Access Point Cisco Indonesia

Access Point Cisco

Technology in the world of computer networks is currently very developed, we can see it in various sides of human life, including in the business world. Yes, in the business world, of course this computer network is very important to support these business activities. Of the many existing network devices, we know that once there is one device that is quite important, namely the access point. Usually this access point is made by a well-known company such as the Cisco Access Point.

Maybe some of you are very familiar with this access point device, which is a technology that is very close to the internet world. We know very well that today many large companies or institutions, both hospitals, universities, and shopping centers, require a wide internet network and can cover all areas of the company. Therefore, large companies will use this access point to solve these problems.

Actually, what is an access point? An access point is a computer network hardware device that connects wireless devices (without cables) together with local networks using technologies such as wifi, bluetooth, wireless, and so on.

This access point is also often called a wireless version of a LAN or a wireless local area network (WLAN). This device is also useful in sending and receiving information from other wireless adapters.

The main function of an access point is to allow or deny devices to access the same local network together.

Here are some details of the access point’s functions:

  • Access point as an internet signal transmitter to the device wirelessly or using radio waves.
  • An access point is a bridge between networks, so that local networks using cables can wirelessly be connected. This wireless network such as wifi, wireless, Bluetooth and so on.
  • Access point as an IP address manager for each connected device automatically.
  • The access point is a security device equipped with a WEP or WAP security feature, which is commonly called shared key authentication.

Cisco Aironet 1852i F-K9 Access Points

After knowing the meaning of an access point, we will discuss one product from a well-known brand like Cisco. Yes, maybe we are familiar with the name Cisco, which has many products circulating in Indonesia as the best network products.

Cisco created its access point product called Cisco Aironet 1852i F-K9 Access Points with complete features in it. This Cisco Access Point also delivers top-notch performance for the industrial and enterprise markets providing the best possible service through the enterprise-class 4×4 MIMO, a stream-four bay access point supporting the new IEEE 802.11ac Wave 2 specification.

This Cisco Access Point is suitable for small to medium class network use. By utilizing Wave 802.11ac 2 Access Point, Cisco is able to provide rate speeds of up to 1.7 Gbps on 5GHz radio.

That is a brief discussion about the Access point, hope it is useful and helps us to understand more about the network.


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