What is Acronis Cloud Backup Manage Service?

Cloud Backup

Acronis Cloud Backup – The digital business world is currently becoming a trend among business people who must use the right business economic strategy in order to survive from business competition.

Manage service Cloud Backup is here to provide convenience for business people who want to enter the digital world by using sophisticated network technology. What is Cloud Backup? What’s this for? Let’s explain more clearly below.

Acronis Cloud Backup

This service is a secure, secure and scalable cloud backup service produced by Acronis for any data or system, anytime, anywhere.

What is Acronis Cloud Backup?

This service is easy to use, cloud backup service with subscription system or manage service.

This service itself is where the company rents this service from Acronis where all servers and services are provided by Acronis without the need to create a special server room in your company.

That way all facilities including servers, network setup, software, to staff for maintenance are all provided by Acronis.

Benefits of Acronis Cloud Backup

Why should you choose this Service? Here are some things to consider when choosing Acronis Cloud Backup:

1. Easy to Implement

You as a user of this service simply subscribe by selecting the cloud you need and start backing up to the local data center of this service with the best level of security.

     2. Support Data Protection Strategy 3-2-1

Acronis Backup 3 2 1 data protection strategy is a strategy to protect your data from disaster.

     3. Fully integrated

has the best integration with advanced Acronis Backup and Acronis.

The service is seamlessly integrated so you don’t have to back up locally and securely in easy, hassle-free steps.

     4. Remove the Ribbon

Reliable cloud backup, offsite, with Acronis to avoid tape or tape failure. Nearly 75 percent of small to medium-sized companies that use data backup systems via tape fail each year.

Therefore you need to take precautions by performing reliable cloud-based backups, off-site with this service.

Acronis Cloud Backup Products

Acronis provides various types of products according to their function, here are some products from Acronis:

Cloud Backup Solutions

This is the main service from Acronis which provides a full-featured cloud backup solution to individuals and businesses.

This service, of course, offers various conveniences such as large storage space, with the best security, a fast restoration system so that it does not interfere with your activities.

Acronis Data Centers’ Map

Data centers map is a service that can connect your company’s network with Acronis servers to cloud services from around the world including from Indonesia.

Acronis Cyber ​​Cloud

Acronis cyber cloud is a cloud platform that enables service providers, resellers and distributors to provide data protection services to each customer and partner.

Cyber ​​Protect Cloud

Cyber ​​Protect Cloud is the protection and security of cyber cloud services from Acronis where customers and Acronis are guaranteed to be connected continuously.

Purchase Acronis Cloud Backup

Those are some explanations about this service, starting from what Acronis products are to the benefits of using this service for the development of your company.

For the price of subscribing to this service on the official website, but if you want to get prices in Indonesia you can contact NetData on the official website nds.id.


From this explanation, it can be concluded that managing services, especially cloud backup services, are very useful for customers, especially for companies that want to pioneer in the digital business world for the first time.

The first company that wants to enter the world of digital business usually needs to create its own server room at a very high cost, not including IT expert staff who are in charge of maintenance.

Therefore, Acronis offers a managed service that provides servers and cloud services that make it easier for business people and companies by providing a guaranteed and safe cloud solution backup service.


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