Covid-19 Challenging IT Organizations

Menggunakan Remote Work Di Masa Pandemi

Hi Netters, do you agree that in 2019 the world economy will increase, business will run very smoothly. Global IT Organizations grew by nearly 3.9%. Plans for 2020 are designed accordingly.

Until the Coronavirus came to destroy all business plans for 2020. Everything changed from initially plans to increase business, to strategies for how to survive.

In order for the company to survive, all employees must continue to do their job well. Of course they cannot work from the office. Therefore Remote Work is a new thing that must become a habit.

 At the same time, the IT infrastructure must change in such a way that IT Organizations can support all employees working from home. Here are some tips for making changes to IT infrastructure in order to support activities remote work.

  1. Replace what you need to replace
    It is common knowledge that almost all Network Devices can last longer than what the vendor says. So there is no need to rush to replace Network Devices When the device reaches End Of Life (EOL)
  2. Understand what is really falling in your network
    we often experience problems on our network. But it is not uncommon for us to find it difficult to identify the source of the problem where, and the day we take the wrong action on this problem. To solve this, we can ask for documentation and all tickets from our previous Provider so that we can analyze our entire infrastructure properly and can find the source of the problem exactly.
  3. Don’t let End of Life be your replacement milestone.
    As we said in point 1. That almost all devices can last longer than End of Life. This not only saves costs, by not rushing to replace devices that are already End of Life, we also reduce the possibility of problems When replacing critical services
  4. Divide Network Infrastructure
    It is best practice to break the network infrastructure into several parts. So that we can more easily do the analysis when there is a problem.


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