Difference Managed services and Outsourcing

managed services and outsourcing

For those of you who are not familiar with managed services and outsourcing, you might feel confused if you are asked what is the difference between managing service and outsourcing. Broadly speaking, the two of them are almost similar, namely both services provided by third parties. In short, outsourcing occurs when a company contracts another company to do a certain job or service. Then what is the difference between managing service and outsourcing? consider the following explanation.

Meanwhile, managed service service can be said to be the result of the development of outsourcing, where the company recruits third parties to carry out the company’s daily managed servicemen and functions.

Outsourcing focuses on one specific need and provides experts for your company’s IT needs, while managed service services take over your company’s IT functions and operate them. Running daily tasks, maintenance and fulfilling IT needs on an ongoing basis.

In short, outsourcing is like a deployment tool, while managed service services is a managed servicemen tool. In conclusion, the difference between outsourcing and service managed servicemen lies in the scope of services provided, outsourcing is more specific to certain services, while managed service services cover the entire IT function.

What Are the Signs Your Company Needs Managed Serviced?

  1. Whether you realize it or not, the progress of the times in all aspects has made IT department managed servicement a scourge for many companies. Being overwhelmed is one of the reasons because jobs in the IT field do require special skills, which sometimes our companies cannot handle themselves. So what are the main signals that our company needs a third party IT provider?
  2. The IT department’s needs are top priority, overriding others. In fact, if you use a third-party IT provider, the company can shift its focus to other departments, which may also need attention. At the same time, all your IT problems are closely monitored by those who are experts in their fields.
  3. The company handles sensitive information. If your company maintains personal details, financial information, medical records, it is very important to ensure that the data stored is always safe. Given the recent data theft, leaving this task to a third party might convince your client that all the information is in safe hands.
  4. The company does not yet have a dedicated IT staff. Returning to the main point earlier, the difficulty in finding IT staff is a real problem today. Turning it over to a third party is a great, cost-effective solution that can solve the problem in no time.
  5. Unpredictable budget for IT needs. As we all know, the IT department is known as a cost-intensive department. But not when the company handed it over to a third party. The costs for IT needs are more predictable with maximum results.
  6. Outdated IT department. The constant changes to the IT world make it possible for companies to become overwhelmed by increasing client needs. Meanwhile, to create new infrastructure, time and costs are also not small. So, a third party is again the answer.

So, those are the signs that companies are starting to need third-party IT providers. How about your company? Is it safe from the 5 signals above? If so you can consult with us here for the managed service Service solution. Netdata has managed serviced Service solutions including:  managed serviced Network & Security Services, managed serviced Server & Cloud Services and managed serviced SD-WAN that can suit your needs.


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