Security for all company lines with Fortinet Indonesia partners

Keamanan Untuk Semua Lini Perusahaan

Organizations are rapidly adopting digital innovation (DI) initiatives to accelerate business, reduce costs, increase efficiency, and provide a better customer experience. General initiatives involve moving applications and workflows to the cloud, deploying Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices on corporate networks, and expanding organizational footprints to new branch locations.

With this developing infrastructure, security risks also arise. Organizations must cope with rising surface attacks, advanced threats, increased infrastructure complexity, and a growing regulatory landscape. To achieve the desired DI results while effectively managing risk and minimizing complexity, organizations need to adopt a cyber security platform that provides broad visibility in their environment and the means to easily manage security and network operations. For this reason, being a partner of Fortinet Indonesia is the best thing.

Fortinet For Asset Protection

Maintenance of existing networks in a company is certainly a very important thing to consider. Network or network in a company is a very important asset that you can feel the benefits if properly cared for and also with high quality products. Like Fortinet, providing software or service maintenance on company security.

For this reason, being a partner of Fortinet Indonesia is an obligation for those of you who want to keep a variety of important data on your company that is safe and can also be easily accessed by people who wish. All organizations whether large or small scale, it is very profitable to rely on Fortinet.

Security for all

Integrated and high-performance security solutions for organizations and global providers of all sizes.


Sepenuhnya terintegrasi, keamanan ujung ke ujung di seluruh infrastruktur perusahaan untuk melindungi data penting dari inti jaringan ke ujung.

Small business

Best-in-class network security allows small business owners to focus on the most important thing, which is to grow their business.

Managed Security Service Provider

Allows Fortinet Indonesia’s partners to get wide and integrated network and security services.

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