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Soho Network Solution

Lots of activities currently being carried out even require using a soho network solution to simplify the work itself. One of them is by using the SOHO (small office home office) network. SOHO itself is a simple network that uses hardware switches to access services from the broadband itself. The small office referred to here is a house that is also used as a place to work.

Of course this Soho network really needs a proxy router, internet, client pc and of course also a server pc. Today’s Soho Network Solution is indeed a brilliant solution and of course it is also very much needed. Even soho itself is a term that refers to a business or small business that is carried out at home.

Our own higher mobility and limited distance and time make the house a choice for work activities. Even now just at home, businesses with high strategic value can also be done. There are so many advantages that you will get when using this concept, including being able to save travel time.

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Not only that, by doing work at home, you are able to avoid traffic jams that can become an obstacle even as part of life in big cities. Even by using the SOHO network solution, now you can be more flexible in managing your time and can make work part-time from the main job we usually do.

Even with the SOHO network solution you can also create a comfortable office atmosphere because you can work at home by yourself and of course also get closer to the warmth of your family. On its own basis, this Soho network uses a very simple concept, namely using a single switch to access small or home office broadband services such as dsl or using cable internet.

Of course, using SOHO, work is now easier and more optimal and can be done at any time because you manage it from home. The SOHO network itself also allows various resources such as documents, pictures, printers and even music to be accessed between several local computers.

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This network itself does have a simple work system, the same as an LAN network (local area network) that is not connected to any outside network for sure. The topology system used by the Soho network itself implements a star topology via an ethernet or wifi connection.

By using SOHO network solution, the process of sending data from client to server will be fast. Even now, the connection between the client and the server must be configured first to add an ip address. This is done very important because later the IP address on each device will be connected or communicate. Interested in the product Soho network solution from Netdata? You can call directly here.


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