Choosing the Right Managed Service Provider for the Company

Choosing the Right Managed Service Provider For The Company

Managed Service ProviderFor a company, a network with security that is maintained and can work optimally is a must. Because these two things are very influential for the continuity of the work in the company and also synergize with each other.

Just imagine if the network is secure but not accompanied by good performance, of course, what actually hinders the performance of the workers at the company, and vice versa, if the performance on the network is good but not accompanied by good security too, it will be useless because of security is also a top priority here because the security of company data is very important.

So, do you often complain that the network in your company often experiences problems so that work has to be temporarily stopped? Maybe you can fix it yourself. But if this problem persists? Of course it will hamper the performance of your company right?

Therefore, there is a service that can manage this, its name is managed service provider (MSP).

What is a Managed Service Provider?

From the problems mentioned above, maybe you already know the meaning of managed service provider. Managed service providers (MSPs) provide services, such as network, applications, infrastructure and security, through ongoing and regular support and active administration on the customer premises, in their MSP hosting data centers, or in third party data centers.

Managed service providers may provide their own native services in conjunction with other provider services (for example, a security MSP providing system admins on top of a third-party IaaS cloud). Purely managed service providers focus on only one vendor or technology, usually their own core offerings. Many managed service providers include services from other types of providers.

The term MSP is generally applied to a device-centric infrastructure or type of service but has been broadened to include ongoing and regular management, maintenance, and support.

The Role of Managed Service for Companies

For companies that want to run smoothly, managed services have a very important role.

The role of managed services is very important to carry out supervision in the IT field, desktop management which supervises all employees to be free from distractions while working and also makes certain applications that can make it easier for employees to do their work without any obstacles.

Of course, there are also security issues, managed services have a role to supervise and protect all IT aspects that apply to them.

Service Type Managed Service

The managed service itself is divided into 3 parts, where each has its own role in making the network infrastructure in your company more organized and can run normally without any interference from anywhere.


This type of service is to support IT infrastructure, starting from strategic planning, determining what IT devices will be used or upgraded and which ones are maintained, as well as IT infrastructure maintenance services.

Good hardware is the forerunner where the network at the company can run well too. Of course, for hardware problems as much as possible will use a newer one so that security updates can still exist.


Especially for companies that are realizing that the supporting applications in their offices are starting to become less supportive for their employees, in this case managed services can evaluate to replace software, make new applications, or upgrade from existing ones as long as the application allows for developed (open connectivity).


This service includes providing reports, assumptions, and suggestions that are useful for the smooth operation of the company’s IT. Openness between managed service providers and companies regarding this consultation is very important. With useful suggestions and discussions that result in a final decision between the company and the managed service, it is very important.

Benefits You Can Enjoy When Using a Managed Service Provider

Now we discuss what benefits you can enjoy when you use a managed service provider. Surely there are benefits that you can get for the betterment of the company you manage, right? However, what are these benefits?

Lowering Labor Cost

This is a very definite benefit, is a reduction in costs for labor. Technology is a complex subject and requires extensive training in certain practices. For large companies, of course, the cost of hiring a team with these skills is not a problem, but it is different for small and medium-sized companies.

By using managed services, budget management will be more efficient to build the IT way of your business. The budget can always be predicted because costs are paid monthly.

By using managed services, you can save on hardware, software and network infrastructure costs, labor costs, and maintenance costs.

More Organized IT Infrastructure

Do you often experience interference with your company network? either slow internet, sending data between PC to another old PC? This is because the existing IT infrastructure in your company has problems or there are inefficiencies that make the network experience problems.

Sometimes this one problem can be considered trivial by you, and you may think “The important thing is that it can still work”. In fact, if there is a managed service, you can get a better IT infrastructure that makes work smoother and of course this will increase the effectiveness of the employees in your company.

You can Focus More on Business

The main reason that is often thought by many people who hire managed service providers is the problem of focusing on the business, without thinking about things that should not be too important in getting a profit. Why? Because you only focus on the main work, there is no need to think about IT infrastructure, security, and others.

Your IT department will have more time to concentrate on managing strategic and innovative projects that will advance the company.

To Choose the Right Managed Service Provider for Your Company Leave it to NetData

Don’t you know how important and useful managed service providers are for companies? Therefore, now apply it to your company so that your IT infrastructure is safe, runs smoothly, and you can get even more benefits if you entrust the managed service provider to NETDATA.

Who is NETDATA? NETDATA is a party that provides various solutions for IT problems, one of which is a managed service provider. NETDATA is guaranteed to provide the best for your company.

The advantage of trusting NETDATA as a managed service provider for your company is that you can get very good service, it is NETDATA’s mission to provide technology-based services of the highest quality and do so while being friendly, reliable and detailed.

IT service solutions from NETDATA are provided with the highest level of management and support using cutting edge technology. With the best quality and consistency, NETDATA provides clients with effective solutions, making technology an asset to them.


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