Aruba Access Point AI Capabilities

Aruba Access Point Sudah Support AI capabilities

Now, this time we wants to share about one of the advantages of the Aruba access point where the Aruba access point turns out to have supported AI capabilities. Wow, how come admin? Explained first .. So it turns out that Aruba has a technology called AIOps which can be applied to all Aruba network products.

AIOps itself is Aruba’s artificial intelligence technology that helps IT administrators monitor and maintain network infrastructure by detecting and solving issues automatically and dynamically before they have an impact on business operations and before users even realize it. Now this AIOps feature can really be integrated in your Aruba AP device so that your network is always monitored without any issues / disturbances anymore.

Highly scalable solution

Aruba Remote Access solutions are highly scalable and economical for a single office, up to thousands of satellite offices. The Mobility Controller acts as a VPN concentrator and scales to support more than 2,000 RAP per controller.

Compliance with regulations

SOX, HIPAA, PCI, and GLBA, and other regulatory mandates for how data is handled, including data separation and reporting. Aruba and AirWave Policy Enforcement Firewalls are uniquely suited for enforcing administrative policies and assisting in compliance reporting.

Centralized management

Management and reporting can be done by either an AirWave or an Aruba controller. AirWave provides visibility to the LAN side of the branch office, and includes information about individual users and devices. It also connects to other existing IT management software, provides extensive reporting capabilities, and has dedicated views for Help Desks, Security / Audit groups, and executive management.

Really cool, right? If you are still curious about wireless products from Aruba, you can contact us directly here.


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