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Partner Uniview Indonesia

IP Camera From Uniview: Technological Progress

IP cameras are the biggest technological advance since the cameras were produced. Basically there are two types of video surveillance systems, CCTV (closed circuit television), also known as analog, and IP cameras, also known as network cameras. Both the CCTV system and the IP system send the video to the desired destination. CCTV systems convert video signals to formats that can be used by television, VCRs, or DVRs.

IP cameras convert video signals into IP packets to be transmitted over data networks or the internet to network storage devices such as servers, NAS, or by storing on a camera board. IP systems have the added benefit of using network devices that can expand the range of IP cameras outside of CCTV systems. Netdata is a very profitable partner Uniview Indonesia

CCTV Cameras Compared to IP Cameras

When comparing CCTV cameras with IP systems, both have advantages and disadvantages. CCTV systems, in the past, have lower starting price points when compared to IP systems. However, that is changing rapidly because IP cameras and storage devices have shown ongoing price reductions. In fact, many studies show that the total cost of ownership of a CCTV system is actually higher when compared to the age of the system.

One factor that helps reduce IP system costs is the cost of cabling. This is what makes Netdata is a partner of Uniview Indonesia. CCTV uses coax and power cables while IP cameras use standard network cables (Cat 5e or Cat 6). By using a PoE switch or injector, IP cameras can be activated and transmit video via a single cable, thereby reducing cabling costs compared to CCTV.

Choosing an IP Camera from Uniview

IP cameras have a processor installed that gives them more capabilities than analog cameras. Features such as motion detection, line detection, wide dynamic range, and enhanced low-light functionality allow the camera to make adjustments and to trigger events within the camera itself, thus allowing the video server to function more efficiently which increases overall performance.

Another factor in determining the right system for your business is reviewing the purpose of installing a video surveillance system. How the system will be used is a very important part of choosing items such as:

  • The right camera
  • Software
  • Storage Requirement
  • Camera Location

Error with one of these items can give you a system that does not meet the required goals.

Best Uniview Netdata Partner

Uniview Indonesia’s most profitable partner is Netdata. Netdata can indeed provide a variety of products made by Uniview that are very complete and guaranteed to be very profitable because the prices are indeed cheap. This is why if you want to buy a very profitable IP camera, Netdata is the answer.

Check out now also Uniview Indonesia’s partners who are very profitable with cheap, reliable and high-quality goods!

Partner Uniview Indonesia NetData

Partner Uniview Indonesia Uniview Technology (Uniview TEC) is a well-established electronic equipment manufacturer located in Coppell, Texas, in the northwestern suburbs of Dallas, Texas. The Uniview Technology facility consists of around 26,000 square feet of office space and rented warehouses. The main business consists of selling company-branded video surveillance equipment to distribution and dealer accounts based in the U.S.

Products supplied to the industry include Network Video Recorders, a range of IP-based cameras including Mini-cameras, Bullets, Turrets, Dome fixes and vari-focal lens cameras, High-featured Pan Tilt and Zoom cameras, and accessory products. Services for our clients include Sales and Marketing Support, Sales and Product Training, Quality Assurance, Technical Services (under warranty and beyond warranty product repairs) and Supply Chain Management.

The parent company of Uniview Technology Partner Uniview Indonesia was founded in December 2003, in the state of Texas. The Uniview Technology management team, based in Dallas, is supported by strong support from its equipment manufacturers and is jointly committed to offering excellence in product availability, customer support, and inclusion of additional products to grow its market share.

The sales and support organization consists of a team of local Inside Sales Specialists, Call Center Staff, and Technical Sales Specialists located in Dallas and Regional Sales Manager teams that are geographically located throughout the country; all dedicated to providing high level customer support.

As a Partner Uniview Indonesia, NetData has a mission to provide the best quality technology-based services while providing friendly, reliable and detailed services.

IT service solutions from NetData also have the highest level of management and support using cutting edge technology. With the best quality and consistency we provide effective solutions for every NetData customer making technology an asset for them.

the need for internet in Indonesia has made many companies or individuals want to install this internet service either in offices or at home. Talking about the internet, it is not far from the name IT technology which many IT companies are developing in Indonesia such as Sangfor.

What is sangfor? Sangfor is a Multinational Company based in the city of Shenzen, the city of info technology in China. Sangfor Company in China has actually been established since last year. 2000 and developed together quite rapidly in China’s domestic market.

In addition, Sangfor also controls nearly 60% of the market share of intenret access management in China as well as getting many awards from Delloite, Fortune and also Frost plus Sullivan. In the Gartner Magic Quadran itself, the name Sangfor has appeared in the Niche Player area since 2011.

Trusted Partner

Partner Sangfor Indonesia offer solutions that cover three areas, namely Internet Access Management, WAN Optimization, and SSL VPN. Internet Access Management is a tool that is used to provide additional settings along with a high enough efficiency level for internet access activities. This solution is needed by almost all companies considering that almost all corporations already have access to the internet. With so many applications or platforms on the internet, regulation is too necessary so that internet access is used in accordance with company needs.

There is a WAN Optimization solution that is integrated with an increase in the performance of an application. Usually WAN Optimization is used when users in a branch access applications or servers in the data center via a WAN network. As for some components, including latency and bandwidth that are not large, generally give additional effects that access to applications is slow. But together with using the WAN Optimization solution, application access will be faster. Meanwhile, SSL VPN is a solution for remote access.

Partner of Sangfor Indonesia NetData

Along with the growing trend of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), Partner Sangfor Indonesia are able to work anytime and come from anywhere. For employees or workers who usually work via mobile, they will be connected to the company network together with the remote access method. By using an SSL VPN, it is possible for mobile workers to connect company resources through a remote access mobile application to be able to do it together safely. Because this SSL VPN is made together with access security features such as authentication, host checker and others.

Uniview partners are initiators and leaders of IP video surveillance. For the first time delivering IP video surveillance to China, Uniview is now the third largest player in video surveillance in China. In 2018, Uniview had the 4th largest global market share.

Uniview has a complete line of IP video surveillance products including IP cameras, NVRs, Encoders, Decoders, Storage, Software and Client applications, covering a wide variety of vertical markets including retail, building, industrial, teaching, commercial, municipal surveillance and more.

Our goal is to become a global leader in the video surveillance industry striving to build a safer world by providing professional, reliable and cutting-edge products and services.

Uniview started video surveillance in 2005, and was founded independently in 2011. Instead of choosing the easy way, Uniview started with IP video surveillance, which is the first producer in China. Having an innovative R&D team and leading quality control capabilities in the industry, Uniview stepped into overseas markets in 2014.

Uniview always thinks ahead. To make a product tough enough to uproot any unfavorable environment, logical enough to keep up with the complex light and grid conditions, we are pioneering innovative technologies in product research and development.

Uniview has a strong awareness to protect the environment.

Uniview is ISO14000 and RoHS certified. We insist on being environmentally friendly during production and work.

Uniview also cares about people and society. We think we have a social responsibility to help others. Uniview has a team of volunteers who organize a lot of charities to help vulnerable groups.

There are several factors why you should Partner Uniview Indonesia like Netdata. Among them:

The same opportunity Partner Uniview Indonesia

Uniview values ​​diversity. Job selection and related decisions are made regardless of gender, race, age, disability, religion, national origin, color or other protected class.

Professional training

Uniview provides employees with a job platform for personal development and value realization. And everyone who is part of our team must be supported by training to develop their full potential.

General purpose

Working with us, you will become part of a diverse global culture that creates safer and better lives. At Uniview we are always encouraged to improve lives, innovate in a sustainable manner, create change.

How profitable isn’t it to be a Partner Uniview Indonesia? If you really want various Uniview products, you can also entrust it to Netdata, which is an official partner of Uniview. You can get low prices and also of course reliable.

If you interested, you can contact us directly here.


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