Cisco Umbrella Supports More Effective Network Security to Fend off Hackers

Cisco Umbrella

Cisco Umbrella – Seeing the large amount of cybersecurity potential that can access company data that can be done not from the office network so it is difficult to detect.

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For this reason, Cisco has created a program that can help us improve modern cybersecurity systems, namely Cisco Umbrella, which is effective in fending off hackers.

Get to know Network Security Attacks

Network security attacks can be threats that always lurk on our computers. Network security threats so that all computer networks will not escape threats in the form of dangerous cyber attacks. Like the real world, where this virtual world can also threaten the safety of a computer network.

Network security threats don’t only consist of one or two types, but there are lots of cyber attacks, not a few cases of cyber threats that have harmed many people, from the material to the mental losses of their users.

That is why it is important to know the many types of network security threats before discussing Cisco Umbrella more deeply.

Network Security Attacks to Avoid

There are many forms of network security threats, which we might mention some of the important ones below.


A virus is a type of program designed to duplicate itself and infiltrate other computer programs. Viruses can infect computers through internet connection networks, websites, and email. Viruses work to destroy computer data so that it cannot be accessed by users.


The phishing method is a hacking method by luring the victim into providing personal information or data. The perpetrator will pretend to be a trusted party in order to steal user accounts and misuse them.


This spoofing is a method used by falsifying the identity of another user so that the network can record it. This spoofing utilizes several tools, including URL spoofing which can work by displaying fake URLs and using the DNS cache according to its own wishes.

Trojan Horses

A Trojan horse is a type of malware that can camouflage itself so that it looks as if normal programs are working normally. The source of this trojan is usually found in programs installed on the device, so it would be nice to review what applications are on your computer.

What is a Cisco Umbrella

Cisco Umbrella is a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solution which combines several security, connectivity and identity functions in distributed locations, so as to facilitate visibility, use policies, and integrate various other security devices.

The latest development in this type of cybersecurity leads to Security Service Edge (SSE) from 2021 which accelerates the convergence of available technologies and solutions on a single-vendor and cloud-centric basis, in order to support increased performance and growth.

While Gartner initially introduced the SASE design in 2019, in this advanced deployment with SSE it combines WAN Edge Infrastructure to deliver a SASE platform that is a.

Apart from CASB, SWG, and ZTNA, SSE has also been enhanced with Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Remote Brower Isolation (ISB), and Firewall as a Service (FWaaS).

Cisco Umbrella is able to be a choice of solutions that are more effective in eliminating backhaul traffic at the head office. This solution will carry several security system technologies such as DNS-layer security, cloud access security broker (CASB), secure site gateway, cloud delivered firewall, and interactive threat Intel, and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA).

What are the Advantages of Using Cisco Umbrella

In understanding Cisco Umbrella more deeply, surely you are asking what are the advantages of using Cisco Umbrella, let’s look at the following statement.

Simplify your security

Cisco Umbrella protects users across the enterprise, even if they are away from the office. Umbrella is a cloud-based security service that brings together multiple functions into a single solution, which means day-to-day management is easy. And with no hardware to install or software to maintain, you can focus your time on higher priority tasks.

Protect remote users

Your users work from anywhere, access apps anywhere, while using multiple devices. With this change, centralized enforcement of security policies is reduced, and the risk of successful attacks is increased. With Cisco Umbrella, you can gain visibility and control over application usage, prevent data loss, and provide your users with fast and secure internet, wherever they are.

Prevent attacks

Long before any malware files were downloaded and before any IP connection through any port or any protocol was made, there was a DNS request. Cisco Umbrella’s DNS layer security stops threats before they reach your browser, endpoint, or network. Our DNS layer security can be set up in no time, protecting your entire enterprise in 30 minutes or less.

Dig better reports

Cisco Umbrella features detailed reporting and data analysis so you can see trends and understand the security risks of specific attacks on your network and endpoints. View reports that track activity for each device or get broad visibility into what’s happening across your organization.

reduce response time

According to users, it only takes a few minutes to redirect DNS traffic to Cisco Umbrella. In less than an hour and a half, Umbrella users can increase protection for their branch offices and protect their organization, globally. No matter the size of your company, Cisco Umbrella’s ease of deployment can demonstrate almost immediate value in counteracting modern threats.

Why Cisco Umbrella Uses the DNS-Layer Security Method

As a leading provider of network security and secure recursive DNS services, Cisco Umbrella provides the fastest and most effective way to enhance your security stack. Whether you run a small business without dedicated security professionals or a multinational corporation with a complex environment, it only takes minutes to launch our DNS layer security solution. This means that in a matter of minutes, you can gain a new layer of breach protection and visibility across the internet both on and off your network.

Ability to Block Threats Before They Reach You

Traditional security tools and agents must wait for malware to reach the perimeter or endpoint before they can detect or prevent it. However, by enforcing security at the DNS layer, Cisco Umbrella stops threats before they reach your network or endpoint.


Cisco Umbrella analyzes and learns from internet activity patterns, automatically uncovering the attacker infrastructure in place for current and emerging threats. This allows our solution to proactively block requests to malicious destinations even before a connection is made or a malicious file is downloaded. Cisco Umbrella secure DNS can also stop compromised systems from extracting data via command and control (C2) callbacks to an attacker’s botnet infrastructure, over any port or protocol.

Unlike equipment, our cloud security platform protects devices both inside and outside the corporate network. Unlike agents, the DNS layer protection that Cisco Umbrella offers extends to every device connected to the network – even the IoT. Because all devices connected to the internet use a recursive DNS service, Cisco Umbrella can be used anywhere.

Ability to Harness the Power of Machine Learning

Cisco Umbrella uses machine learning to find, identify, or even predict malicious domains. By learning from internet activity patterns, this DNS layer security solution can automatically identify attacker infrastructure that is being prepared for the next threat. These domains are then proactively blocked, protecting your network from potential compromises. We analyze terabytes of data in real time across all markets, geographies and protocols. This diversity provides visibility across the internet into:

  • Where do threats come from
  • Who launched it?
  • Where did they call back to
  • How wide are they?
  • First and last time they were seen

We combine human intelligence with 3-D visualization to learn new patterns. Then, we apply statistical models to categorize these patterns, detect anomalies, and automatically identify known and emerging threats.

Our statistical model predicts which domains and IPs are dangerous, often before other security vendors. For example, one model uses natural language processing to detect domain names that spoof brand and technology terms in real time ( Others use the concept of soundwave analysis to detect domains that have spikes in their DNS request patterns (

Ability to Improve Your Incident Response and Investigation

Cisco Umbrella logs all normal and malicious DNS activity to simplify investigations. Our secure DNS solution also reduces the number of infections and warnings you see from other security products by stopping threats as early as possible. And Cisco Threat Response automates integration across Cisco products for faster answers.

The Cisco Umbrella Investigate API and console provides real-time context on malware, phishing, botnets, and other threats. This allows for faster incident investigation and response. Imagine having the power of over 300 security researchers on your team – that’s exactly what you get with Cisco Talos threat intelligence, built right into Cisco Umbrella. And we’re not the only ones talking about the security efficacy of our DNS layer third-party AV-TEST research reveals Cisco Umbrella as the industry leader in secure DNS solutions.

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