Various Steps To Conduct Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration Indonesia

For some people who have worked in the IT field, especially on cloud computing systems, of course the term cloud migration is a common thing to hear. As the name implies, cloud computing functions to move key enterprise applications to the public cloud. In some cases, the team that handled it has struggled or only experienced limited success in their cloud migration. But they never give up and they use the lessons they learn to improve their results in subsequent efforts.

If your organization wants to modernize important applications, you have to plan for cloud migration as part of this process, you don’t want to repeat the mistakes of others in cloud migration right? So cloud migration Indonesia is the solution. So here will take advantage of this learning to prepare various steps from the main areas that you need to consider and overcome to maximize your chances of successful cloud migration.

Define the role of architect-migration

Before you start cloud migration, determine the role of the migration architect to lead the effort. The migration architect is a system architect level position responsible for planning and completing all aspects of migration; Their core responsibilities must include defining the refactoring needed to make migration successful, devising strategies for data migration, determining the requirements of cloud solutions, and determining migration priorities and production transition mechanisms. For that, you just choose cloud migration Indonesia.

Choose your cloud integration level

When you move an application from a data center on location to the cloud, there are two ways to migrate your application – shallow cloud integration or deep cloud integration; shallow cloud integration (sometimes called “lift-and-shift”) and deep cloud integration. Choose as needed, if you are still confused, cloud migration Indonesia can help.

Review application resource allocation

Even after you finish migrating everything to the cloud, there are a few more things to consider, and this is what cloud migration Indonesia is doing. Most important is the optimization of resources. The cloud is optimized for dynamic resource allocation, and when you allocate resources (servers, for example) statically, you don’t take advantage of the power of the cloud.

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