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Uniview CCTV

Security reasons of course now is a very important matter. However, not all corners of a place or room can be continuously monitored for 24 hours with their own eyes, it is necessary to have a device that can record all of that, and of course that is by using CCTV. CCTV becomes a useful camera for security reasons. And Uniview CCTV is a reliable one.

Talking about CCTV, do you know what CCTV stands for? The installation chart and what can you get from your purchase of a CCTV unit? For that, don’t be in a hurry to buy CCTV, know in advance about CCTV thoroughly first.

Let’s Discuss CCTV Devices

CCTV is indeed now no longer in doubt if many people apply it whether it’s at home, office, school, or in other public spaces including on the highway. You can see if there is CCTV on the side of the road, right?

Uniview CCTV is one of the CCTV manufacturers for various types of CCTV according to their application.


CCTV technology was first developed in 1942 by German scientists to monitor the launch of V2 rockets. It was later used by American scientists during atomic bomb testing.

CCTV stands for closed-circuit television and is commonly known as video surveillance. “Closed-circuit” means that the broadcast is usually transmitted to a number of (closed) monitors, unlike “regular” TV, which is broadcast to the public at large. CCTV networks are typically used to detect and prevent criminal activity, and record traffic violations, but they have other uses.

Some Benefits of Installing CCTV

Installing CCTV has various benefits, especially if you install Uniview CCTV which has many advantages. But, let’s discuss in general first what are the benefits that you can get by installing CCTV where you need or want it.

The following are the benefits of installing CCTV that you need to know:

In terms of business

Installing CCTV is an effective measure to improve the security of a business site and also to increase the efficiency and performance of business operations.

In short, CCTV systems benefit businesses by:

  1. Prevent theft
  2. Prevent vandalism
  3. Provide camera footage for evidence
  4. Monitor staff performance
  5. Monitoring staff safety
  6. Gives you visibility of the entire business premises
  7. Help you claim insurance
  8. Reduce insurance premium
  9. Gives peace of mind

In terms of asset security

Your primary responsibility as a business owner is to provide a safe environment, and CCTV is a powerful tool in helping you do just that. Asset protection includes the protection of your company’s physical space, products and personal information. The process involves identifying the assets to be protected and developing policies to keep them safe.

Asset protection security systems are a strong first line of defense against loss. Contact Univivew CCTV to discuss your asset protection security questions, or for assistance with any other security concerns you may have.

In terms of Home Security

The benefits of CCTV systems are numerous and here we take a look at the 7 main advantages of CCTV cameras at home.

  • Peace of Mind

Feel safe, feel safe and feel good! Knowing that you have a CCTV system installed by a professional CCTV installer is helpful enough to put your mind at ease about the safety of your family and home.

  • Crime Prevention and Prevention

Criminals are prohibited from breaking into your home and stealing from you or committing other crimes such as vandalism and anti-social behavior.

  • Prosecution

If the crime did take place inside or outside your home, then the prosecution has a greater chance of succeeding if you install CCTV.

  • Remote Monitoring

Another benefit of CCTV is that modern systems allow remote monitoring on a computer, tablet or mobile phone via a secure connection via the internet.

  • Ideal in conjunction with Intruder Alarm

Remote monitoring is especially useful if you also set an intruder alarm.

Monitoring Employee Activities

Tracking the performance of your employees is a huge benefit of installing a CCTV system in your business premises. You’ll be able to monitor their punctuality and attendance, a handy tool when you’re not on site yourself.

Supervising Family Members

Use your security system to remotely check on children or pets, and you’ll be notified if there’s a threat. Many security systems can also be set up to automatically contact the fire department or police department in the event of an emergency, so no matter where you are, you know your home will be safe. This feature is especially useful if you travel a lot.

Could Be Evidence of a Crime

Your business CCTV system can help identify criminals and bring them to justice. Catching your intruder or suspicious activity on camera is worth more than sounding an alarm.

Police or relevant authorities will be able to use camera footage for evidence as well as help identify wanted criminals.

Preventing Security Incidents

Vandalism can also be prevented with the CCTV system. Criminals don’t want to be caught, so will most likely turn to a new target if they think they will be caught on camera committing a crime.

Make sure your CCTV cameras are visual and cover key, if not all, areas of your site for maximum protection against vandalism.

Documentation or Business Activity Archives

You can also use CCTV as documentation or archive of business activities. Business activities used for documentation will make it easier for you to use CCTV than you record manually with a camera or smartphone. Besides that, CCTV can be used for other things, right?

Several Types of CCTV Cameras

With so many types of CCTV cameras available, you need to know how to choose the right CCTV according to your needs.

IP Camera

An IP camera, or Internet protocol camera, is a type of digital security camera that receives and sends video footage over an IP network. They are usually used for surveillance. Unlike CCTV, IP cameras do not require a local recording device, only a local network. IP cameras connect to networks in the same way as cell phones and computers.

Indoor Dome Camera

Dome CCTV cameras get their name from the dome-shaped casing in which the camera is located. While these are relatively hidden CCTV cameras, this doesn’t stop them from deterring criminals.

CCTV Bullet Camera

The Bullet CCTV camera has an iconic design that is highly visible. They are cylindrical in shape and are able to observe long distances. Bullet cameras are most often placed outdoors so their casings are made to withstand water, dust, and dirt.


With a PTZ camera (Pan Tilt & Zoom), your security team can have complete control over what is being recorded. At the touch of a button, the camera lens can pan left and right, tilt up and down, or zoom in and out.

CCTV Day and Night Camera

These CCTVs are specially made to operate effectively, regardless of how well lit their environment is. During day and night, they will record clear video images that will not be obscured by different light conditions. This is achieved through their extra sensitive imaging chip.

CCTV HD Camera

HD CCTV cameras offer unrivaled image quality that delivers high-definition images. Depending on your budget, they can provide 720p resolution, up to 4K.

CCTV Weatherproof

This is a type of surveillance CCTV that is usually equipped with a weatherproof case or cover. Its purpose is to prevent dust, moisture, or other elemental conditions from damaging the internal components of the equipment.

CCTV Explosion Proof

The camera, which is designed for areas prone to chemical hazards, has a specially designed housing and uses special materials as well.

Typically, explosion-proof security cameras handle higher wattage and implement more advanced features for surveillance such as gas leak detection, temperature monitoring, and behavior recognition. In addition, the installation of explosion proof security cameras is intended as a permanent design.

CCTV Equipment and Supplies

When you have determined what type of CCTV you will buy and use from Uniview CCTV, the next step is where you have to understand that in buying CCTV at Uniview CCTV you will get anything.

Usually, or generally when you buy CCTV, you will get the following equipment and supplies:


Buying Uniview CCTV you will get a monitor. Flat panel LCD monitors and public display security monitors are available in several sizes that you can choose according to your needs. This is in charge of displaying what is seen by CCTV.

CCTV camera

Of course you will get the CCTV unit. You can install this CCTV unit according to the place you want, and of course adjust it according to the type.


Digital Video Recorder. The DVR system processes the video data on the recorder. Advances in analog high definition in the last five years have reduced the gap in the resolution of DVRs.

Adapter and Power Supply

CCTV power supply, also known as security power distribution unit, allows security camera installers to combine multiple camera power sources to a central point.

Power cable

The essence of you can turn to a CCTV power source is this power cable. You can choose how long this cable leads to the center of your power supply.

Coaxial Cable

Coaxial cable has a function as an intermediary cable between the CCTV camera to the DVR and transmits the video signal recorded by the camera and then processed by the DVR. Although the power cable serves to provide electricity centrally which is then channeled to the CCTV camera.

BNC Connector

This connector serves to connect the analog video component of the camera to a TV monitor or DVR. It snaps firmly into place, providing a quality and secure connection.

Coaxial Cable Crimp Pliers

This is a tool for stripping coaxial cable so you can crimp it and shape it like a LAN cable on a computer network.

How to Install CCTV

The most important aspect of installing a CCTV camera system is choosing the right place for the camera and DVR to maximize camera coverage and minimize cable length (which in turn reduces channel loss that affects video quality).

How can you install CCTV so that it can be used and function optimally? Actually it’s quite easy.

Choose a CCTV Installation Location

For the best placement of your home security camera indoors, choose a corner in the room from where most of the entry points into the room are visible. Power sockets should also be in close proximity. For outdoor, choose a higher place that covers doors, windows, garage, etc. Choose a place above 3 meters so that it is not easily knocked down.

CCTV Installation Steps

The following are the steps for installing CCTV properly and correctly so that CCTV can work optimally:

      1. Installing the camera

Place the camera assembly in the desired place, making guide marks for drilling. Drill holes and hammer in the screw mold.

      2. Placing the DVR

It is highly recommended to store the DVR in a locked compartment so that even if an intruder sees the DVR, he cannot destroy the recorded video.

      3. Manage cables

Plan the paths for all cables from the camera to the DVR unit. Use wire molds to keep wires neat and secure. Nail the mold along the path and thread the conjoined scout wire inside.

      4. Installing cables

The video cable is connected via the BNC port. Remove about 1.5 cm of the outer cover of the video cable which should now reveal the braid. Slide the crimping barrel onto the cable with the wider diameter facing the end of the cable.

Now remove the white insulator covering the innermost wire. Now insert this exposed wire into the BNC port and tighten the crimping barrel. This makes the connection secure. Connect the DVR output port to the screen where you want the video feed.

    5. Turn on the system

Start by turning on the camera followed by the screen and DVR. Set up the DVR according to the user manual that came with the DVR. Check each camera’s feed to confirm that each is working properly and provides the desired viewing angle.

Some Tips for Choosing a CCTV Camera

When you decide to buy CCTV, hold on! You have to understand some tips for choosing the right CCTV so that you can maximize the use of the CCTV.

Indeed, if you look around, there are still many who do not understand the tips for choosing this CCTV camera. The following are tips for choosing a good and correct CCTV camera so you don’t regret buying a CCTV camera.

Analog CCTV Camera, for Longer Recording Duration

This type of camera can use an external hard disk. So, you can get longer video recording duration.

Wi-Fi CCTV Camera, for More Flexible Checking

If you can’t monitor CCTV from the monitoring room, you can just choose a Wi-Fi CCTV camera. This type of camera is connected via the internet, then you can check it through an application on your smartphone. The advantage of this camera is that the price is much cheaper compared to analog CCTV cameras.

Choose a Camera That Can Capture Objects Clearly, Even in Dark Places

It is very unlucky if you choose CCTV with poor image quality and also if there is minimal light then the object is not visible. Cameras with night vision can take color videos even in low light conditions. However, if the amount of light is less, the resulting video will be dark.

Choose a Wide Range, Both Horizontal and Vertical

Capturing objects clearly and also with a wide range is one of your goals for installing CCTV. There are several types of products where it is possible to limit the angle of view of the camera. That way, you can not only monitor one corner, but also other angles.

Consider Full HD Image Quality

Maximum image quality is very much needed, especially if you want to record evidence for the prevention of unwanted crimes or crimes.

Adjust the Resistance to the Place of Installation

Durability means you have to know whether the CCTV camera is water or dust resistant, this is useful for those of you who are going to install CCTV for outdoors.

Some Uniview CCTV Products

Uniview is a pioneer and leader in IP video surveillance. The first time to introduce IP video surveillance to China, Uniview is now the third largest player in video surveillance in China.

With 16 years of unlimited exploration, Uniview evolved from video surveillance to AIOT: VS product line includes IP camera, NVR, Encoder, Decoder, Storage, Software and Client applications, AIoT ranges from display, intelligent access control to smart office and smart home .

CCTV Uniview

As a leading security camera service provider, Uniview can meet your security needs in different scenarios. IP cameras from Uniview CCTV produce high-quality images even in low-light environments while featuring intelligent functions based on video content analytics, and minimizing bandwidth and storage.

The most important business value of them is to provide excellent performance at an affordable price, this is why you should choose Uniview CCTV only.

There are several types of Uniview CCTV that you can choose from, including:

Easy Series Uniview CCTV

This series is a series from Uniview CCTV at the most affordable price. With options ranging from 8MP, 5MP, 4MP, 3MP, 2MP resolutions, you can freely choose which one you need or what you want. There are Fixed Bullet and Dome Camera types.

You can install this type in your home because of its affordable price and features that are suitable for home use.

Prime Series Uniview CCTV

Still the same as before, this Prime Series consists of Prime-I to Prime-IV. You can use this one for more professional things, such as an office or school.

Pro Series Uniview CCTV

This is the highest series of Uniview CCTV, there is a choice of Omniview Camera. The Omniview Surveillance System is beyond the ordinary security system. This not only allows you to monitor your business while you are away, but also plays a vital role in assisting business owners in managing their workplace without having to be there physically.

CCTV Uniview Heat Tracker

This Uniview CCTV heat tracker provides local heat and health information so the public can better prepare for and respond to extreme heat events.

Uniview CCTV has a variety of heat tracker camera products, including:


  • Automatic temperature measurement, demo video plays continuously for 24 hours
  • Accurate temperature measurement
  • Support voice connection, real-time alarm of people with fever
  • Real-time snapshot of human face during temperature measurement
  • Supports maskless reminder
  • Support real-time statistics of the total number of temperature measurements, the number of normal and abnormal people
  • Support for exporting temperature measurement data reports
  • The application can receive an abnormal body temperature alarm, can also view a snapshot of the face and temperature
  • Reduce labor costs

Face Temperature Detection OET-213H-BTS1

  • Support wrist temperature non-contact detection, support warning people with abnormal body temperature
  • Support wrist distance detection, improve temperature measurement accuracy
  • Support body temperature detection and personnel information binding, which can quickly confirm personnel information and carry out body temperature detection
  • Support configure temperature detection threshold value, and personnel access authority can be configured through temperature detection threshold value
  • Supports anti-spoofing detection based on deep learning algorithms, effective against frauds such as photos and videos
  • Support face measurement and human measurement to quickly adapt to ambient light

Body Temperature Camera USS-TIC600 Uniview CCTV

  • Longer distance, large scenes can also be played accurately and quickly
  • The system contains a black body, and the temperature measurement accuracy is 0.3℃
  • Simultaneous temperature display from visible and infrared thermal imaging
  • Real-time thermal imaging, multi-target automatic temperature measurement
  • Supports automatic capture when an alarm is triggered to provide evidence after the event
  • Supports automatic calibration of body and surface temperature to make temperature measurement more accurate
  • Support historical alarm recording request
  • The whole system ships with the tripod, software, etc

Body Temperature Camera USS-TIC500 Uniview CCTV

  • Thermal imaging function: 384×288 resolution, high sensitivity detector
  • Highest temperature cross cursor position
  • Supports point, line, rectangle and irregular area temperature measurement modes
  • Support human body temperature abnormal alarm function
  • Supports automatic capture of moving face targets
  • Can wear a mask to identify the face area to avoid false alarms from non-face high temperature objects
  • Visible light phase function: 500W . high definition visible light detector
  • Support automatic exposure control and automatic white balance
  • Support face temperature measurement mode, intelligently analyze target face and measure body temperature, support multiple alarm link
  • Double light temperature measurement link, can draw ordinary and overlapping temperature measurement information on visible light image


Uniview CCTV is a CCTV camera with various advantages that you will not be able to get in other CCTV cameras. The maximum use of CCTV will make you feel safe with CCTV.

When you want to get a product from Uniview in the form of the best CCTV, you can visit NetData to get Uniview CCTV at a very affordable price and of course guaranteed to be original.

NetData also sells various products from Uniview which are guaranteed to be very complete. Visit NetData now for more information!


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