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In early 2020 this was an outbreak of the Corona virus or COVID-19 has spread throughout the world including in Indonesia. All world leaders, including scientists and experts in the field of health, claim that this pandemic is very unsettling and should not be underestimated. With many company running the work from home now is making data breach become issue. Especially in Indonesia, looking for partner that provide security system is little bit hard, but we recommend Fortinet.

When everyone tries to maintain their health by staying at home by doing various activities at home. It turns out there are also people who are not responsible for committing cyber crime which utilizes this pandemic. They exploit a variety of security in several companies that are implementing work from home where many IT technicians do not work or work remotely.

Therefore many companies make improvements to their security by hiring IT security services to handle various attacks from outside. If you see the current security of computer or company data is a very important thing. So companies must always improve security in maintaining company data. Therefore, for those of you who want your company’s data security to be safe, you can use the security services of partners Fortinet Indonesia from NetData.

Quality Fortinet Partner

Why on NetData? Because NetData is the official partner Fortinet Indonesia. Where NetData uses various devices provided by Fortinet as well as security methods from Fortinet with the best standardization. You don’t have to worry about security system of your data. With Fortinet which is one of the best security system that will protect your data network.

Fortinet Indonesia NetData partner

Maybe you still don’t know what NetData is, NetData is an IT company that provides a variety of IT services including the official partner Fortinet Indonesia. Why choose NetData ?. In addition to providing original Fortinet devices, you will get device maintenance that is handled by experienced and professional IT officers.

Are you looking for Fortinet in Indonesia? Relax because there is currently NetData which is a trusted partner of Fortinet. Click here if you need more information about Fortinet products.

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