How to Creating Mikrotik Simple Queue

Creating a Mikrotik Simple queue is an easy step to share network bandwidth on the Mikrotik router through the Winbox application.

Because by using this simple queue method, we don’t need to make a mangle first so you can directly limit the user’s bandwidth based on the IP address and subnet.

Of course it’s different from Queue tree which requires mangle first and configuration is more difficult but more complete.

So the name is also simple queue, of course it is more practical without making mangle. However, you can still create mangles to limit bandwidth or prioritize bandwidth such as GAME, PING and DNS traffic.

Configuring the Simple Queue on Mikrotik

In this article, we will discuss creating a Mikrotik simple queue for bandwidth management.

Besides being used for network dividers, network security, wireless, and even a firewall, Mikrotik also has a feature to share bandwidth for each user on a network, both static and dynamic users.

As we discussed earlier, besides creating a simple queue, there is also another type of bandwidth management, namely the queue tree.

However, we will focus on creating a Simple queue, from the name alone it is very clear that this method is the simplest way to do bandwidth management on the Mikrotik routerboard.

For a simple topology can be seen in the image below:

Konfigurasi Simple Queue pada Mikrotik

MIR (Maximum Information Rate)

Creating a Simple queue Mikrotik one is MIR or maximum information rate is the maximum value of the speed obtained by users who are connected to a network that is not busy.

To find out when the network time is not busy, maybe it can be adjusted to Indonesian working hours, such as 19:00 to 07:00.

If we look at the topology, the MIR values ​​differ in download and upload values, namely:

Download = 1Mbps

Upload = 512Kbps

This means that if the network is not busy on the network, users who are still connected to the network will get the maximum bandwidth speed both download and upload.

CIR (Committed Information Rate)

Creating the second simple queue is the CIR or dedicated information rate, where the minimum speed value will be obtained by the user if the network is busy.

So that users who are connected to the network will still get bandwidth according to the CIR internet speed.

We can see in the previous topology that CIR is worth:

Download: 512Kbps

Upload: 128Kbps

So it can be concluded that if the network is in a busy position, users will still get guaranteed bandwidth for downloads and uploads. 

Configuring the Mikrotik MIR Simple Queue

To create the first Mikrotik Simple queue for the MIR method is to open the Winbox application.

  • Then select the Queue menu> simple Queue> click “+”
  • In the Simple Queue window you can fill in the form like:
  • Name: user 1
  • Target: (IP gateway to your router)
  • Max Limit: Upload = 512 k, Download = 1 M.

Configuring the Simple Queue of Mikrotik CIR

In creating a Simple queue, the CIR method is still the same as in the Simple queue window.

  • Then click the Advanced tab.
  • Fill in limit at upload: 128 k.
  • Limit at download: 512 k.
  • Done.

The steps for Creating Simple queue are complete, then you can check the speed via the website to find out that the bandwidth management has been successful.

The result:

To make the Mikrotik Simple queue has been completed, which is indicated by the appearance of a new queue list by:

Open the Queue menu> Queue List.

  • At number = 0.
  • Name = User1.
  • Target =
  • Max upload limit = 512k.
  • Max download limit = 1M.

Up here Creating the Mikrotik Simple queue has been completed and we end this article. To find out whether bandwidth management is successful or not, you can check the internet speed by means of a speed test.

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