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Aruba Indonesia

The need for internet in Indonesia is increasing. By looking at this opportunity Aruba Indonesia Networks offers solution services to every company in Indonesia. 

Aruba Networks introduces innovative wireless solutions to the Indonesian market. This wireless solution is expected to help all lines of business become more efficient. 

Aruba Indonesia is a new company but a subsidiary of Hewlett Packard enterprise Thishas innovations and products that have been recognized by many other IT companies that are worth considering.

Aruba is

Aruba Indonesia is a wireless network subsidiary of Hewlett Packard Enterprise based in Santa Clara, California. 

Aruba in Indonesia provides a wide selection of network solutions such as:

  • Access Point
  • Remote Access Point
  • Switching
  • Gateway & Controller
  • Network Management
  • SD-WAN
  • Analytic & Assurance
  • Security Solution
  • Network Access Control
  • VPN

Nowadays, the network has progressed, the times have made various companies engaged in the network field is competing to make various new innovations to lure potential customers. There is one network company that has experience in the network field and is trusted by many companies and governments, especially if it’s not the Aruba Indonesia Network.

Aruba Networks, formerly known as Aruba Wireless Networks, is a Hewlett Packard Enterprise wireless networking subsidiary based in Santa Clara, California. The company was founded in Sunnyvale, California in 2002 by Keerti Melkote and Pankaj Manglik.

There are lots of products issued by Aruba Indonesia for modern networks and also with various innovations that are different from the others, which are certainly very helpful. Aruba Networks products include:

  • Network: Wifi Access Points (indoor & outdoor), Ethernet Switch, Wireless LAN Controller (WLC) & SD-WAN products
  • Network Management: AirWave Management Platform, Cloud-based Center; Enable for asset inventory management & provisioning
  • Network Security: ClearPass Policy Manager for Network Access Control; IntroSpect for User & Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)
  • Analytics & Service Assurance: NetInsight; Service Assurance Sensors (formerly Cape Networks)
  • Location-Based Services: Aruba Beacons, Aruba Tag, Meridian Location Service Engine, Meridian App Builder, Location Analytics Engine (ALE)

Aruba Access Points Are Not Just Indoors

Access points are one thing that is very reasonable in the network field. To transmit a Wi-Fi signal, of course, you must have an access point that can transmit signals over long distances and also with strong signals.

Sometimes, your Wifi signal is not strong enough. Normal routers are not designed to reach outside of buildings and to outdoor areas. That’s why some families and businesses need extra strength. Aruba access points for outdoors or outdoors are designed to create a wireless local area network (WLAN). That means they can send Wi-Fi signals over a much wider area. For example, they can be used to send Wifi to large courtyards outside the main building.

There are also outdoor access points that send a wireless signal from one router to another, which is especially useful if you have a building where you want to use Wi-Fi. Whatever your Wi-Fi needs, Aruba Access Point has become the best outdoor access requirement for you.

Aruba Network Indonesia Is a Reliable Network Solution

Choosing Aruba Indonesia in various matters related to network and security in IT-based is indeed very profitable. You can get various advantages than you choose with other products. There have been many partners from Aruba Indonesia and are very satisfied with the performance produced by various Aruba products.

Aruba Network will continue to be a reliable network solution and will also continue to issue various innovations related to network and network security. This has been proven day by day, Aruba continues to release various products that are very helpful in everyday life. Of course, with the advantage of low prices for quality products.

Switch To Aruba Wireless For Modern Networks

Today, many are using wireless technology or wireless. With this technology, there will be many benefits. One of the advantages is that there is no need to arrange cables or cabling which can be very annoying when maintenance is being held. With Aruba Wireless, all jobs can be done easily.

How? Isn’t it very profitable to rely on Aruba Indonesia in various matters related to daily life? Therefore, just choose Aruba Networks and experience the world in your hands!

History of Aruba

Aruba Indonesia Networks, formerly known as Aruba Wireless Networks, is a Hewlett Packard Enterprise wireless network subsidiary based in Santa Clara, California.

More precisely, it was founded in Sunnyvale, California in 2002 by Keerti Melkote and Pankaj Manglik. 

Hewlett-Packard acquired Aruba Networks on March 2, 2015 at a cost of US $ 3 billion.

On May 19, 2015, HP completed the acquisition. As of November 1, 2015, the company operates as a subsidiary of Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Aruba Indonesia Products Aruba

Networks is a company engaged in network technology. Aruba has many network products that it produces, especially network products such as routers, switches, access points, and many more. Here are some descriptions of Aruba products.

Aruba Network or Aruba Wireless The

Aruba Networks product line is divided into several categories, namely Switch, Gateways and Controllers, Network Management, andcategories SD-WAN.

Whereas in the Aruba wireless line there are Access Points, Remote Access Points, routers, and many more. 

If you are asked whichprefers, of Aruba Network or Aruba Wireless course this can be tailored to the needs of the customer. And to know how to configure the aruba network, for more details you can check here.

Security Products

Today’s modern network security has a lot of challenges to be faced, especially cyber attacks that are more sophisticated and persistent. 

The security approach used to focus on the perimeter of the network so it was not very effective if it was done by self-security.

So modern network security must accommodate an ever-changing set of users and diverse devices as well as targeting more general threats on the more trusted parts of the network infrastructure.

Aruba created a security protocol called Zero Trust Security. Zero trust has emerged as a model for a security protocol that is more effective in facing security challenges in modern times.

Featured Products Switches Aruba Indonesia

Aruba has many excellent products in switch products. Currently, Aruba is creating its newest line of switch products, the Aruba CX which is specially made to meet the needs of modern networks. 

The Aruba CX switch is expected to drive future corporate businesses in mobile, cloud and the Internet of Things.

Here are some of the superior switch products as well as the complete key features.

Aruba Switch 1820

The Aruba switch 1820 series device is a basic 2 layer, intelligent manageability, fixed configuration gigabit ethernet switch designed for small businesses with easy to manage solutions.

What’s new

  • A more intuitive web management interface with a more refined navigation panel.
  • Non-PoE and PoE + models for more flexible deployments.
  • Fanless or fanless design available in four models for quiet operation. 
  • Customizable features to improve network performance.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Key Features

  • Simple, easy to use, deploy, manage.

The 1820 series switches feature an intuitive web management interface with an enhanced navigation panel, making use of them easier in non-technical operations. This switch is suitable for companies that need simplicity.

There are features that can be adjusted according to needs such as VLANs, Spanning Tree, Link aggregation trunking, and IGMP Snooping. All models include Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP) and DSCP QoS policies.

This series switch is flexible enough to support mounting on a wall, under a table, or on a table. 

Some models are also designed without decoration to reduce noise in the office.

  • Energy Efficiency and Lower TCO

The 1820 Series includes the latest energy efficient capabilities such as Energy Efficient Ethernet (IEEE),shutdown power port-idle, and the PoE Port Scheduler.

The 8-portmodel Gigabit Ethernet can be powered by a PoE switch for low power environments.

All switches have a Lifetime Warranty.

  • Quality of Service (QoS)

The 1820 Seriesfeatures time-sensitive packets such as VoIP and video with priority over other traffic based on the DSCP or IEEE 802.1p classification.

Packets are mapped to eight hardware queues which results in more effective way. Broadcast settings allow limiting the broadcast rate of things in order to reduce unwanted network broadcast traffic. 

IEEE 802.11p / Q sends data to devices based on their priority and network type.

Aruba Indonesia Switch 1920

Aruba switch 1920 series is designed for small business people who need enhanced performance to support bandwidth-demanding applications. 

They are ideal for environments that require advanced features for granular control and the flexibility that intelligently managed is a must for easy network configuration and management. 

The 1920 switch is a smarter fixed-configuration Gigabit switch optimized for small business performance. 

What’s new

  • Six Layer 3 Gigabit lite switches, smartly managed, smarter configuration for high-performance yet cost-effective connectivity.
  • Non-PoE and PoE + 8-, 24- and 48-port models for deployment flexibility.
  • Simple and consistent Web interface for easy switching configuration.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Key Features

  • Simplify Network Deployment and Management for Small Companies.

The 1920S switch features easy-to-use plug-and-play deployments right out of the box.

This switch series has a complete set of requirements to increase the flexibility of small businesses. It is comprised of six rack-mountable models including the 8G-, 24G- and 48G-ports with and without PoE +. The 24G and 48G PoE + port models offer SPF fiber connectivity.

  • Keeping Your Business Protected with Enhanced Security

The 1920 series switches support energy efficient ethernet for lower power consumption, while also having an enhanced set of features for more effective operation.

Enhanced security features such as Access Control List, IEEE 802.1x and VLAN protect your network from unwanted or unauthorized access.

Management security restricts access to critical configuration commands, offers multiple privilege levels with password protection and supports secure http (https).

  • Delivering Better Performance at a Lower Total Cost of Ownership The

1920S series switches deliver advanced functionality in smartly managed switches, including Layer 3 static routes, SFP ports, rate limiting, link aggregation and IGMP.

The switch series includes a PoE + option to power IP devices without additional wiring costs.

Eco-friendly features such as port shutdown and Energy Efficient Ethernet for greater energy efficiency.

The switch series is covered by a Lifetime Warranty with 90 days of 24×7 telephone support and working hours thereafter.

Aruba Indonesia Switch 2930 The

Aruba switch 2930F is designed to enable customers to create a smart digital workplace. By optimizing mobile users with an integrated wired and wireless approach.

This convenient Layer 3 network switch includes built-in uplink and PoE power and is easy to use and manage with advanced security and network management tools such as the cloud-based Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager, Aruba AirWave, and Aruba Central.

Aruba ProVision ASIC delivers robust performance, robust feature support and value by programmability for the latest applications. Stacked with Virtual Switching Framework (VSF) provides simplicity and scalability. 

The 2930F switch supports built-in 1 GbE or 10 GbE uplink, PoE +, OSPF Routing Access, Dynamic Segmentation, powerful QoS, routing RIP, and IPv6 without requiring a software license.

The 2930F switches provide a convenient and cost-effective switch access solution that can be set up quickly with Zero Touch Provisioning. The robust Layer 3 feature set includes a lifetime warranty.

Key Features

  • Aruba Layer 3 switch series withVSF, static, RIP and Access OSPF Routing, Dynamicconfigurations
  • robustSegmentation, ACL, and QoS.
  • Supports advanced security and network management through the Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager, Aruba AirWave and Aruba Central.
  • Convenient internal 1 GbE or 10 GbE uplink link up to 740 W PoE +.
  • Defined software ready with REST API and OpenFlow Support.
  • Simple implementation withProvision Zero Touch.

Aruba Switch 2540 The 

Aruba switch 2540 is designed to create a digital workplace optimized for today’s mobile and Internet of Things needs. This switch is easy to use, managed using AirWave or Aruba Central. Aruba Clearpass offers centralized security andsupport external captive portal.

The Switch 2540 provides a convenient and cost-effective wired access solution that can be set up quickly with Zero Touch Provisioning. The PoE + model provides power in all access ports for wireless APs, security cameras, and other IoT devices.

The 2540 switch has abandwidth capacity of backhaul built-in cable speedup to 10GbE uplink, strong QoS, static and RIP routing, IPv6 and includes a lifetime warranty without the need for a software license. Interested in the aruba switch 2540 product? you can check here .

Key Features

  • Aruba Layer 2 switch series with strong static and RIP routing, ACL, and QoS
  • Network security and management via Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager, Aruba AirWave and Aruba Central
  • Simple deployment with Zero Touch Provision
  • Convenient 10GbE uplink links and up to 370 W PoE +
  • Software is determined to be ready with REST API

Featured Product Aruba Indonesia Access Point

Access point is also a flagship product of Aruba Networks which has complete and advanced features.

Aruba access points provide simple, fast, and secure access. Where Wifi is currently the primary way for users and devices to connect, and cloud-based voice and video applications are Aruba’s way of collaborating, Aruba ESP unites all network operations across wireless, wired and WANs.

AP Aruba uses AI to optimize RF, sophisticated user and application intelligence, dynamic segmentation, and sophisticated management options to enhance its user experience.

Smooth cellular and wifi transitions and also QoS SLA class applications. The AP also supportsdevices internet of things running wifi, Zigbee, Bluetooth, and third party protocols.

Aruba Access Point 325

The superior access point from Aruba is the Aruba access point 325 or included in the multifunctional 320 series.

Many advanced features are embedded in this AP such as the best 802.11ac wifi connectivity,technology Client Match and Aruba Beacon enhanced by Aruba. The AP 320 series has a high level of capacity, performance and efficiency.

With a maximum speed of 1,733 Mbps at 5 GHz and 800 Mbps in the 2.4 GHz frequency (combined date rate of 2.5 Gbps), the 320 Series Access Points provide the best-in-class next-generation 802.11ac Wi-Fi infrastructure for extremely crowded environments .

The high-performance 802.11ac 320 series AP also supportsusers or MIMO (MU-MIMO) and 4 access point multiplespatial(4SS) points. The AP 320 provides simultaneous data transitions across multiple devices, maximizing throughput dataand increasing network efficiency.

Key features

  • Increase network efficiency

With MIMO or multi user features you can send data to multipleclients wave 2 of the APs at the same time.

  • Client Match releases MU-MIMO

Aruba Client Match software batchesclients Wave 2, enabling MU-MIMO. That means a faster and more efficient network.

  • Integrated Bluetooth Beacon The

320 series access point has an integrated BLE Beacon to simplify large-scale network management of battery-powered Aruba Beacons.

Aruba Access Point 315

Aruba 310 series access points deliver high performance results and an outstanding user experience for mobile devices, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and applications in busy office environments.

Featuring 4×4: 4SS MU-MIMO capability, advanced Aruba Client Match radio management, and Aruba Beacon technology, the 310 Series enables a more cost-effective all-wireless digital work environment.

Key Features

  • High performance and high density 802.11ac Wave 2 supports multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO) and 4 stream spatial access points (4SS)batching
  • Boost performance with Aruba Client Match,802.11ac Wave 2 clients into Wave 2 AP
  • Data rates simultaneous maximum 1,733 Mbps in 5 GHz and 300 Mbps at 2.4 GHz (for combined peak data rates of 2.0 Gbps)
  • Includes Energy Efficient Bluetooth radio-integrated(BLE), for advanced location and indoor
  • streetfinding Participate in Aruba’s Dynamic Segmentation solution

Aruba Access Point 305

Access point 305 included in the Aruba 300 series Wave 2 points provide high performance as well as an exceptional usage experience for moderate density environments. 

Featuring 3×3: 3SS MU-MIMO capabilitiesArubaradio management Client Match , advanced, and integrated Aruba Beacons, enabling the Series 300 to be a cost-effective all-wireless digital work environment.

Key Features

  • Solve sticky clients with MU-MIMO-aware Client Match
  • Maximum concurrent data rates of 1,300 Mbps in 5GHz frequency and 300 Mbps at 2.4GHz frequency (for aggregate peak data rates of 1.6Gbps)
  • Participate in Dynamic Segmentation of Aruba solutions
  • Including Energy Efficient Bluetooth ( Radio-integrated BLE), for advanced location and indoor

streetfinding Advantages Aruba HPE 

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is the first company looking to drive productivity, cost savings and innovation using digital workplace systems.

Mobility is the nature of work, and it is HPE’s mission to create a digital workplace for HPE employees and visitors.

  • Embracing a Mobile Prioritizing Workplace

As the foundation of a digital workplace, HPE’s 34 offices from California to Beijing are equipped with Aruba solutions. By taking advantage of a network that prioritizes mobile, making it easier for employees to move and increasing productivity and collaboration. A smart workplace is more efficient for everyone.

To create a better network in a crowded office environment, the IT team can use Aruba access points and mobility controllers 7240 and 7220 series. AirWave can be used to optimize the use of Wifi and ClearPass provides more guaranteed security.

  • Creating a Better Experience for Everyone

Employees can move more freely in office environments, from desks to meeting rooms and collaborative rooms, without the thought of plugging in or getting a strong wifi signal. For telephones, employees can use their cell phones so that they match awork style fluid.

  • Calculatingsavings bottom-line

A digital workplace gives sales staff and other employees the advantage of being able to take advantage of a co-working space wherever they go. 

With fewer people in the office at the same time, HPE can reduce its real estate requirements which can save a lot of money.

Another advantage of moving to a new office is that there is no need to pull cables anymore, thus speeding up deployment time and cutting capital costs. 

  • AirWave Simplifies Monitoring and Management ofGlobal Network

AirWave’sto gain detailed visibility into global wireless networks and monitor the health and performance of all connected devices. 

IT staff can monitor client behavior and proactively solve client problems. With unmatched detail, it gives IT staff inspiration and can solve situations well.

Air Wave is also important in identifying irresponsible access points and clients by strengthening network security to be more secure. 

  • ClearPass Solves Security Challengesdevices

ClearPasscan be used to provide security for visitors or employees’ mobile devices. ClearPass can automatically create policies to ensure that only authorized users and devices are allowed to connect.

For employees can access resources automatically even from the access method or device ownership.

ClearPAss can also make visitor access more secure, so employees can easily and quickly sponsor network access to visitors. 

  • Ready for the way people work today

Research shows that mobility allows workers to be more productive, which increases satisfaction and loyalty, and HPE is no exception. 

HPE is embracing the digital workplace to enhance our employee experience and to create smarter, more efficient workspaces with smart meeting rooms and location services. 

A digital workplace that makes employees more satisfied and productive is more likely to drive innovation for our customers.


After we saw some of the reviews about Aruba Networks above, of course we can conclude that Aruba Indonesia is very suitable to be a partner for every company that needs assistance in the field of computer networks.

How could it not that Aruba Indonesia has covered almost all lines in the field of computer networks starting from providing complete network devices to providing the best solution services.

Interested in the service Aruba from Netdata? You can contact directly here.


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