WiFi connection for corporate events, why not?

WiFi untuk Event Perusahaan

Nowadays, many companies have started to adopt the OpEx method and started to leave CapEx in planning their corporate budgeting, especially in their IT department. In managing IT infrastructure, especially corporate network infrastructure, many have started to look at manage services, including their WiFi networks.

In some companies there is a need for a WiFi connection with a short duration to support company events such as: seminars, customer gatherings, product launch events, etc. Temporary ones.

Due to its temporary nature, this requirement cannot be supported by WiFi manage service because usually the WiFi manage service contract duration is at least one year. To answer this need, Netdata innovates by providing a short-duration WiFi manage service to support temporary corporate events.

With tools and devices that have been adjusted, so that it supports mobile activities and is ready to support company events wherever the venue is, both indoors and outdoors. Although relatively new, this service already has a portfolio, including: Seminar events held by an Indonesian private bank, Grand opening of housing clusters by one of the leading developers in Indonesia, and other company events. Well, if you are still curious about the service that Mimin explained earlier, you can comment in the comments column below.

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