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Choose the Best Quality Panduit CAT 6 Distributor – When it comes to copper cabling, choosing the level of protection you want the cable to have can prove a minefield of confusing acronyms and confusing industrial technology.

The shield inside your cable acts as a barrier to protect the cable from electromagnetic interference (EMI), radio frequency interference (RFI) and crosstalk between the pair and adjacent cables. This also prevents signals from cables from interfering with nearby equipment. Different levels of shields offer different advantages suitable for a number of applications.

The UTP CAT 6 cable from Panduit is one of the UTP cables with very good quality. However, before you buy it, you can first find out the various models of UTP cables.

What is UTP Cable

UTP cables are widely used for LAN networks. They can be used for voice, low-speed data, high-speed data, audio and paging systems, as well as building automation and control systems. UTP cables can be used in both horizontal and backbone cabling subsystems.

UTP Cable Function

The function of the UTP cable is as a cable used in a computer and the telecommunications industry as an Ethernet cable and also as a telephone cable.

UTP Cable Characteristics

There are several characteristics of the UTP cable that you should pay attention to if you may still be confused about whether the cable is a UTP cable or not when you want to buy it at a store.

The characteristics of the UTP cable include:

  • There is an outer protective isolator
  • UTP cable’s optimal bandwidth is up to 100 Mbps
  • Optimal cable length can be up to 100 meters, if more than that requires a network repeater.
  • Using an RJ-45 socket
  • Consists of 4 cables in pairs
  • Cables 1 and 2 have a function for sending info
  • Cables 3 and 6 have the function of receiving information
  • Cables number 7 and 8 which have a function as voltage conductors

UTP Cable Type

UTP cables are also very many types. So, it’s no wonder why at the beginning we talked about the Panduit CAT 6 distributor, which is actually CAT 6 is one type of UTP cable of 7 types.

What are the types of UTP cables?

CAT 1 

UTP cable Category 1 [Cat1] is a type of UTP cable with the lowest transmission quality, designed to support analog voice communications only.


Category 2 UTP cable [Cat2] is a type of UTP cable that has better transmission quality than UTP Cat1 cable, this type or category is designed to support digital voice and data communications. This cable can transmit data up to 4 megabits / second.


Category 3 UTP cable [Cat3] is a UTP cable with better transmission quality than Category 2 UTP cable, this type or category is designed to support data and voice communications at speeds up to 10 megabits per second.


Category 4 UTP cable [Cat4] is a type of UTP cable with much better transmission quality than Category 3 (Cat3) or earlier UTP cables, designed to support data and voice communications up to speeds of 16 megabits / second.


Category 5 UTP cable [Cat5] is a type of UTP cable with better transmission quality compared to Category 4 (Cat4) or earlier UTP cables, designed to support data and voice communications at speeds up to 100 megabits / second.


Category 6 UTP cable [Cat6] is a type of UTP cable standard with the highest official certification.


Category 7 UTP cable [Cat7] is a type of premium cable that is very suitable for high traffic media for various applications in one cable (single cable). Maximum data sent is up to 10 Gbit / second, with a frequency of 1000 Mhz.

Why the Panduit CAT 6 is Most Often Used

There are several very definite reasons why you are strongly advised to buy this CAT 6 UTP cable product from Panduit. Of course, this one reason you will not be able to get by you if you choose a brand other than Pandu it.


What is clear is that the price is guaranteed cheap. The Panduit CAT 6 distributor will give you a price that is guaranteed to be cheaper than you buy it with other brands. However, take it easy. Although you can get it at a low price, there is no doubt about the quality problem.

You can get the Panduit CAT 6 at a low price with the best guaranteed quality!

Easy to Apply

What is certain is that if you choose the Panduit CAT 6, it is very easy to apply. With this good quality, you can apply Panduit CAT 6 according to the expectations of the CAT 6 UTP cable easily and there is no control when the cable is used.

Easy to get

Of course, this CAT 6 Panduiot is very easy to get even though it is not an item made in Indonesia, but an imported product. But now there are many reliable Panduit CAT 6 distributors in Indonesia which make this quality UTP cable even easier to get.

How to use the Panduit CAT 6 properly

After you understand what UTP and CAT 6 are, now is knowing how to use Panduit CAT 6 properly and correctly so that later there is no control.

How to Arrange CAT 6 Cables

Wiring configuration in cat UTP cabling. 6 can use T-568A or T-568B.

How to Crimping CAT 6 Cables

  1. Prepare all the fittings, especially cables, RJ-45 connectors and Crimping tool.
  2. Peeling the outside of the cable (wrapping small cables) 1 cm long by applying the cable stripper that is usually on the crimp tool (parts like two razors facing each other for peeling)
  3. Arrange cables as needed. For the first connector always stack in the standard arrangement for Straight or T568A. If you still feel uncomfortable with the cable arrangement, try to slightly pull all the cables that have been peeled while the other hand limits the part of the cable that is not peeled off. Then reshape with the method of twisting and unwinding the cable pair.
  4. Arranging the cable arrangement by pressing the part close to the cable wrapper so that the cable arrangement looks even.
  5. Cut the uneven ends of the cable with a cable cutter (the part that only has one knife and another flat part on the crimp tool is the cable cutter) until it’s neat. Try to keep the distance between the cable wrapper to the end of the cable not more than 1cm.
  6. Consistently pressing the border between the bandaged cable and the unwrapped cable, try to insert the cable into the RJ-45 connector until the ends of the cable are visible on the front of the RJ-45 connector. If still not, try to keep pressing it while making sure the position of the cable has not changed.
  7. After we are sure the position of the cable has not changed and the cable has entered properly into the RJ-45 connector, then suggest the RJ-45 connector to the crimpt tool to press. When the connector is in the crimp tool, you can reassign the cable to have fully reached the RJ-45 section by supporting the cable into the RJ-45. Also make sure that the wrapper part of the cable goes into the RJ-45 connector.
  8. Then we can press the crimp tool as hard as possible so that all the RJ-45 pins enter and penetrate the small UTP cable protector. If we are not strong enough to press the possibility of the UTP cable not torn by the RJ-45 pin so that the cable does not connect. And if the outer covering does not fit into the RJ-45 connector, if the cable is frequently moved around, it is likely that the position of the cable will expand and even come off.
  9. Perform the above steps for the other end of the cable.
  10. If we are sure to attach the UTP cable to the RJ-45 firmly, the next is to test by applying the LAN tester if there is one. If you don’t have a LAN tester, just look back at the cable that has been installed, determine that we are strong enough to install it and that all ends of the cable are visible from the front of the RJ-45, it is almost certain that the UTP cable installation is successful.

Where to get a quality Panduit CAT 6 distributor

If you want to get a Panduit CAT 6 cable at a cheap and reliable price, you can buy it at PT. NETWORK DATA SISTEM (NETDATA) which is an officially guaranteed CAT 6 panduit distributor!

There have been many who have entrusted NETDATA, which is the distributor of the Panduit CAT 6 Indonesia, and it is evident that they are very satisfied because of the many profitable offers offered by NETDATA.


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