SD Access Cisco, What Are Its Advantages

SD Access Cisco

SD Access Cisco – Your IT operations can be more efficient, your network more secure, and your user experience more consistent across wired and wireless infrastructure with our advanced solutions to automate network access and user policies. Cisco SD-Access, a solution in Cisco DNA, defines a uniform policy-based wired and wireless network structure that meets business needs with security, automation and assurance.

Why should I implement SD-Access? Of course, because it is used for a more secure and agile network for your modern company. Security at the company is of course very important. Therefore, in securing various important data on your company, you must secure it from unrelated parties for the data that you secure.

Advantages of Using Cisco SD Access

Mengapa harus Cisco? Cisco Systems, Inc. adalah konglomerat atau perusahaan yang sudah sangat besar yang berkecimpung pada dunia teknologi multinasional asal Amerika yang berkantor pusat di San Jose, California, di pusat Silicon Valley. Cisco mengembangkan, memproduksi, dan menjual perangkat keras jaringan, perangkat lunak, peralatan telekomunikasi, dan juga sarana dan produk teknologi tinggi lainnya.

One of them is the Cisco SD Access. What are the advantages of SD-Access that you have to apply it to the company you have? Here is the explanation:

Increase visibility

Use advanced analytics for endpoint identification and compliance. Use AI and ML techniques to classify end points into logical groups.

Make use of policy analysis

Analyze traffic flow between groups and define group-based access policies. Use a simple GUI to create and enforce policies.

Segments to secure

Automatically sets up network devices for two-tier segmentation for trustless security and regulatory compliance.

Extend policy

Leverages Cisco’s intent-based multidomain network architecture (IBN) for consistent access and enforcement of enterprise-wide security policies.

With these advantages, it is certainly very beneficial for those of you who want SD access to your company. SD Access Cisco also currently has many large and small companies implementing it, in government agencies, to schools and universities using it to secure various important data.

Beneficial isn’t it? Those are the advantages of SD-Access from Cisco. With its features that really help make it easier for you to operate it.

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