What is the actual function of Server Rack?

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Server Rack Functions – The server room is famous for the room where there are lots of high-tech computers which look very crowded. So to make this server room not look messy, a server rack was created to tidy up the arrangement of the servers. This server rack is specifically designed to be able to place servers and other computer networks.

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To add to our understanding, we will discuss the meaning and server rack functions, functions, and what are the types below.

Server Rack Explanation

This rack has a shape that is specifically designed to be able to place servers in a rectangular arrangement.

Server racks are specifically designed to be able to place servers and other networks such as switches and computers that run smoothly.

So if you don’t have enough space, you can save storage space. For example using a single rack server which is a stacked model that can store multiple servers.

This method can be used by many server owners who can save limited space. Which is a storage model that allows airflow in the room to move more smoothly.

To be able to produce a good server, you can equip it with a cooling system that can make it easier for you to do maintenance.

For clients, using a rack server can provide many benefits, such as getting special services to be able to store data and information.

Its definition is to store servers and other computer networks that are in one place called a data center.

Server Rack Functions

It has a special design which has different functions, the following is the server rack function:

Server racks have a special design with different functions. Here are some of its functions.

Saves space and the room looks neatly arranged

Server racks are designed to place server computers so that they are neatly arranged and don’t look messy.

Simplify maintenance

With a neatly arranged computer, it can facilitate server maintenance or maintenance.

As a data center that stores various server equipment

Serves as a data center for storing various data by placing various server equipment such as high-spec computers, and various other data storage areas such as hard drives, SSDs, and so on.

Stores different types of servers

With a design and shape that supports the placement of various types of servers, this rack server can store various types of servers, be it servers for data storage, or other service servers.

Facilitate cable installation between other network components

With the servers being neatly organized, it will be easier for IT staff to add cable installations to other network components.

Reducing the heat from the server itself

The limited roar of the server will require a neat arrangement to be able to increase server cooling.

Various Types of Server Racks

The following are several types ranging from open racks, closed racks, and wallmount racks.

open rack

This type of open rack rack server is the simplest type. Which can place all server components to be more organized and simple. Therefore the price of this open rack is somewhat cheaper than other types. Even so, the function of this open rack does not interfere with the function of the actual rack server, namely to help store important data for a company and is not suitable for large storage.

Closed rack

Closed rack is the opposite of open rack in which this type is closed with a closed server rack and is equipped with double roof fan ventilation. This type is equipped with glass doors and side covers made of strong and rigid galvanized metal.

So this closed rack can withstand quite a heavy load. Which is the total load that is held in this closed rack is around 50 kg. so it makes the rack the strongest and safest to use.

Although strong and safe, this type should have better cooling. This aims to keep devices that remain active in closed racks stable and work efficiently. which is considering that the cooling system is definitely working hard outside the air-conditioned room.

The cooling system has a function to cool various active devices stored in the closed rack. Among them are servers, modern routers, UPS, wifi and many more.

Wallmount Rack

Wallmount rack is a type of rack that can be used to store all types of networking equipment. This networking equipment includes hub switches, modems, and other equipment.

This wallmount rack can have one door, but there are also types that have two doors. This type has a fairly simple form.

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