solution that allows you to manage security risks broadly with one product and one vendor.

Benefits of Using Fortinet Fortigate 100e

FortiGate is a solid choice for the company you manage. One feature of FortiGate that sets it apart from other products is its sandboxing feature. FortiGate offers network and cloud based sandboxing options, an additional layer to protect your system.
Sandboxes allow users to replicate the actual user’s operating system and run code, either embedded in an email or a link or executable file that is downloaded and clicked on. Sandboxes allow you to observe how potential malware behaves and how it affects the registry, system configuration, network connections, and file or disk operations.
FortiGate’s sandbox features serve as part of a comprehensive next-generation firewall structure or unified threat management system. This is a sandbox solution that allows you to quickly detect offenses and defeat them.
Here’s another feature that sets FortiGate apart: traffic generation. These functions help to put in order and prioritize network systems struggling to manage increasing volumes of email, incoming and outgoing HTTP traffic, voice communications over the internet and file transfer protocol requests.
Network traffic can slow down significantly, meaning customers and employees are delayed in responding to or accessing your company, meaning lost revenue.
FortiGate’s traffic shaping feature allows your company to customize how bandwidth resources are allocated to different types of traffic, improving performance and stability.

How Fortinet Fortigate 100e Works

Starting a business, of course, must use the best tools to support your business to be more advanced. One of them is securing your valuable assets that could be misused by irresponsible people by illegally entering your network security system.
Therefore, choosing the best firewall is the solution, namely by using Fortinet Fortigate 100e. How does this firewall work?


The main function of a firewall is to secure the internal computer network that you own or in your company. However, of course there are various other things that the SD-WAN Fortinet Fortigate 100e can do.
  1. Protect data from hackers
    The main nuisance is from hackers, individuals or groups who are very harmful who can damage or steal important data that you have by entering your computer network illegally. The protection is to use this Firewall.
  2. Block unwanted messages
    Have you ever received a mysterious message that suddenly appeared on your computer screen? it could be phishing where your computer has been exposed to malware or viruses.
    Additional Firewalls such as Firewall Fortigate are required to block spam messages that can interfere with your internal data.
  3. Access VPN service safely
    Firewalls can also be applied as a vpn or Virtual private Network facility. The point of a VPN is to create an internal network with the same means that you can open content or pages that are blocked by the ISP.
  4. Bandwidth monitoring
    Firewalls do not only have the ability to add network security. But it can also function as a monitor and block the bandwidth applied.

Tutorial How to Configure Basic Fortinet Fortigate Devices

Fortigate can use VMs and can be deployed in the cloud or in other virtualization technologies. So, the question now is “How to get a Fortinet VM Image?
How to get it turned out to be quite easy, just look at the explanation below:
  1. Go to the Fortinet login page at
  2. Fill in your username and password, but if you don’t have an account, all you have to do is register.
  3. If you have entered the main page, hover over the Download tab, then click VM Image.
  4. There are many platforms, you just make it according to your needs, click download to finish, then extract the file.
  5. Then the next step is to click and install the Fortigate-VM64.ovf file.
  6. Follow the steps, you can fill in the VM name as you wish, then import it into your VM ware.
  7. When it’s finished, stay on power on. Wait for the process to finish
  8. Now login, with username: admin and a blank password.
  9. For Fortigate series 6 and above, it is necessary to change the password. Fill in what you want.
  10. Before entering the GUI for the Fortigate web browser, you must first set the CLI.
  11. When finished, type the END command so that the CLI is active.
  12. Access the static IP that you have set through a web browser. If you have succeeded with the CLI, there has been a response from the server and the web browser has been able to bring up the login page from the static IP, then it can be used.
  13. If it’s the first time, it must be setup according to the command.
  14. Perform the steps until it works according to the instructions.
  15. If you have, and you arrive at the Fortigate interface, then it is ready to use. Below is the interface of Fortigate 6.4:


Buy Fortigate 100e

How? Very much not a superior feature of the Fortinet Fortigate 100e? do you want to buy Fortinet Fortigate 100e? Don’t worry, you can buy it at various Fortinet partners in Indonesia. Fortinet also has partners spread across various countries, including Indonesia.
The advantage of buying Fortinet Fortigate 100e at an official partner is that you will easily get the product you want, whatever it is from Fortinet, including Fortinet Fortigate 100e.
Prices are also guaranteed to be cheaper, you can even get cheaper prices than in various marketplaces.

Fortinet Partners

If you are still confused about which partner of Fortinet is officially in Indonesia, you will be satisfied if you buy various products from Fortinet at a partner Fortinet Indonesia that is guaranteed to be official, where else if not NETDATA!
NETDATA is the official partner of Fortinet which provides a wide range of products from Fortinet including the Fortinet Fortigate 100e which is an SD-WAN with various excellent features.
You can get affordable prices, professional service, and also an additional personal guarantee from NETDATA for any purchase of Fortinet products, very profitable, right?


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