Tips for Choosing NGFW for Your Company


NGFW – The adaptation of cyber crime on the internet network is increasingly sophisticated, so a network security system is needed that is able to overcome these problems by using a Next-generation firewall or can be abbreviated as NGFW.

What is NGFW?

Next generation firewall is a type of firewall that is popular for its ability to protect the network from all kinds of attacks or network threats in an integrated manner.

Integrated here means in terms of intrusion prevention systems (IPS), application inspection and control, SSL/SSH inspections, website filtering, and quality of service/bandwidth management

Advantages of NGFW

  • Multifunction

Next-Generation Firewall is capable of detecting and protecting integrated intrusion, and works based on analysis of traffic behavior and unusual activity.

With this multifunctional feature, it will certainly be able to help the process of checking and filtering content in a more detailed manner.

  • Use infrastructure more efficiently

With one integrated device capable of including integrated antivirus, IPS, web filters, spam filters, and application control in one device that can reduce infrastructure complexity.

  • State-of-the-art protection against threats

NGFW has the most advanced antivirus protection and is always updated. As well as being able to limit the performance of applications that are potential threats from the network.

  • Network speed

With a large number of connected devices, this usually results in slower network speeds.

By using NGFW no matter how many devices are connected the network speed will remain the same.

Disadvantages of NGFW

Although NGFW has excellent advantages, of course there are some disadvantages that can be considered, such as.

  1. It cannot replace the antivirus function, although a firewall is indeed able to prevent and close the gaps from various vulnerable network ports. But that does not mean that the firewall can replace the antivirus.
  2. Firewalls cannot prevent hacking from within the network.
  3. Not all types of malware can be detected.Tips Memilih NGFW yang Tepat

Strategies for threatening attacks on enterprise network environments will always be based on risk. The level of protection (control) must be commensurate with the value of the asset (risk). If protection requires NGFW, introduction of products and models that fit your organization and business model is critical.

Consider the following criteria in selecting a vendor and NGFW model for your company

  • Player identification
  • Developing a short list
  • Doing proof of concept
  • Making reference calls
  • Consider the cost
  • Get management support
  • Negotiating a contract

Last, but not least, consider the skills of your staff and the business model and growth expectations for your company. These are all important factors in making a decision.

Where to Buy NGFW ?

If you already know how important a firewall is for the security of your corporate network, you may have thought about where to get an NGFW that fits your needs.

NetData can be one very profitable solution. You can get a complete variety of NGFW vendors that you can get at affordable prices and of course with very good quality.


NetData shared firewall provides protection against outside cyber attackers by protecting your computer or network from malicious or unnecessary network traffic. Firewalls can also prevent malicious software from accessing a computer or network over the internet. So, don’t hesitate to apply the Next Generation Firewall for network security that can be guaranteed to make your network more secure from various external threats.


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