Several Factors Driving Post-Pandemic SD-WAN Adoption

Adopsi SD-WAN

Several Factors Driving SD-WAN Adoption – SD-WAN is a form of application of software-defined networking (SDN)-based technology to a WAN (wide area network) network. SD-WAN is usually used to connect many companies with many branches to use a network so that these branches can communicate with each other internally.

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The use of SD-WAN which can take advantage of the WAN architecture by only using applications will certainly make it easier for companies to set up and manage WAN networks easily. For example, this SD-WAN network can also prioritize business applications over social media applications which are also suitable for cloud use, and have advantages in terms of security.

Drivers of Post-Pandemic SD-WAN Adoption

If we look at current technological developments, it does support SD-WAN innovation for use in various lines of business and industry, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic yesterday. So, what are the driving factors for the use or SD-WAN adoption after the pandemic? Let’s look at the following explanation.

Work From Anywhere implementation

SD-WAN is used for various things, one of which is to support remote work anywhere and anytime without the need to come to the office. Of course, this will be needed for companies that implement work from home during a pandemic, which uses the company’s own internal network.

Usually, there are two problems faced by these employees, namely the performance of business applications, which of course will be different if employees who work in the office and those who work at home have to adjust bandwidth and also because of interactions with family members at home.

The second problem is security, where employees have to access sensitive information and data in the company. Before the pandemic took place, the application of a VPN or virtual private network was indeed an alternative solution. But with SD-WAN it is certainly a much more economical solution.

Dominating Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is also one of the information technology innovations that supports business during a pandemic. Post-pandemic the trend of using cloud computing is expected to continue to be used. Given the traditional WAN is not suitable for using this cloud technology. With the multicloud trend, which is expected to increase this year, company computing resources will be increasingly spread across cloud networks and no longer centralized in data centers.

Efficient Cyber Security

SD-WAN is also used because it has an easy-to-manage cyber security system or it is called (Secure Access Service Edge). Traditionally, security management assumes that the network includes users, devices, and applications. Seeing that companies tend to increasingly adopt cloud technology and with the WFA trend, more and more users and employees are at home or on the road.

This SASE combines network and security in one workflow managed by the Cloud. With SASE it also facilitates security management to make it more efficient and more suitable to the way network users are today.

SD-WAN is one of the network component parts of the SASE solution, which is the network component part of the SASE solution, which together with security components such as Secure Web Gateway, Cloud Access Security Broker, Firewall as a Service, and Zero Trust Network Access.

5G Connectivity and Internet of Things Implementation

Seeing the development of networks in Indonesia, 5G is one of the network innovations that is increasingly driving the use of SD-WAN post-pandemic. With a 5G network capable of transmitting data at speeds of up to 20 GBps.

This technology certainly provides an alternative option for corporate WAN network users, both for branch offices or employees who carry out remote work. But this impact is certainly no less than the existence of IoT technology or the Internet of Things. Organizations can deploy IoT by taking advantage of the high-speed connectivity brought by 5G technology.

SD-WAN Managed Service Provider

Companies interested in adopting SD-WAN can install it independently or hand it over to a professional SD-WAN managed service provider.

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